Operation Jubilee


49° 55' 22.8" N, 1° 4' 39" E
Date commenced: 
Wednesday, August 19, 1942

Combined Allied Force from all three Services. The Commandos had specific tasks outlined below in support of the main allied Force.

Dieppe Commandos

Operation Flodden - Berneval 

No. 3 Commando (including some 10 Cdo. Free French) was to land eight miles east of Dieppe to assault and silence the coastal battery near Berneval.

Operation Cauldron - Varengeville 

No. 4 Commando (including some 10 Cdo. Free French and U.S. Rangers) landed a few miles west of Dieppe to assault and silence the coastal battery close to Varengeville.

Harbour area

40RM Commando were assigned to assault and secure the harbour area.  

Whilst No 4 Commando succeeded in their objective, No 3 Commando came under heavy fire managing only to pin down the battery making it ineffective during the main assault, rather than destroy it.  When 40RM Commando landed they came under withering enemy fire and were ordered to re-embark within 10 minutes of landing.
The main assault failed and the Allies, particularly the Candian Forces, suffered heavy casualties. The names of the Fallen below relate only to Commandos, and those who were attached to a Commando unit specifically for this raid.

Follow this link for a partial Nominal Roll of Commandos at Dieppe. (This excludes No 3 Commando and 40RM Commando as no such full list has been found.)

Dieppe Commando Roll of Honour

Operation Jubilee graves

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No.3 Commando 

Trooper Rex Adderley, 
Trooper Andrew Anderson 
Trooper Cyril Barrett 
Trooper John Bryan 
Trooper Fred Broadbent 
Trooper John Broster 
Trooper George Cooper 
Captain Samuel Corry
Trooper Douglas Fisher 
Corporal Thomas Gerrard 
Trooper Ernest Harding 
Lance Corporal Richard Harding 
Trooper Norman Harrison 
Trooper Leonard Jackman 
Lieutenant Peter Kenward 
Trooper John Lacey 
Trooper Edward Leddington 
Lance Sergeant Joseph Mills 
Lance Corporal Leslie Newell 
Trooper Ernest Pickersgill 
Trooper Francis Rhodes 
Trooper Thomas Sharp 
Sergeant Fred Teasdale
Trooper Hubert Wadsworth
Trooper William Wall 


No.4 Commando 

Lance Corporal John Bishop 
Private William Garthwaite 
Private Frederick Gooch 
Lance Corporal Edward Heckman 
Lance Corporal James Keenan 
Lieutenant John Macdonald 
Private Stanley McGann
Lance Corporal Duncan Thompson Mercer
Lance Corporal Alexander Mills 
Lance Corporal John Moss ( served as Taylor) 
Captain Roger Pettiward 
Private George Sutton 
Signalman George Tucker 
Rifleman Joseph Watters 
Lance Corporal John Whatley 
Guardsman Jack Whittaker 

No. 40 Royal Marine Commando 

Marine John Alexander 
Sergeant Jack Beesley 
Marine Arthur Callow 
Marine John Catterall 
Captain Alan Comyn 
Corporal Alfred Duerden 
Corporal Henry Everall 
Marine Eric Gotts 
Colour Sergeant Frederick Harwood 
Corporal Albert Heath
Marine John Mackinstry 
Corporal Norman McDonald 
Lance Corporal Henry Morgan 
Marine Samuel Northern
Marine Peter Orman 
Lieutenant Derrick Over 
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Picton Phillips 
Marine Wallace Powell 
Marine William Rhodes 
Marine Albert Riddle 
Marine Ronald Singleton 
Corporal Thomas Thorp 
Marine Percy Walker 
Marine Harold Wigmore 

The following are believed to have served with 10(IA) Commando at Dieppe, and died on or just after the 19th August 1942. 

Corporal Serge Moutaillier (French) - wounded and pow, later executed 
Private Gustav Oppelt (Czech) 19th August 1942 
Private C. Rice (Czech) - missing
Private J. Smith (Czech) - missing 

GHQ LIaison Regiment - Phantom patrol (assigned to No 3 Commando)

Lieutenant Michael Guy Hillerns 

Royal Artillery - 1st Forward Observation unit (assigned to Commandos)

Captain James Howard Thomas

US Rangers 1st Bn (assigned to 3 and 4 Commandos or the 2nd Canadian Divn.)

2/Lieutenant Edward Loustalot (attached to No 3 Commando)
2/Lieutenant Joseph Randall (attached to Canadians)
Corporal Howard M. Henry   (attached to Canadians)

We will remember them

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