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All we have of freedom
All we use or know
This our fathers bought for us
Long and long ago .....Rudyard Kipling
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Recent Obituaries
Charlie SPUFFARD (No.5 Cdo) 7 October 2020.
Charles Cyril STACEY (No.3 Cdo) 16 September 2020 aged 99.
Leonard TAYLOR (Bde Sigs) September 2020.
Joe SPICER (No.4 Cdo) 4 September 2020 aged 95.
Major Paul GREENE (29 Cdo RA) 30 August 2020.
CSgt. Frederick SNOWDEN (3 Cdo Bde RM) 28 August 2020 aged 85.
Robert RYDER (43RM Cdo) 1st July 2020 aged 98.
George PARSONS (No.2 Cdo) (late CA Padre) 23 June 2020 aged 100.
Mne. Alan Gordon CONNOLLY (40&42 Cdo) 18 May 2020 aged 87.
Ken ALLAN (3 Cdo Bde RM) 17 May 2020.
Eric Henry BUCKMASTER (No.2 Cdo) 16 May 2020 aged 98.
QMS PTI George William Albert 'Bob') KNIGHT 25 April 2020 aged 89.
Gerry KEELOR (Cdo. Ord. Fd. Pk) 31 March 2020.
WOI (SSM) David POVEY (Cdo. Ord. Fd. Pk) 30 March 2022 aged 74
Lt. Col. John Culpeper WESTON, MC (40 Cdo RM) 27 March 2020 aged 91.
TSM Denis FAWCETT, MBE (41RM Cdo) 21 March 2020 aged 99.
WOI (SSM) Anthony 'Tony' FRANGOS (Cdo Log Regt Ord. Sqn) 16 February 2020 aged 65
Owen Charles ROWE (No.4 Cdo) 11 February 2020.
Sgt. Sydney Oswald EGLETON (No.3 Cdo) 26 January 2020 aged 97.
Steve Stephen BRADSHAW (29 & 95 Cdo. RA) 23 January 2020.
WO2 Roddi ROSS (8 Bty. RA) January 2020.
WO2 Albert William ESSLEMONT (Cdo. Ord. Fd. Pk) 16 January 2020 aged 82.
Lt. Col. Christopher James HICKINBOTHAM, OBE (3 Cdo. Bde. RM) 13 January 2020.
Mne. Stephen BARNWELL (46RM Cdo) 28 December 2019 aged 97.
Danny 'Bungy' WILLIAMS (79 Bty. RA) 18 December 2019.
LBdr. Neil FORTUNE (No.4 Cdo) 7 December 2019 aged 101.
RSM Leighton BULL (59 Cdo. Sqn.RE) 6 December 2019 aged 42.
Pte. Reginald William DOWNES (No.2 Cdo) 3 November 2019
Alan ELLETT (289 Bty RA) 27 October 2019 aged 76.
Sigmn. Richard James BUTTON (2 Cdo. Bde Sigs) 8 October 2019.
Maj. John STURGIS (41RM Cdo) 24 September 2019 aged 99.
Mne. William Harry SALE (46RM Cdo) 10 September 2019 aged 96.
Mne. Norman PHILLIPS (42 Cdo RM) 1 September 2019 aged 88.
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