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The Commando Veterans Association (CVA) has developed this site in order to appeal to all those who have an interest in the Commandos. If you have earned the right to wear the coveted Green Beret and served with Commando Forces from their inception in 1940 through to the present day, or if you are a family member or a friend of the Commandos, you are as equally welcome to enjoy and hopefully add to our site. Please feel free to pay tribute, research or simply satisfy the curiosity that you may have about the proud history of the Commandos.

Many of the photos displayed have additional information which can be read by touching or clicking on them.

Please feel free to join our association as either a Full Member (Commandos) or Associate Member (families and friends). Simply download the relevant application form, complete it in full and pop it in the post as directed on the form. You will receive your membership pack including membership card and a copy of our most recent newsletter 'Dispatches' which includes information on the Association and planned events. If you do not wish to join then please enjoy the site and history of the Commandos and if possible pass on our details to any Commandos you may know.

United we conquer

Looking for Information?

If you are looking for any kind of specific information regarding the Commandos , whether on units, campaigns, equipment, insignia etc, or information on individuals who have served in the Commandos, then please visit our website forums. On registering you will be able to create a post in the relevant forum and add the many questions that you may have.

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Commando Training

Whether you are thinking about a future career as a Commando, or simply curious about the training, you should make yourself aware of the origins of their training. This resume tells you how it all began, and developed into the present All Arms Commando Course. Follow this link to our section on Commando Training

WW2 Commando History - September

There are too many operations and/or notable dates to mention each and every one but here are some. Touch/click photos for more information.

The above happy photo depicts Officers of No 2 Commando taken in Gibraltar mid 1943. Five of the 17 Officers in this photo would, just a few months later, be killed in action during the Salerno operations.

27/28 September 1941 Operation Choppers and Deepcut.

On the night of 28th Sep 1941 65 men of 5 Troop No1 Commando took part in a twin raid against the coast of Northern France, code named Operation Chopper and Deepcut. One raiding party landed at Luc sur Mer (Chopper) and took a number of casualties including two killed, Pte Elwyn Edwards and L/Cpl Cyril Evans. The other raiding party landed at St Vaast Bay (Deepcut) and ambushed a German cycle patrol.

September 1942 Operation Musketoon - a raid on an electricity generating station at Glomfjord in German occupied Norway. Ten Commandos from No 2 Commando and 2 Norwegian corporals working for the SOE took part in the raid. They were taken by submarine to a remote Fjord, completed a difficult overland route, approaching their target from the rear and successfully destroyed it. Seven were captured and later executed at Sachsenhausen Concentraion Camp under Hitler's infamous Commando Order.

Follow this link for Information about Operation Musketoon

Memorial to those interned at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and who perished there or elsewhere at the hands of their captors. Included are the Commandos and Naval personnel from Operation Checkmate, and the Commandos from Operation Musketoon.


September 1942  saw raids along the French coast by the SSRF including Operations Dryad, Hanford, and Aquatint. Click/touch this link to view our album of photos and information about the Small Scale Raiding Force

9th-18th September 1943  Operation Avalanche.

Amongst the Allied forces taking part were No 2 Army Commando and 41RM Commando. During the fighting in and around Salerno, the Commandos lost many good men. Amongst the Fallen was Henry Wellesley - 6th Duke of Wellington, Captain of 2 troop No 2 Commando.

A publication about the raid by Major H.H. Blissett can be read HERE

The graves of some of the fallen during this operation can be viewed on this link to our gallery for Salerno War Cemetery

September 1943 saw the continuation of the Forfar raids along the French coastline involving men from No 12 Commando, the SSRF, and the SBS. There were a number of Raids called Forfar raids - Forfar- Beer -Dog -How -Love-Item. During Forfar Item the men went into France by parachute and returned by MTB.

September 1944 was a busy period for the Central Mediterranean Force. No 9 Army Commando and 43RM Commando were involved in Foxforce operations around the Peloponnese peninsula of Southern Greece, including Athens. 43RM Commando would later participate in Operation Healing 3 at Solta, and Nos. 2 and 40 Commandos were fighting along the Sarande area of Albania in Operation Mercerised, 

Meanwhile in France No 4 Commando were involved in the occupation and control of Le Havre.

The Commando Veterans Association has an ongoing project to photograph the graves of the Commando Fallen. If you live near, or may be visiting close to, a Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery,  and wish to help, please contact Pete here Contact Us

Please advise us if you consider the CWGC need to be informed of anything about the condition of any grave. Click/touch the photo to view this grave.

Commando Obituaries - We will remember them


Click/touch the mage to view names of those whose passing we have been informed of.

The Commando Prayer

Teach us, good Lord, to serve thee as thou deservest;
to give and not to count the cost;
to fight and not to heed the wounds;
to toil and not to seek for rest;
to labour and not to ask for any reward,
save that of knowing that we do thy will;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Lord Lovat Interview

Lord LovatThis is an interview with Lord Lovat recorded in 1978 in Inverness before his attendance at a reunion of the Commando Association.

The first speaker is Henry Brown OBE who compiled this iterview onto a tribute tape for the Army Commandos.

Lord Lovat tells of some of his memories of D-Day as the Commander of 1 Commando Brigade who spearheaded the D-Day assault.

The tape was kindly donated by Ray Brooks son of Ernie Brooks No 4 Commando, implemented by John Mewett, and converted to MP3 by Mike Thomas at Yellow Wall studios Lockington Liecs.


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