No 4 Commando

'Dieppe' Nominal Roll (Partial)

The following list contain the names, ranks and numbers of the officers and men of No4 Commando who participated. It also includes some from No 10 (IA) Commando Free French  and 'X' troop, and others including some US Rangers, who were attached to the Commandos for the raid. It does not contain those from No 3 Commando and 40RM Commando as no such full list of names has been found. 

This is a transcript of the introduction  by the author of the original list that was compiled for No 4 Commando. A few amendments and additions have been made since then with sources shown.

BALL, Joseph

Fus. Ball was shot and killed in circumstances that remain to this day somewhat lacking of any official acount.  It is belived that the fatal shot was fired by a patrol of the Dutch Navy.

More detail can be read against a photo of his funeral in our gallery which can be viewed here: Fusilier Joseph Ball.

BARRASS, Nicholas William

Lt. Barrass was killed during operations at Flushing.
Whilst engaged in a house clearance, he was killed by a sniper who fired from an adjacent building. The author of the book below describes him as being "a tall quiet spoken policeman, who had played football for Gateshead. "
(Source: Swiftly They Struck by Murdoch C. McDougall who served as a Lieut. in No 4 Commando.) 

CHITTY, John Albert

LSgt Chitty, 'C' troop and a veteran of the Dieppe raid, died by drowning during a training exercise codenamed Exercise Brandyball. This was a mock seaborne raid on cliffs near Zennor, St Ives, Cornwall known as The Brandys.


A Veteran of Dunkirk, Pte Donkin, 'F' troop,  was shot and killed whilst engaging the enemy during operations at Flushing.
(Source: The Fighting Fourth by Maj James Dunning.)

ELMS, Frank

2/Lieut. Elms was killed during operations at Normandy.

The No 4 Commando War Diary records "5th to 6th July 1944 Place: Hauger - A patrol under Lieut. Elms proceeded to recce the BOIS DU BOISSON - GONNEVILLE ROAD for the purpose of observing enemy movements and locating any possible new dispositions for the intended fighting patrol that was to put in an attack in that area at night. Lieut. Elms had the misfortune to be hit and severely wounded when approaching the FDLs and later died."


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