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Name Rank Unit Award
BLACKWELL, Alun Trevor Lance Corporal
BLAIN, Neil Martin Corporal
BLAKE, Albert Henry Corporal
BLAKE, John Philip Captain
BLAKE, Victor Brett Marine
BLAKEMAN, Albert John Fusilier
BLAKEMORE, John Sergeant
BLAKEWAY, Benet Carr Marine
BLATTNER,Charles William Lance Sergeant
BLEAKLEY, Charles Fusilier
BLINMAN, Harold Trevor Lance Corporal
BLISSETT, Harry Harold Major
BLOUNT, Arthur Harvey Corporal
BLOWER, Alfred Private
BLUCK, John Arthur Marine
BLUNDEN, Alfred Edgar WO2 Company Sergeant Major
BLUNDEN, Charles Harold Corporal
BOARDMAN, William Marine
BOLAM, Edward Charles Marine
BOLLAND, Stanley Guardsman
BOND, Alfred John Lance Corporal
BOND, Thomas, P. Marine
BONDY, Theodor Driver
BONE, Percy James Marine
BONIFACE, William George Lance Corporal
BONNER, Aaron John Robert Marine
BONNER, John William Captain
BONVIN, John Alexander Lieutenant
BOON, Peter Gunner
BOOTHROYD, Geoffrey Marine
BOOTHROYD, Gordon Marine
BOOTON, Arthur Ellis Marine
BORGMAN, Robert Bernard John Lance Corporal
BORNE, Frederick Lieutenant
BOSTOCK, Harry Samuel Marine
BOSTOCK, Stanley Staff Sergeant
BOSTOCK, Thomas Acting Corporal
BOSWELL, Thomas William Marine
BOTLEY, Albert George Marine
BOULANGER, Martin John Marine
BOULET, Pierre Corporal
BOULTON, David Bombardier (later Lieutenant)
BOUNSALL, Keith Marine
BOURNE, Frederick Edward Donald Marine
BOWEN, Albert Victor Corporal
BOWERING, George Henry Lance Corporal
BOWLER, Walter Stanley Lance Corporal
BOWLES, Eric Charles Lance Corporal
BOWMAN, Lionel George Private
BOYCE, James Wesley R. Private
BOYCE, John Douglas Private
BOYLE, E. Marine
BOYLE, Francis Corporal
BOYLE, Richard Captain/Major
BRADBURY, Cyril Thomas Private
BRADFORD, Alan Charles Private
BRADFORD, John Meller Captain
BRADLEY, Arthur John Sergeant
BRADLEY, Eric Sergeant
BRADLEY, John William Evance Temporary Lieutenant, Acting Temporary Captain
BRADLEY, Richard Lance Sergeant
BRADLEY, Verdun Gregson Marine
BRADLEY, William Joseph Marine
BRADSHAW, Leslie Charles Marine
BRAMBLE, George Marine
BRANCH, Walter James Private
BRANDON, Charles Marine
BREACH, Ernest Thomas Lloyd Marine
BREAM, George Leonard Corporal/Captain
BREEN, Terence Edward Marine
BREHME, Reginald Herbert Ronald Sergeant
BREMNER, Alexander Marine
BRENT, Gerald Harry Captain
BRERETON, Mark Geoffrey Marine
BRETT-IVESON, Christopher Marine
BREWITT, John Private
BRIDGER, Brian Colour Sergeant
BRIDGES, John Louis Marine
BRIDLE, Desmond George Lance Corporal
BRIGGS, George William WO2 Staff Sergeant Major
BRIGGS, Thomas Devlin Petty Officer
BRIGHTY, John Lance Corporal
BRIND-SHERIDAN, Paddy Kendall Major
BRISCOE, Harold R. Lance Corporal
BRISTOW, William Frederick Gunner
BROADBENT, Fred Stanley Private
BROCKBANK, Maurice Chester Captain
BRODISON, Samuel James Company Sergeant Major (later RSM)
BROOKER, T.C. Sergeant
BROOKES, Arthur Marine
BROOKES, James Alfred Marine
BROOKING, Alfred Private
BROOKS, Arthur Robert Corporal
BROOKS, William Elias Corporal
BROOME, Richard Frank Captain
BROSTER, John Private
BROTHWOOD, John T.V.W. Driver
BROTTON, Harry Marine
BROUGH, James Livingstone Corporal
BROUGH, William Gordon Lance Sergeant
BROWN, Adam Robert Marine
BROWN, Albert Acting Temporary Sergeant
BROWN, Charles Gilbert Private
BROWN, Frederick Harold Bombardier
BROWN, Jack Trooper
BROWN, Jack Marine
BROWN, James Private
BROWN, John Private
BROWN, John Herbert Marine
BROWN, Leslie Jock Corporal
BROWN, Reid Lance Corporal
BROWN, Robert Hall Lance Sergeant
BROWN, Robert Reginald Cyril Marine
BROWN, Robert, F. Lance Corporal
BROWN, Stephen Thomas Frederick Marine
BROWN, William Private
BROWNBRIDGE, Robert William Marine
BROWNFIELD, John Edward Acting Temporary Sergeant
BROWNING, James Gardner Corporal
BRUNSWICK, Arthur Trotter Lieutenant
BRYAN, Edward Joseph Lance Corporal
BRYAN, John Robert Private
BRYANT, John Edward Marine
BRYANT, Sydney Lieutenant
BRYCE, Cyril Kenneth Temporary Corporal
BRYCE, William Marine
BUCHANAN, Joseph Lance Corporal
BUCKBY, Raymond Lance Sergeant
BUCKMASTER, Eric Private
BUCKMASTER, Stanley Owen Driver
BUDD, Lionel Gunner
BUDGEN, Paul Kindersley Lieutenant
BUDGEN, W.J. Lance Corporal
BULL, Harold James Lance Sergeant
BULL, Robert Roy Marine
BULLOCK, Donald Charles Sergeant
BULLOCK, Geoffrey, H. Marine
BUNN, Norman Trooper
BUNYAN, Kenneth Charles Marine
BURDETT, Julian Corporal
BURFITT, Henry Thomas Marine
BURGESS, Francis Edward Gualbert Marine
BURGESS, James Private
BURGESS, Leslie Lance Corporal
BURGESS, Neville Arthur Able Seaman
BURGESS, Norman Marine
BURGESS, Sidney Charles Marine
BURKE, Edward Sergeant
BURKE, James Michael Marine


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