Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Commando Veterans Archive ?

This Archive is a not for profit online source of free information about Commandos who have served since their formation in 1940 to the present day.

How is it managed ?

The website and its domain are owned and managed by John Mewett and his son Dan. The Content Manager is Pete Rogers. We are the sons, and in Dan's case, the grandson, of WW2 Army Commandos. Unlike Service museums, etc. we are not funded but do our best.

How much does it cost ?

It's completely free! The website team freely donate their time and any costs involved.

How can I add information or photos to this website ?

This is done via the Forum, or by contacting the archive website team direct, if you are the owner of the collection. We will need to speak with you to ask any relevant questions we have. Photos will be assessed and moved to the Gallery where suitable. There is a Contact Form on the Home Page navigation panel under 'About the Archive' and someone will respond by email to you. You can also Register on the Gallery to add a comment to any photo in there.

Who are the website team ?

John Mewett and his son Dan, and Pete Rogers. View the answer for the question ‘How is it managed?’

Do the website team represent the views of the Commando Association ?

No. This online Archive is an independent entity. As such any views expressed by their website team are their own, and not those of any Association.

So what is the connection with the Association ?

The Commando Veterans Archive is owned and managed independently as described above, The Forum and Gallery were created by John Mewett and his son Dan as a means of providing a greater knowledge about the history of, and preserving the memory of, the Commandos; and to provide a platform that members of the association and other interested parties could use to help in achieving this. Later a main Archive was added to display content created by the website team from their research.

If I register on this website am I a member of the Association ?

No. The Commando Veterans Archive is an independent entity. To join the Commando Association download the application forms from the Home page menu ‘Association-Membership.’ Complete and send to the Association using the address on the Form.

Who should I contact if I need to speak to someone ?

Contact the Commando Veterans Archive website team for ALL matters pertaining to the content or management of this archive including adding your content or photos, or use of its content or photos. For Commando Association events, membership, newsletter, or shop, contact representatives of the Association via the side navigation panel of any page in this archive. Both the archive website team and the association can also be contacted via the CONTACT form accessed again on the side navigation panel of any page.

How can I notify you of the death of a Commando ?

Use the Contact Form or post a message on our Forum. Provide full details, including forename/s, age if known, unit, and date of death. We will respond to all such messages. You can register on the Forum and post a message with a photo if you have one. For deaths of serving personnel be security aware on what you post on a public Forum. If in doubt use the Contact Form.

How can I find out more about an individual's military service ?

Check your extended family first to see what they know. Copies of actual Service Records can only be obtained by a Freedom of Information request through the National Archives. Don't be fooled by pay websites that offer a similar service. Our Research Advice guide on the Home page provides details on how to request a service record or use this link

Do the Commando Veterans Archive have access to service records ?

No. Copies of actual Service Records can only be obtained by a Freedom of Information request to the National Archives. Our Research Advice guide on the Home page gives details on how to request a service record. Click on Research at the top of any page or use this link

If a name is not listed does that mean he was not a Commando ?

No. The Commando Veterans Archive records are not complete. If you provide us with the details in a Forum message, including evidence of service in a Commando (see next question), then we will review it and update our records where necessary. The place to do this is by registering on the Forum and posting the information there. Any problems contact the website team.

What evidence of commando service do you require ?

Where we have no record, you must provide the evidence. This can vary from a copy of a service record, to a photo or even a letter. Anything referencing commando service in writing, or where commando insignia is visible. Remember, unlike today, in World War Two not all Royal Marines were Commandos.

The service number I have does not match the one you list ?

We do not have access to Service Records.Where a service number is shown on our nominal rolls they should be treated as possible but not confirmed. They are often transcribed from war diaries or lists provided by veterans themselves and occasionally errors are found. Contact the Archive if you suspect an error.

Why are some Police Officers who were Commandos not on the Police List ?

Police Officers who volunteered for the WW2 Commandos as part of the Police Intakes commencing 1942 are included on the Police List. As are serving Police Officers who were on the Army Reserve List in 1939 and were called up then volunteered for the Commandos when formed in 1940 or later. Those whose police service commenced after their commando service ended will not be on the Police List but the details can be included on any A-Z personnel page or gallery entry created, once we are made aware.

Forum - The photo I have posted does not display ?

There is a maximum size limit for photos on the Forum which has likely been exceeded. Try reducing its size if you know how to, or use the Contact Form located on the navigation panel on the Home Page, select the appropriate category, and tell us what the problem is. Someone will be in touch soon.

Forum - Registration activation email not received ?

Occasionally an e-mail provider incorrectly marks our 'activation’ e-mail as spam so check your spam/junk folder first. If the email is in your junk folder you will need to move this to your inbox to enable the activation link. If you still cannot see the email 24 hours after registering try to log in anyway . If you cannot please use the Contact Form and advises us of your full name and and we will activate your account for you.

Forum - Other difficulty registering ?

If you have tried to register and have encountered issues eg. it says you've already registered when you haven't, or the system isn't accepting the information you've entered, please contact us via our Contact Form.

Forum - email received about a reply to a post but cannot find the message ?

When a reply is made to any Forum message you post an automated email notification is sent. Occasionally those advertising products or services post replies. We delete these but the automated reply will already have been sent. If you receive such an email and cannot find the post or the link on there is broken just ignore it. Do not mark the email as spam as any future notifications will go straight to your spam folder.

Forum - How do I edit my profile ?

Log in. Click on My Profile. Edit the bio page as you wish. Scroll down. Click submit. Towards the top of the form in green you should see the words “Information updated”. This indicates the change has been made.

Can I use some of the photos on your website ?

Whilst we have a Creative Commons licence for non commercial use displayed at the bottom of every gallery page, it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with any terms or copyright. Click on the link below for clarity on copyright law.,
If your use is for a commercial purpose get in touch via our Contact Form and someone will respond soon.

Why are there different search facilities on the website ?

The Google Custom search checks the Forum, the Gallery, and the main Archive. This can result in a multitude of responses. So, for those wanting a limited check, we include a search facility specific to the Gallery, and another for the Archive.

How do I report a broken link on your website ?

Use the Contact Form located on the navigation panel on the Home Page, select the appropriate category, and tell us what the problem is. Someone will be in touch soon.

How do I report any other problem on your website ?

Use the Contact Form located on the navigation panel on the Home Page, select the appropriate category, and tell us what the problem is. Someone will be in touch soon.

Do you manage the Commando Association Facebook page ?

No. The Facebook social media page is managed independently.

If I post a photo or info on the Facebook page will it be replicated here ?

No. Users must make contact with, or place their own photos, on this website as direct contact is necessary. Facebook and other social media pages are managed independently and not monitored by the website team.

How do you use the personal data of users of your website ?

This is explained in our Privacy Statement here

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