3 troop Roll of Honour

Commando Roll of Honour

The Fallen commemorated in perpetuity by the Commando Veterans Association

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Lt. Kurt Joachim GLASER (served as Keith James Griffith)
WO1 RSM Eric William NATHAN (served as Eric William Howarth)
Officer Cadet George Alexander BARTH (served as George Bryan Streets)
Sgt. Eugen KAGERER-STEIN (served as Eugene Fuller)
Sgt. Otto HESS (served as Peter Giles)
Sgt. Egon VOGEL (served as Ernest Robert Villiers)
Cpl. Gunther Max FRANK (served as George Mack Franklyn)
Cpl. Salo WEICH (served as Robert Geoffrey Hamilton)
L/Cpl. Hans ARENSTEIN (served as Harry Andrews)
L/Cpl. Werner AUERHAHN (served as Peter Vernon Allen Wells)
LCpl. Kurt Wilhelm GUMPERTZ (served as Kenneth Wakefield Graham) 
L/Cpl. Ernst Richard LENEL (served as Ernest Richard Lawrence)
L/Cpl. Kurt MEYER (served as Peter Moody)
Pte. Richard George ABRAHAMOWICZ (served as Richard George Arlen)
Pte. Max LEWINSKY (served as Max Laddy)
Pte. Ernst NATHAN (served as Ernest Norton)
Pte. Herbert SACHS (served as Herbert Seymour)
Pte. Ernst George WEINBERGER (served as Ernest George Webster)
We will Remember them
and all ranks who served in the Commando, and have since passed on in the passage of time, who are also remembered by their proud families and comrades.

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