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Name Rank Unit Award
GIBSON, Robert Roy Lieutenant
GIBSON, William Lance Sergeant
GICQUEL, Georges Lance Corporal
GIFFIN, Brett Patrick Lance Corporal
GIGG, George Thomas Lance Corporal
GILBERT, Adam Marine
GILBERT, Kenneth William Marine
GILCHRIST, Donald Johnston Captain
GILES, John Frederick Captain
GILES, Peter Sergeant
GILL, Martin Joseph Lance Corporal
GILLARD, John William Private
GILLESPIE, Thomas Alexander Sergeant
GILLINGHAM, Graham John Marine
GILLINGS, Neil Joseph Farries Sergeant
GILLON, Douglas Private
GILMORE, Ian Alexander Marine
GLADWIN, Ernest James Marine
GLANVILLE, Terence Victor Lieutenant
GLASER, Kurt Joachim T/Captain
GOARD, Robert William Able Seaman
GODDEN, Frederic Private
GODKIN, Noel Herbert Captain
GOFF, Samuel Watson Private
GOMM, Arthur George Sergeant
GOOCH, Frederick Maurice Private
GOODENOUGH, Frank John Edward Corporal
GOODFELLOW, Cyril Edward Marine
GOODRICH, Kenneth John Marine
GOODWIN, Charles Gordon Corporal
GOODY, Edwin Walter Private
GOODYER-KETTLEY, Frederick Rex Marine
GORRIE, William Young Marine
GOSLING, Thomas George Marine
GOSS, Leonard George William Fusilier
GOSTICK, Dale Edward Marine
GOTTS, Eric William Marine
GOUDE, Michael Herbert Marine
GOULD, Norman Patrick Rifleman
GOULDEN, Alan Douglas Marine
GOURONG, Maurice Jean Louis Lance Corporal
GOW, Sidney Lance Corporal
GOWANS, David Guardsman
GOWER, Herbert George Marine
GRACE, Clifford Mansell Marine
GRAHAM, John Lewin Marine
GRAHAM, John Malise Lieutenant Colonel
GRAHAM, Kenneth Wakefield Private
GRAHAM, Thomas Private
GRANT, James Lance Sergeant
GRANT, Norman William Colour Sergeant
GRANT, Ronald Douglas Sergeant
GRANT-DALTON, Harry Were Foster Captain
GRAVES, Leslie Peter Gunner
GRAY, Frank Herbert Private
GRAY, Thomas Malcolm (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
GRAY, William Nichol (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
GRAYSTON, Frederick William Private
GREEN, Anthony Lovering Driver
GREEN, Edward Gunner
GREEN, Joseph Wilfred Francis Lance Corporal
GREEN, Norman Marine
GREEN, William Alfred Private
GREENFIELD, David Nicholas Marine
GREENHALGH, Samuel Marine
GREENING, Raymond Thomas Marine
GREENSHIELDS, Thomas Cameron Lieutenant
GREENSTREET, Hugh Christopher Marine
GREENWOOD, Jack Corporal
GREENWOOD, Stephen Trooper
GREGORY, Donald Marine
GREIG, Charles Private
GREIG, Robert Corporal
GREWCOCK, Eric Edward Douglas Captain
GREY, Thomas Patrick Corporal
GRIEVE, Garfield Private
GRIEVE, John Fletcher Private
GRIFFIN, Patrick Marine
GRIFFIN, Robert Don Marine
GRIFFITH, Keith James Lieutenant
GRIFFITHS, Evan William Guardsman
GRIFFITHS, John Herbert Marine
GRIFFITHS, Ronald Eric Private
GRIMSDELL, Maurice Herbert Lance Corporal
GRIMSEY, John Henry Company Sergeant Major
GROOM, James George Private
GROSE, William Ernest Guardsman
GROVES, Eric Richard Clifford Lance Corporal
GROVES, Fernley William Thomas Private
GROVES, John Marine
GUEST, Albert Arthur Lance Corporal
GUINAN, Harry William Marine
GULVIN, Peter James Private
GUMPERTZ, Kurt Wilhelm Private
GUNNINGHAM, William John Lance Sergeant
GUY, Philip Stuart Captain
GUY, Rene Corporal
GUYMER, Arthur William Marine
GWYNNE, John Edward Herbert Private
GYNES, Edward George Corporal
HADFIELD, John William Acting T/Corporal
HADFIELD, Robert William Marine
HAGA, Ivar Marius Corporal
HAGELAARS, Adrianus Josephus Private
HAGNERE, Jean Sergeant
HAIG-THOMAS, David Lieutenant
HAINES, George Ernest Troop Sergeant Major
HAINES, Leslie James Marine
HAJOS, Hans Corporal
HALDANE, Frederick Henry Miller Sergeant
HALEY, Frederick Leslie Sergeant
HALFORD, Jack Lovell Colour Sergeant
HALL, George Stanley Marine
HALL, John Marine
HALL, Leonard John Albert Marine
HALL, Robert Able Seaman
HALL, Roger Lieutenant
HALL, Thomas Marine
HALL, Thomas Henry Marine
HALL, Tom Marine
HALL, Tony Joseph Marine
HALSE-HEARNE, William Edward Lieutenant
HAMBLIN, Anthony John Marine
HAMBRIDGE, Alfred Private
HAMILTON, Alexander Driver
HAMILTON, James Sapper
HAMILTON, Robert Geoffrey Corporal
HAMILTON, Robert Scott Private
HAMMOND, James Frederick Maurice Sergeant
HAMMOND, Leslie John Private
HAMSTEAD, Edward Oliver Marine
HANBURY-TRACY, Richard Algernon Frederick Major
HANCOCK, Frank Holgate Lieutenant
HANKINSON, Edward Private
HANNAH, Rowan Corporal
HANSON, John Francis Private
HARDEN, LCpl. Henry Eric, VC Lance Corporal
HARDEY, Ronald Graham Kennell Captain
HARDIE, John Marine
HARDING, Ernest Frank Private
HARDING, James William Marine
HARDING, Richard Lance Corporal
HARE, Owen Stewart Second Lieutenant
HARKNESS, Peter Lance Sergeant
HARLAND, Alexander Francis McDonald Marine
HARLAND, Edwin Private
HARMER, Colin Private
HARPER, Leslie Lance Sergeant
HARPER, Robert Arthur Private


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