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Name Rank Unit Award
O'BOYLE, Bernard Corporal
O'BRIEN, Edward Skilly Marine
O'BRIEN, Kenneth William John Croft Marine
O'BRIEN, Richard Lance Sergeant
O'BRIEN, William Christopher Sergeant
O'CALLAGHAN, Frank John Marine
O'CONNOR, David George Corporal
O'HANLON, Patrick Christopher Sergeant
O'HARE, Albert George Mercier Corporal
O'MEARA, Barry Aden Joseph Lieutenant
O'NEAL, John Peter Garrard Corporal
O'NEILL, Michael John Lance Bombardier
O'REILLY, John Marine
O'ROURKE, Patrick Gunner
O'SULLIVAN, David Alan Anthony Marine
O'SULLIVAN, Paul Anthony Marine
O'SULLIVAN, Robert Deyos Lieutenant
O'SULLIVAN, William Martin Sergeant
OATES, Brian Marine
OBORN, Arthur Ray Marine
OCKWELL, Christopher Thomas Marine
ODAMS, Richard Lance Bombardier
OLIPHANT, Archibald Johnston Lance Bombardier
OLIPHANT, Arthur M. Marine
OLIVER, Frederick Arthur John Private
ONG, Robert William Private
OPPELT, Gustav Private
ORCHIN, Stanley Frederick Lance Corporal
ORD, Bertram Kenneth Marine
ORMAN, Peter William Marine
ORMESHER, George Corporal
ORR, Samuel Sergeant
OSTERMAN, Werner Private
OVENDEN, Roderick Joseph Lance Corporal
OVENS, Patrick John Major General
OVER, Derrick George Lieutenant
OWEN, Alan Roger Marine
OWEN, William Richard Lance Corporal
OWENS, Paul Andrew Sergeant
OXLEY, Thomas Victor Corporal

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