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Name Rank Unit Award
BABB, Ronald Benjamin Corporal
BABBINGTON, Peter Murray Captain
BAGOT, Henry Hunter Trooper
BAGUSTE, Dominic David Alan Fredk Marine
BAILEY, Arthur Charles Gunner
BAILEY, J.W. Marine
BAILEY, Jack Corporal
BAILEY, Leonard George Private
BAILEY, Lionel James Private
BAILEY, Nicholas Marine
BAILEY, Paul Martin Corporal
BAILLIE, Alexander Charles Lance Corporal
BAILLIE, Archibald Marine
BAIN, James Sydney Sergeant Major
BAINBRIDGE, Cyril Marine
BAINBRIDGE, Robin Christopher Marine
BAINES, Gary Anthony Major
BAKER, Albert Lance Sergeant
BAKER, Denis Arthur Albert Marine
BAKER, Fred Lance Corporal
BAKER, George Horace Gunner
BAKER, Herbert Valentine Lance Corporal
BAKER, K.R. Marine
BAKER, Kenneth Corporal
BAKER, Leonard Lance Corporal
BAKER, Michael Jeffrey Marine
BAKER, Paul Albert Thomas Bugler
BALDOCK, Royce Edward Leonard Marine
BALDWIN, David Sergeant
BALFOUR, David Stewart Private
BALL, Anthony William Colour Sergeant
BALL, Joseph Fusilier
BALL, Robert Michael Marine
BALL, Sydney Alonso Gunner
BALLANTYNE, Alexander A. Lance Corporal
BALLANTYNE, George Lance Corporal
BALLARD, Stephen Alexis Major
BALLS, David Gavin Captain
BALNEAVES, Francis William Corporal
BAMPTON, Stephen Dorcas Sergeant
BANBURY, Frederick Corporal
BANCROFT, John Bombardier
BANGAY, Lionel Arthur Marine
BANKS, John Private
BANNON, James Private
BANTING, Gareth Bernard (Reverend ) Captain Chaplain 4th Class
BARCLAY, Christopher Andrew Marine
BARCLAY, David Lovat Major
BARE, Jack Stormont Captain
BARKER, Joseph Walter Lance Corporal
BARLOW, Albert John Sergeant
BARLOW, Jack Lance Corporal
BARNES, Charles Ernest Sergeant
BARNES, David Edward Corporal
BARNES, John Marine
BARNES, Norman Alfred George Trooper
BARNETT, Terence William Marine
BARRAND, Peter Charles Lance Corporal
BARRASS, Nicholas William Lieutenant
BARRETT, Cyril Ernest Private
BARRETT, Donald John Corporal
BARRINGTON, William Henry Marine
BARRY, Jeremiah Private
BARRY, John Private
BARSDELL, John Martin Marine
BARTER, George Gunner
BARTH, George Alexander Sergeant/Officer Cadet
BARTHOLOMEW, Peter Ian (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
BARTHOLOMEW, Brian Corporal
BARTLETT, Paul Joseph Sergeant
BARTLETT, Peter Thomas Joseph Marine
BARTON, Bernard James T/Captain (later Major)
BASHAM, Cyril Edward Marine
BASS, K.J. Corporal
BASSETT-WILSON, Paul Francis Captain
BASTABLE, John Sergeant
BATE, James Howard Corporal
BATE, Richard Shepperson Lieutenant
BATEMAN, Walter Marine
BATES, George Henry Marine
BAUGH, B.L. Corporal
BAVIN, Richard Julian Ebblewhite Lieutenant Colonel
BAVISTER, Robert John T/Captain
BAWDEN, Marc Roberts Marine
BAXTER, George Henry Marine
BAXTER, Richard Fraser Captain
BEACH, Edward Bert Corporal
BEACH, George Edgar Marine
BEADLE, Ian Nigel Neville Major
BEALE, Frederick Vincent Marine
BEAMAN, Thomas Edward Marine
BEAN, William George Marine
BEANEY, John George Arthur Gunner
BEARDMORE, Thomas WO1 Regimental Sergeant Major
BEASLEY, Frederick Corporal
BEASLEY, Nicholas Sergeant
BEATSON, David Corporal
BEAUMONT, William Blair Private
BEAUPREZ, Pierre, F. Corporal (later Lieutenant)
BEAVER, S. Corporal
BECKETT, Ian Corporal
BECKETT, John Arthur Lance Sergeant
BEDBOROUGH, Hubert Charles Raymond Hawkins RQMS
BEDFORD, John Robert Corporal
BEDWORTH, Horace William Marine
BEE, Eric Ernest Sergeant
BEECH, James Frederick Private
BEESLEY, Harold Edwin WO1 Regimental Sergeant Major
BEESLEY, Jack Sergeant
BEESON, John Nigel Lance Corporal
BEGBIE, William Bell Sergeant
BELCHER, Ernest John Regimental Sergeant Major
BELCHER, Thomas Eaton Captain
BELL, Derek Kerr Marine
BELL, James Marine
BELL, Kenneth Sydney Gunner
BELL, Robert Marine
BELL, Samuel Derek Corporal
BELL, Thomas Matthew Marine
BELLAMY, Robert Corporal
BELLARS, H.J.A. Marine
BELLRINGER, Roy Lance Sergeant
BELSEY, Jarvis Edward Corporal
BENDIEN, Gerard Hendrik Joan Private
BENNER, Norman Joseph Rifleman
BENNETT, Basil H. Captain
BENNETT, Derick S. Private
BENNETT, Hector Allan Private
BENNETT, William James Corporal
BENNION, Thomas James Corporal
BENSON, John Marine
BENSON, Robert Edwin Lance Corporal
BENT, James Corporal
BENTLEY, Donald Private
BENTLEY, Lennard Marine
BERKLEY, A. Corporal
BERTIE, James John William Corporal
BEST, George Private
BETTS, Arthur Private
BETTS, Joseph Marine
BEVAN, Christopher John Marine
BEVAN, William James Private
BEVERIDGE, Robert Sergeant
BEVERIDGE, Stephen Richard Andrew Marine
BEWLEY, Neil Marine
BIDMEAD, Arthur Corporal
BIGGS, Leonard Vincent Gunner
BILSBOROUGH, Walter Lance Sergeant
BINDING, Sydney Private
BINNS, Ronald Corporal


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