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10 Commando

Later redesignated No 10 (Inter Allied) Commando.
The Commando consisted of Nos 1 & 8 Troops - French; No 2 Troop - Dutch; No 3 Troop - Refugees; No 4 Troop - Belgian; No 5 Troop - Norwegian; No 6 Troop - Polish; No 7 Troop - Yugoslavian.
This Commando unit was one of the most unique fighting units of the Second World War. Comprising of both allied and disaffected enemy personnel and refugees.

Members of No 10 although not mounting many raids in their own name won a deserved reputation for their fierce and dedicated fighting ability. The first troops allocated to No.10 were French shortly to be joined by Polish and Norwegian.  
3 Troop also known as X Troop were primarily German speaking refugees to the UK from Germany, Austria, Denmark,  Hungary, as well as some from Czechoslavakia, Russia, and Romania. A large number were of the Jewish Faith.

In the Shetlands men from the Norwegian troop worked with detachments from No12 Commando against the enemy held coast of Norway.

No 10 proved its real worth after the Normandy operations and was involved in the push to Germany and helped the liberation of occupied 

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