These Obituaries list those who died after leaving military service. The Rolls of Honour list those who died in service and can be accessed via the menu on the right.
All we have of freedom
All we use or know
This our fathers bought for us
Long and long ago .....Rudyard Kipling
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Recent Obituaries 

Pte. Patrick FEENEY (No.6 Cdo) ...............2018 aged 92.
Ron SCOTT (No.9 Cdo) 18th September 2018.
Pte. Jack RESCORLE (No.6 Cdo) 27th August 2018 aged 92.
Cpl. Geoff CLAY (No. 9 Cdo) 24th August 2018 aged 94.
Robert George 'Bob' TOUT (No.4 Cdo) 17th August 2018 aged 94.
WO2 Alastair 'Jock' LIVINGSTONE (59 Cdo. Sqn. RE) 27th July 2018 aged 47.
Mne. John Coutts WYLIE (40 & 45 Cdo RM) 12th June 2018 aged 72.
John WALL (No. 5 Cdo) 18th March 2018 aged 96.
Mne. Harry GREAVES (40 Cdo. RM)  28th Jan. 2018 aged 60.  
The names below were published in Dispatches issue 39.
John CLEGG (No.1 Cdo) 13th August 2018 aged 101.
Mne. Norman SILLS (45 Cdo RM) 18th July 2018.
Kenneth William ALLAN (3 Cdo. Bde. RM) 5th July 2018 aged 71.
Patrick CHURCHILL (RM Sigs. and No.4 Cdo) 28th June 2018.
Maj. Gen. Corran William Brooke PURDON, CBE, MC, CPM (No.12 Cdo) 27th June 2018.
William BUTTERFIELD (No.44 RM Cdo) 17th May 2018 aged 96.
Leo HATCH (No.5 Cdo) 6th May 2018.
Sgt. Derek DIGHTON (No.3 Cdo)  22nd April 2018 aged 94.
Mne. Kennneth PARKER (No.47 RM Cdo) 14th April 2018 aged 91.
John 'Jack' LAMB (No.3 Cdo) 10th April 2018 aged 94.
Staff Sgt. Colin BELLHOUSE (59 Cdo. Sqn. RE) 26th March 2018 aged 69
Gnr. William HERBERT (29 Cdo)  25th March 2018
Capt. Gerald Jackson BRYAN, CMG, CVO, OBE, MC (No.11 Cdo)  21st March 2018 aged 96.
Mne. Duncan MCCRACKEN (45 Cdo RM) 6th March 2018.
Harold NETHERSOLE (No.6 Cdo) 4th March 2018.
Wayne Hilton SHAKELL (29 Cdo RA 8 Bty) 27th February 2018.
Sgt. Humphrey LINGANE (42 & 45 Cdo RM) 21st February 2018 aged 80.
Sgt. Josko FIOLIN (No.10 Inter Allied Cdo 7tp Yugoslavia) 15th February 2018.
Kaare ROBERTSEN (No.10 Inter Allied Cdo 5tp Norway) 9th February 2018.
Piper Jimmy LAWSON (No.11 Cdo) 31st January 2018 aged 97.
Malcolm 'Geordie' BEIGE, (7 Sphinx Bty, 29 Cdo) 25th January 2018.
L/Cpl Brian SINGLETON (59 Cdo Sqn RE)  22nd January 2018 aged 67.
Glyn CULLEN (79 Kirkee Bty., 29 Cdo) 20th January 2018.
Surg. Capt. Richard JOLLY, OBE (MO 42 Cdo/OC Med Sqn C.L.R.) 13 January 2018 aged 71.
Cpl. Robert Arthur ‘Bob’ WEST (No.42 RM Cdo) 11th January 2018 aged 97.
Brig. Sean Michael Barry O'MEARA (Captain in 95 Cdo) 11th January 2018.
Tom ‘Bing’ CROSBIE (RM and SBS) 1st January 2018.
Cpl. Ron HANNA (289 Cdo Bty. RA) 1st January 2018 aged 70.
Keith 'Chin' GILBERT (29 Cdo. RA)  27th December 2017.
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Obituaries from 1946 to the present day

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