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'Dieppe' Nominal Roll (Partial)

The following list contain the names, ranks and numbers of the officers and men of No4 Commando who participated. It also includes some from No 10 (IA) Commando Free French  and 'X' troop, and others including some US Rangers, who were attached to the Commandos for the raid. It does not contain those from No 3 Commando and 40RM Commando as no such full list of names has been found. 

This is a transcript of the introduction  by the author of the original list that was compiled for No 4 Commando. A few amendments and additions have been made since then with sources shown.

10 Commando Nominal Roll

In 1946 the Army Council decided that the Army Commandos were to be disbanded and no provision was allowed or made for any depository or office which would have at least contained a complete Roster of Names of the men who served in the various units. 

A speech by Colin Anson No.10(IA) Cdo 3tp

A transcript of a speech by Colin Anson on the 4th September 2007 at the Imperial War Museum about his experience as a member of No 10 (IA) Commando 3 troop. The speech was given by Colin when he attended a reunion of refugees from Nazism who served in the British Forces in WW2. This took place at the Imperial War Museum on 4th September 2007.  In 2010 Colin Anson granted his permission for us to display his speech on our website.
(nb. click on his name above for more information.)

ABRAHAMOWICZ, Richard George

Richard Abrahamowicz was of the Jewish faith and served in 3 troop, also known as 'X' troop,  of the inter allied commando under the alias of Richard Arlen. He was killed assaulting an enemy machine gun position during operations with 45RM Commando at Franceville Plage, Normandy. 
10 Commando, author Ian Dear
Jewish Virtual Library.

ALLARD, Camille

LCpl. Allard, 1st Batallion Fusiliers Marins Commando, was killed whilst attached to No 4 Commando during operations in the Netherlands.
The No 4 Commando War Diary for May 7th 1945 records " Halstern - No 7 french troop moved to Schouwen and established HQ at Bruinisse, and to clear and mark all minefields in that area." (Source: War Diary National Archives WO 218/ 84.)


Werner Auerhahn served in 3 troop, also known as 'X' troop, of the inter allied commando under the alias of Peter Vernon Allan WELLS. He was killed by a mine during operations in Italy and was the first casualty of the troop. 
Wriiten on the headstone of his grave are the words "He volunteered and died for freedom ever in the loving memory of his parents."
The King's Most Loyal Enemy Aliens, author Helen Fry.

BEAUPREZ, Pierre, F.

In 1951 Pierre Beauprez , who had served in 4 Belgian troop of No 10 (IA) Commando in WW2, was killed through the explosion of a mine  as he was conducting a Patrol on the North bank of the River Han during the Korean War.
[Source: Commando Association newsletter 13 issued Sept. 1951.]

BENDIEN, Gerard Hendrik Joan

Gerard Bendien 2 troop
Pte. Bendien served in 2 (Dutch) troop of the Commando. 
On the 1st December 1944 he was promoted to the rank of temporary Sergeant Major during the period he was attached from the Commando to the Staff of the Dutch Interior Forces. He died whilst in a jeep that crashed into a tree at Zeist.


Cpl. Bjorndalen 10 Commando

Cpl. Bjorndalen, 5 troop (Norwegian), was killed during operations in Holland.  On the night of the 13/14th January, his Norwegian troop of 10 Inter Allied Commando, together with 47RM Commando, took part in an unsuccessful attack on the German held small island of Kapelsche Veer which lies between the River Maas and the River Oudermaas.

BRODISON, Samuel James

CSM Samuel Brodison MM 12 Commnando
Company Sergeant Major Samuel Brodison was awarded the MM in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field, carrying out beach obstacle reconnaissance in Northern France during May 1944. [1]
In 1959 he was employed as Sergeant Instructor with the Ulster Special Constabulary. [2]
The death of RSM Samuel Brodison MM of Stubbington, Hants.,  was announced in Commando Association newsletter 82 issued March 1986.


Tpr. Christopherson, 5 troop (Norwegian), was killed during operations at Westkapelle.

He is remembered with others from 5 troop on a Memorial to Norwegian Commandos located on the open space at the rise of the boulevard of Schagen at Domburg.

DETON, Albert

Lt Albert Deton

Lieutenant Albert Deton, 4 (Belgian) troop, was killed during operations in Italy. There is a Plaque in his honour at San Pietro Avellana Piazza, Umberto, Italy. See full size photo in Gallery.


Pte Andre Dignac 10 Commando

Pte. Dignac, 1st Batallion Fusiliers Marins Commando, badge no. 26, was killed during Operation Hardtack 7 on the German occupied island of Sark. He had been grievously injured by an anti-personnel mine, not possible to evacuate, presumed killed and buried by the Germans.

DUFFY, Robert

Pte. Duffy, HQ troop, died in a parachute training accident. 
He attended a parachute training course at Ringway commencing on the 2nd Aug.1943. In attendance with him on the course were Capt.J.G. Coates and Pte Harrison, both of the HQ troop. (Source: 10 IA Commando War Diary August 1943, National Archives ref. WO 218/ 56.)

GLASER, Kurt Joachim

Grave of Lt Griffith 10 Commando

Kurt Joachim Glaser served in 3 troop, also known as  'X' troop, under the name of Keith James Griffith.  He was shot and killed by a sniper during operations with 1 Special Service Bde. to cross a railway bridge over the River Aller near the town of Essel.


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