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Name Rank Archive Pages Award
ABBOTT, B.J.A. Marine
ABBOTT, John Herbert Ronald Gunner
ABBOTT, P.E. Lieutenant
ABRAHAMOWICZ, Richard George Private
ABRAHAMS, Robert Sydney Sergeant
ABRAM, Cyril Rifleman
ADAM, Ian William Lieutenant
ADAMS, Alastair Scott Marine
ADAMS, Desmond Private
ADAMS, H.K Marine
ADAMS, H.L. Marine
ADAMS, J. Marine
ADAMS, Jack Private
ADDERLEY, Rex Alsager Sapper
ADDERTON, Victor Trooper
ADDINGTON, Raymond Thomas Casamajor Lieutenant (later Major)
ADDIS, Alan Marine
ADDISON, Leslie Robert Signaller
ADLAM, William George Henry Sergeant
AGNEW, John William Marine
AHERN, Gerard Marine
AHERN, Patrick Sergeant
AINSLEY, Ernest Fusilier
AINSLIE, Walter Gunner
AINSLIE, William Robson Milne Lance Corporal
AINSWORTH, Richard Harold Marine (Acting Temporary Corporal)
AIRD, Michael Derrick Private
AIRD, William Private
ALDERSON, John Captain
ALDIS, Alec George Lieutenant
ALDRICH, Arthur James Marine
ALDRIDGE, Dennis Leolin Samuel St Maur Major
ALDRIDGE, William Reginald Lance Sergeant
ALDWORTH, Michael Mancell Lieutenant (Temporary)
ALEXANDER, Charles Marine
ALEXANDER, John MacAlister Fusilier
ALEXANDER, John Moir Marine
ALEXANDER, Samuel Giles William Marine
ALLAN, Hugh Bryan Lance Corporal
ALLAN, John Sapper
ALLAN, Lennard David Marine
ALLARD, Camille Lance Corporal
ALLCORN, Robin Nicholas Corporal
ALLEN, Athole Jack Lieutenant
ALLEN, Edward Patrick Private
ALLEN, George Edward Private
ALLEN, John Duncan WO1 Regimental Sergeant Major
ALLEN, Richard Henry Fusilier
ALLEN, Thomas Charles Marine
ALLENDER, James Sergeant
ALLIN, David Marine
ALLISON, Clive Richard Corporal
ALLISON, George Edwin Sergeant
ALMOND, Bernard Alan Marine
ALTRINGHAM, Ronald Leslie Marine
ALVEY, John Captain (later Major)
AMATO, Denis Sergeant
AMBLER, Edward William Lance Corporal
AMESBURY, Alfred Edmund Corporal
ANCHOR, John Robert Guardsman (Acting Corporal)
ANDERSON, Albert Marine
ANDERSON, Andrew Alexander Private
ANDERSON, Barrie Sherwill Norman Trooper
ANDERSON, John Private
ANDRESS, William John Marine
ANDREWS, Albert Mailly Rifleman
ANDREWS, Alfred Archley Fusilier
ANDREWS, Charles Marine
ANDREWS, Harry Lance Corporal
ANDREWS, Samuel James Corporal
ANDREWS, Trevor John Sergeant
ANGUS, David Charles Captain
ANNANDALE, Warrick Paul Marine
ANRUDE, Jack Lieutenant
ANSELL, Arthur James Trooper
ANSELL, Ronald Edwin Marine
ANSON, Colin Edward Sergeant
ANSON, Harry Raymond Joseph Marine
APPLEBY, William Thompson Marine
APPLEYARD, Frank Lance Corporal
ARENSTEIN, Hans Lance Corporal
ARLEN, Richard George Private
ARMITAGE, James Sergeant
ARMOUR, Thomas Marine
ARNOLD, David James Sergeant
ASCHER, Claus Leopld Octavio Sergeant
ASHBROOK, E.P. Corporal
ASHCROFT, Arthur Lance Corporal
ASHCROFT, Victor Marine
ASHFIELD, Stuart James Marine
ASHFORD-RUSSELL, Brian Harborough Lieutenant (later Honorary Major)
ASHLEY, Pierce Private
ASHTON, Colin William Fusilier
ASHWORTH, John Mark Marine
ASKWITH, Graham Marine
ASPDEN, Jack Lance Bombardier (later Major)
ASTBURY, Albert Ernest Sergeant
ASTLEY, Kevin Phillip Junior Marine
ATHERTON, Joseph Corporal
ATHERTON, Kevin Peter Marine
ATHERTON, William Temperley Marine
ATKIN, Alister Paul Marine
ATKINSON, Gordon Acting Corporal
ATKINSON, J.E. Sergeant
ATKINSON, Jacob Sergeant
AUBERTIN, Jack Stanley Sergeant
AUERHAHN, Werner Lance Corporal
AUGUSTIN, Oliver Richard Lieutenant
AUKETT, Norman, J. Corporal
AUSTIN, Reginald Charles Sergeant
AVEN, Christopher Colour Sergeant
AVERY, George W. Sergeant
AYLETT, Basil McGonigle Troop Sergeant Major
BABB, Ronald Benjamin Corporal
BABBINGTON, Peter Murray Captain
BAGOT, Henry Hunter Trooper
BAGUSTE, Dominic David Alan Fredk Marine
BAILEY, Arthur Charles Gunner
BAILEY, J.W. Marine
BAILEY, Jack Corporal
BAILEY, Leonard George Private
BAILEY, Lionel James Private
BAILEY, Nicholas Marine
BAILEY, Paul Martin Corporal
BAILEY, Reginald John William Able Seaman
BAILLIE, Alexander Charles Lance Corporal
BAILLIE, Archibald Marine
BAIN, James Sydney Sergeant Major
BAINBRIDGE, Cyril Marine
BAINBRIDGE, Robin Christopher Marine
BAINES, Gary Anthony Major
BAINES, James Regimental Sergeant Major
BAIZLEY, Michael John Major
BAKER, Albert Lance Sergeant
BAKER, Denis Arthur Albert Marine
BAKER, Fred Lance Corporal
BAKER, George Horace Gunner
BAKER, Herbert Valentine Lance Corporal
BAKER, K.R. Marine
BAKER, Kenneth Corporal
BAKER, Leonard Lance Corporal
BAKER, Michael Jeffrey Marine
BAKER, Paul Albert Thomas Bugler
BAKER, Roy Corporal
BALDOCK, Royce Edward Leonard Marine
BALDWIN, Charles William Sergeant
BALDWIN, David Sergeant


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