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Name Rank Unit Award
MACADAMS, F. John Private
MACAFFER, Menzies Corporal
MACARTHUR, Robert Lance Bombardier
MACCALLUM, Laurence Eric Captain (later Hon. Major)
MACDONALD, Alan Kenneth Corporal
MACDONALD, Andrew Peter John Lieutenant
MACDONALD, Edward Armstrong Sub Lieutenant
MACDONALD, John Alexander Lieutenant
MACDONALD, William Marine
MACDOUGALL, Alexander Marine
MACFARLANE, Walter Grant Sergeant
MACGOWAN, Sydney James Watt Private
MACGREGOR, Duncan John Junior Marine
MACINNES, Neil WO1 Regimental Sergeant Major
MACKAY, Peter Lewis Captain
MACKAY, William Muir Sergeant
MACKENZIE, Alistair Campbell Lieutenant
MACKENZIE, Alistair Kenneth McLeod Captain
MACKENZIE, Ian Robert Corporal
MACKENZIE, Roderick Gimson Captain
MACKIE, David Robert Goode Sergeant
MACKIE, Jason Robert Frederick Marine
MACKIN, Travis Marine
MACKINNON, James Second Lieutenant
MACKINTOSH, Ian Robert Marine
MACKLIN, James Marine
MacLEAN, Alexander Marine
MACNISH, Charles James Corporal
MACPHERSON, Gordon Cameron Marine
MACPHERSON, John Brown Signalman
MACPHERSON, Michael Stuart Captain
MACQUARRIE, Donald Maclean Lance Corporal
MADDISON, Christopher Richard Marine
MAGEE, Thomas Joseph Lance Corporal
MAGER, Charles Edwin Trooper
MAGINNIS, John Rifleman
MAILL, Joseph Jeremiah Sergeant
MAINDONALD, Gersham Corporal
MAIRESSE, Marcel Lance Corporal
MAISEY, Jack Ernest William Marine
MAKEHAM, Reginald Henry Private
MALCOLM, George Acting Temporary Company Sergeant Major
MALLARD, Ian Stuart Marine
MALLETT, Ernest Raymond Cecil Private
MALLORIE, Herbert Acting Temporary Company Sergeant Major
MALONEY, Ronald Henry Sergeant
MANGER, Harold Charles Walter Chaplain
MANLEY, Carl David Captain
MANLEY, Leonard Herbert Marine
MANN, Richard Lance Corporal
MANNERS, James Calvert (Lt.Col.) Lieutenant Colonel
MANT, Frederick Henry George Company Sergeant Major
MANUEL, John Henry Sergeant
MARRIOTT, Michael Corporal
MARSH, David John Marine
MARSH, Leslie George Captain
MARSHALL, Arthur Allan Corporal
MARSHALL, Gary William Marine
MARSHALL, Lionel Guy Bradford Captain
MARSHALL, Robin Paul Colour Sergeant
MARSHALL, Thomas Bateson Marine
MARSHALL, William Nigel Captain
MART, Gordon Geoffrey Joseph Private
MARTIN, Alexander George Private
MARTIN, Arthur Captain
MARTIN, Francis Joseph Private
MARTIN, James Edward Major
MARTIN, Jason Marine
MARTIN, Michael John Trooper
MARTIN, Robert George Private
MASKELL, Frederick George Corporal
MASON, Dennis Cook Lance Bombardier
MASON, Frank Stanley Lieutenant
MASON, James Company Quartermaster Sergeant
MASTERS, William Morrish Marine
MATHER, Harry Lance Corporal
MATHER, James Henry Private
MATHIESON, Kenneth Marine
MATSON, Alexander Private
MATTHEWS, Frederick Gordon Corporal
MATTHEWS, Leslie James Private
MAUD, Norman Smith Marine
MAULE, Stanley Corporal
MAXWELL, Thomas Turnbull Guardsman
MAY, Joseph Coyne Marine
MAYBURY, John Corporal
MAYLOTT, Jesse Private
MAYNARD, John Edward Trestrail Corporal
MAYOR, Keith Able Seaman
MCALLISTER, Kenneth Company Sergeant Major
MCANDREWS, Stephen Graham Marine
MCARTHUR, James Marine
MCAULEY, Michael Lance Corporal
MCCAIN, Gerald Marine
McCANN, Gerard Joseph Major
MCCARDLE, Eoghan Tom Lieutenant
MCCARTHY, Brian William Sergeant
MCCARTHY, Frederick Arthur Colour Sergeant
MCCARTHY, Patrick Private
MCCARTHY, Peter Francis Sergeant
MCCARTHY, Peter William Lieutenant
MCCARTHY, Richard Lance Corporal
MCCAUGHAN, James Andrew Sergeant
MCCAUGHEY, Henry Corporal
MCCONNELL, Richard John Martin Lieutenant
MCCORMACK, Thomas Private
McCORMICK, John Private
MCCOURT, Joseph Marine
MCCREA, Edward Marine
MCDAID, Francis Trooper
MCDONALD, Alexander Guardsman
MCDONALD, Dennis Marine
McDONALD, Norman Corporal
MCDONOUGH, Thomas Gunner
MCDOUGALL, Peter Bombardier
MCDOUGALL-PORTER, Christopher Frederick Captain
MCDOWELL, Ernest Marine
MCFALL, Robert Corporal
MCFATTER, John Marine
McGANN, Stanley Private
MCGEE, Edward James Corporal
MCGEE, Joseph Christopher Marine
MCGEORGE, Jack Stephen Marine
MCGERTY, Francis Sergeant
MCGLASHON, Dennis Patrick Marine
MCGONIGAL, Eoin Christopher Lieutenant
MCGONNIGLE, James Guardsman
MCGOWAN, Ronald Anthony Private
MCGRANN, George Able Seaman
MCGRATH, Edward Corporal
MCGREGOR, Duncan Ferguson Marine
MCGREGOR, John Kenneth Lieutenant
MCGUIRE, John Corporal
MCINTOSH, Christopher John Sergeant
MCINTOSH, Nathaniel Mair Marine
MCKAY, Peter Burke Lance Corporal
MCKAY, Robert Corporal
MCKENNA, George Corporal
McKENNA, Joseph Corporal
MCKENZIE, Gordon Malachy Crawford Lieutenant
MCKENZIE, Thomas Private
MCKEOWN, Daniel Marine
MCKEOWN, John Private
MCKEOWN, Kevin Timothy Lieutenant
MCKIBBEN, Robert Joseph Marine
McKINNON, Alexander Edward Cunningham Lance Sergeant
MCLAUGHLIN, Liam Lance Bombardier
MCLEAN, George Lance Corporal


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