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Name Rank Unit Award
PADBURY, John Corporal
PAGE, Henry Marine
PAGE, Peter Edward Sergeant
PAGE, Peter John Marine
PAIN, Leonard James Marine
PALLISTER, Jamie Colour Sergeant
PALMER, Antony Ashford Lieutenant
PALMER, Charles Francis Marine
PALMER, John Marine
PALMER, Keith Sergeant
PALMER, Victor James Private
PANNING, Henry Albert Fusilier
PANTER, Howard Denis Marine
PARK, John Sergeant
PARKER, Adam John Marine
PARKER, Andrew John Corporal
PARKER, Charles Alfred Lance Corporal
PARKER, James Frankland Private
PARKER, John Marine
PARKER, Martyn John Marine
PARKER, Robert Stevenson Marine
PARKIN, Ivor George Gunner
PARKINGTON, Oswald Private
PARKINSON, John Archibald Marine
PARKINSON-CUMINE, Ralph Nicholas Captain
PARNACOTT, Geoffrey Alfred Henry Lieutenant
PARR, Albert John Lieutenant
PARR, Dennis Marine
PARRY, Edwin Gunner
PARSONS, Arthur Joseph Private
PARSONS, George Alexander Captain
PASH, Reginald Jack Guardsman
PASQUALE, Joseph Lance Corporal
PASSMORE, Donald Percy Lieutenant
PATERNOSTER, Harry Private
PATERSON, Andrew Gray Lance Corporal
PATERSON, Kenneth Albert Lance Corporal
PATEY, Kenneth Gordon Marine
PATMORE, William Private
PAYNE, George Thomas Marine
PAYNE, Harry Marine
PAYNE, John Marine
PAYNE, Leonard William Lance Corporal
PEACE, Harold Sergeant
PEACH, Leslie Alfred Brandon Private
PEACHEY, Frederick Lance Sergeant
PEARCE, Kenneth Private
PEARCE, Mark Anthony Lieutenant
PEARCE, Patrick Kenneth Lance Corporal
PEARCE, William Harry Marine
PEARSON, Andrew, R Sergeant
PEARSON, John Cameron Lieutenant
PEASLEY, Edward John Leading Seaman
PEAT, John William Corporal
PEDDER, Richard Robert Newsham (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
PEEBLES, John Alan Laing Captain
PEEL, Clifford Gunner
PEGRUM, John David George Lieutenant
PEMBER, Henry Douglas Haig Allenby Marine
PEMBERTON, Hugh Private
PENNINGTON, Harold Hammond Captain
PERCIVAL, Andrew Renton Lance Corporal
PERRIE, Thomas Sergeant
PERRY, James Lawry Captain
PERRY, Michael John Marine
PERRY, Steven Leslie Warrant Officer Class 1
PETERS, David Robert Major
PETERS, Felix Francois Private
PETERS, Richard James McGregor Lieutenant
PETERS, Ronald Corporal
PETTIGREW, James Marine
PETTIT, Robert Alan Marine
PETTIWARD, Roger Gamelyn Captain
PEYTON, Thomas Grenville Pitt Lieutenant
PHELAN, Francis Edward Private
PHILIPPSON, James Anthony Captain
PHILLIPPS, Joseph Picton (Lt.Col.) Lieutenant Colonel
PHILLIPS, Albert Henry Corporal
PHILLIPS, Alexander David Charles Colour Sergeant
PHILLIPS, Keith Marine
PHILLIPS, Wilfrid Harold Private
PHILLIPS, William James Augustus Private
PHILLOTT, Albert William Kenneth Corporal
PHILPOTT, Ronald Henry Marine
PICKAVANCE, James Rifleman
PICKERILL, William Sergeant
PICKERING, Alfred George Marine
PICKERSGILL, Ernest Fusilier
PICKUP, Richard Alan Colonel
PIENAAR, W. F. Lieutenant
PIERCE, Barry Walter Captain
PIKE, Robert Allat Marine
PILCHER, Joseph Henry Marine
PINCHER, Ronald Marine
PINCKNEY, Philip Hugh Captain
PINKNEY, James Marine
PIRIE, James Captain
PITT, Edward Albert Corporal
PIZEY, James General Marine
PLANK, Harold Henry Company Sergeant Major
PLANK, Ian Corporal
PLANT, Horace Marine
PLATT, John Henry Marine
PLLU, Andrew Private
PLUNKETT, John Fusilier
POLLARD, Gordon Major
POLLARD, Jack Kenneth Verdon Trooper
POLLARD, William George Marine
POLLEY, Joseph James Marine
POLLITT, Charles Jordan Bellingham (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
PONSFORD, John William Marine
POOLE, Arthur Corporal
POOLE, Benjamin John Buesnel Marine
POOLEY, John Bertram Vaughan Major
POPE, Geoffrey Robert Sergeant
POPE, William Marine
PORTEOUS, Capt. Patrick Anthony, VC Captain
PORTER, Alexander Marine
PORTER, Alfred William Thomas Private
PORTER, Ernest William Marine
PORTER, Henry William Lance Sergeant
PORTER, Norman Maund Major
PORTMAN, Irving Troop Sergeant Major
POTTAS, Donald Signalman
POTTER, Frederick Marine
POULTNEY, Ronald Marine
POVEY, Harold Thomas Andrew Lance Sergeant
POWELL, Adrian Mark Trooper
POWELL, Christopher William Fusilier
POWELL, Fred Stewart Marine
POWELL, Wallace William Alfred Marine
POWER, T. Driver
POYZER, Gerald Anthony Marine
PRATT, George Stephen Marine
PRESTAGE, Robert William Gunner
PRICE, Bernard John Marine
PRICE, George Lance Sergeant
PRICE, John Arthur William Marine
PRICE, Kenneth Marine
PRICE, Randall Emerson Connop Lieutenant
PRIDDY, William Russell Lance Bombardier
PRINGLE, Charles Taylor Lance Corporal
PRIOR, George Joseph Private
PRIOR, Patrick Steven Marine
PRITCHARD, Thomas Gunner
PRITCHARD, Wilfred Prestley Gunner
PRITCHARD, William Henry T/Captain
PRIVETT, Alan Murray Marine
PROCTOR, Bert Corporal


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