Documents, Reports, Letters

There are many other transcribed documents and images of documents, letters, etc. within the commando unit pages and also in the photo galleries of the different units
'Cliff Assaults' Combined Ops Pamphlet 24
'Commando Mountain Warfare Training Centre'
'Commandos in the Field 1945' - Combined Ops. Pamphlet 26
'Details of some of No.10(IA) Cdo. 3 Troop'
'Document about No.10 (IA) Cdo 3 Troop'
'RM Commando Officers Aug.1943.'
'Salerno Diary'
'Title for Commandos in the R.N.'
1 Commando Fighting Patrol Composition/Arms/Intercom
1 Commando, Report on Operation 'Bottle' 15 Oct'45 Hong Kong
1 Commando, Roll of Wounded Hill 170 Kangaw
1 Commando, Troop Organisation Nov'44
10 Commando Polish Troop platoons
12 Commando Troop Locations Operation Foxrock June 1942
12 Commando, Redesignation of 4 (Para) Troop,1943
12 Commando, Letter From Lord Mountbatten
2 Commando Salerno/Scaletta Casualties
2 Commando, Operation Chariot Op Order 1
3 Cdo Bde Map of Myebon and Kangaw Jan/Feb 1945
3 Cdo Bde Map of the Kangaw Blockade Jan 1945
3 Cdo Bde Third Jungle Book issue 3
3 Cdo Bde Third Jungle Book issue 4
3 Cdo Bde Third Jungle Book issue 8
3 Cdo Bde Third Jungle Book issue 9
3 Commando at Sicily and Malati Bridge’
4 Commando 'C' Troop names
45RM Commando E Troop 1944
5 Commando, Formation in 1940
5 Commando, Officers in 1940
50th anniversary of the unveiling of the Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge.
A document about Layforce
A timeline of the Special Boat Section (Home)
ADAMS, Jack (No.11 Cdo), newspaper report of his death
An article about Lancashire Police Officers in the Armed Forces
An article about Police Intakes
An article about Scottish Police War Service
Association 1946 1st Reunion Dinner menu
Association booklet 1943 - 2005
Association History 1943 - 2005
Association History 2003 - present
Association Membership Form - WW2
Association Membership Form - Associate
Association Membership Form - Serving or Veteran
BAKER, Albert, (No.1 Cdo), Newspaper report of his death
BALL, Percy William, (No.1 Cdo), newspaper report
BEESLEY, Harold, (RSM No.3 Cdo), postcard from Stalag 8B.
BENNETT, Phil (42RM Cdo) writes home after Hill 170
BIRCH, Fred, (No.7 Cdo), diary of the Rommel raid
BISSELL, Stan, (CBTC), transcript of a speech.
CARLISLE, Alan (No.3 Cdo) remembered
CHURCHILL, Winston speech at the unveiling of the Abbey Memorial
DAKERS, Sandy (45Cdo RM) Obituary
DALY, Thomas, (No.12 Cdo), remembered
DIXON, Herbert, Memories of No 2 Commando
DUNN, David, (No.10 IA Cdo 'X' troop), (biography)
DURRANT, Thomas Frank, VC, (No.1 Cdo), Recommended by the Enemy
EARDLEY, Albert William (No.11 Cdo), newspaper report of his death
EDMISTON, Gordon (No.11 Cdo) - Military Service Memoir.
GALLAGHER, Denis (No.11 Cdo), newspaper report of his death
GARDNER, James, (No.9 Cdo), letter to his brother
GOLDSCHLAGER, ((No.10 IA Cdo 'X' troop), Lost Grave of Jewish Hero
GOODSIR, David Brodie (RM Holding Cdo), newspaper reports
GRAY, Reginald Halliday - Newspaper article
GRIFFIN, Tommy (11 Cdo), 2nd letter home
GRIFFIN, Tommy (11 Cdo), letter home
HARDEN, Henry Eric, VC, (45RM Cdo), London Gazette
HUNTINGTON, John, Memories of No 12 and No 1 Commando
HYTNER, Cyril, (48RM Cdo), letter from 'Doc' Winser
JEAL, Percy (43RM Cdo) and his brother - newspaper report
JOHNSON-HOUGHTON, (No.2 Cdo executed), biography
KIDWELL, Trevor (46RM Cdo) letter after his death
KNOWLAND, George Arthur, VC, (No.1 Cdo), London Gazette
LONGSON, Joe (1 Cdo) - My Life in the Army
MAGER, Charles, (No.3 Cdo), his account of D Day
MOFFAT, Robert, 40RM Cdo. dates
NEWMAN, Lt Col. Augustus Charles, VC, (OC No.2 Cdo), London Gazette
NICHOLLS, Reuben (41 Ind. Cdo) - Newspaper report
NOAKES, William, (45RM Cdo), letter about his award from Captain Day RM
NORTON, Jimmy, (Brigade Signals), Obituary
OLIVER, Roland (No.4 Cdo), 1944 article about meeting sister in Belgium
PETERS, Richard (Lt. 2 SBS) letter to father
ROBERTSON, George (47RM Cdo), newspaper report of his death
ROBSON, William (40 Cdo) RM Service
SAWYER, Alfred, Memories of No 2 Commando
SMITH, Roy (Cpl. 43RM Cdo) - letters to his mother after his death
SMITH, Roy (Cpl. 43RM Cdo) last letter
SQUIRE, John (43RM Cdo) - newspaper article about award
STANFORD, Charles Robert, (Cdo. School RM), newspaper reports of his death
STUART, Ted, Memories of 5 Commando and Mission 204
TRIGG, Fred (2 Cdo) newspaper report about his death
WILSON, Sydney (45RM) newspaper report
WRIGHT, Henry Walter, (No.3 Cdo), Service Record
YOUNG, Leilyn, (American), letter about his time as a US Ranger.

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