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All we have of freedom
All we use or know
This our fathers bought for us
Long and long ago .....Rudyard Kipling
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Recent Obituaries 

Glyn CULLEN (79 Kirkee Bty., 29 Cdo) 20th January 2018
Cpl. R.A. ‘Bob’ WEST (42RM Cdo) 11th January 2018 aged 97
Tom ‘Bing’ CROSBIE (RM and SBS) 1st January 2018
Cpl. Ron HANNA (289 Cdo Bty. RA) 1st January 2018 aged 70
Keith 'Chin' GILBERT (29 Cdo. RA)  27th December 2017
Rfn. William Edmund 'Billy' MOORE (5 Cdo) 13th October 2017 aged 92
John Geoffrey Morris DAVIES (3 Cdo) 31st August 2017 aged 92
Laurence E. 'Laurie' WAYMAN (12, 3, & 5 Cdos) 23rd August 2017 aged 92
Major Steve SMITH  RE (59 & 131 Cdo Sqns) 11th June 2017
L/Cpl Ian 'Shep' SHEPARD (59 Cdo Sqn RE) 10th May 2017 aged 65
WO2 Brian 'Caz' CAZALY (59 Cdo Sqn RE)  16th March 2017 aged 79
Sgt. Ian Bruce JOHNSTONE (29 Cdo) 4th February  2017 aged 67
Leslie Stephen PARKYN (4 Cdo)  7th August 2017
Leslie WHIPPS (9 Cdo)  15th July 2017 aged 94
Cpl. Edmund EDMONDSON (5 Cdo)  11th July 2017 aged 93
Col. Alastair Murray THORBURN (Capt. in 4 Cdo)  9th July 2017 aged 96
Patricia KNATCHBULL 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma (CVA Patron) 13th June 2017
Mne. Hugh C. EWART (41RM Cdo)  20th May 2017 aged 92
Mne. Fred CARRINGTON (43RM Cdo)  18th May 2017 aged 95
Leslie Charles WOOD (42RM Cdo)  5th May 2017 aged 97
Harold Doug BENNETT (5 Cdo)  26th April 2017 aged 95
CSMI Alexander FRICKLETON (CBTC)  23rd March 2017 aged 98.
John NOBLE (29 Cdo. RA) 23rd March 2017
Pte. Brian John STEWART (6 Cdo)(post war WO1 in the RAF)  10th February 2017
Capt. Bill RUDD, MBE, RE (59 Ind Cdo Sqn) 28th January 2017
Gwynfor BOWEN (1 Cdo)  2017

Obituaries from 1946 to the present day

(Listed below alphabetically by surname )
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