45RM Commando

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45RM Commando

Formed at Burley in the first week of August 1943 as No. 45 Royal Marine Commando, Royal Marines, from the disbanded 5th RM Battalion.  Their first Commanding Officer was Lt. Col. N.C. Ries. There followed hard training with those unfit or unsuitable being removed to other duties. In September the Commando moved to billets at Ayr.

ABRAHAMOWICZ, Richard George

Richard Abrahamowicz was of the Jewish faith and served in 3 troop, also known as 'X' troop,  of the inter allied commando under the alias of Richard Arlen. He was killed assaulting an enemy machine gun position during operations with 45RM Commando at Franceville Plage, Normandy. 
10 Commando, author Ian Dear
Jewish Virtual Library.


Post war Bob Armstrong served for a period as President of the Yorkshire branch of the Commando Association before moving to East Anglia.
(Source: CA Newsletter 74 of 1982)

BAXTER, Richard Fraser

Captain Richard Baxter served in 45RM Commando and during 1945-6 on the staff of the CMWTC.
Post war he was ordained Reverend and was appointed OBE in the 1964 New Years Honours List "for public services in Nyasaland."
CA Newsletters 38 and 98.
London Gazettes Supp 43200, page 23.

BEADLE, Ian Nigel Neville

Major Ian Beadle MC 45RM Commando
Formerly Captain of 'E' troop, Ian Beadle was awarded the MC in 1945, whilst Acting Temporary Major with 45RM Commando for " distinguished service while operating with the Army in NW Europe."  (Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36947, page 998, and Supp. 36992, page 1507.)

BELL, Robert

Mne. Bell was killed during operations in France.

Extract from the Bo'ness Journal, and Linlithgow Advertiser - Friday 15 August 1952

In Loving Memory of our dear son, Marine Commando Robert Bell, killed in action.
We were not there to see you die,
Perhaps it's just as well,
We never could have said goodbye,
To the son we loved so well,
We think of you in silence


Company Sergeant Major Henry Bennett was awarded the MM for gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe whilst serving with 45RM Commando.
The death of "CSM. Henry (affectionately known as 'Wiggie') Bennett, MM. (40 & 45 RM Cdos) of Matlock, Derbyshire", was announced in Commando Association newsletter 82 issued March 1986.

BLAKE, Alfred Lapthorn

Major Alfred Blake was awarded the M.C. [1] for courage, tenacity, and skill whilst serving as Brigade Major, 2 Special Service Brigade HQ, in the Mediterranean. He had been appointed to this position on the 17th January 1944.  The citation covers the 11 months since then during which he took part in all operations including Anzio, Monte Ornito in Feb. 1944, Dalmatian Island operations such Miljet in May and Brac in June 1944, and the attack and capture of Sarande in October 1944 [2].

BROCKBANK, Maurice Chester

Captain Maurice Brockbank, 'C' troop, died during operations at the River Aller in the vicinity of the village of Hademstorf. He had previously received a MiD whilst with 40RM Commando for "outstanding service while operating with the Allied Armies in Italy."
London Gazettes Supp. 36903, page 518
RM Officers 1939-45 www.unithistories.com
The book A Plain Russet-Coated Captain by Capt. John Day 45RM Cdo.

BROWN, Albert

Sergeant Albert Brown was awarded the MM for gallant and distinguished services while operating with the Army during the successful landings in Normandy.



TSM Caiger 45RM Commando
H.J. 'Ted' Caiger was Troop Sergeant Major of 'E' Troop in 1944. Captain John Day, 'E' Troop, describes him in his book [1] as " a reservist whose rather quiet manner belied the toughness and courage he was to show later in action."

Extract from the book "The Story of 45 Royal Marine Commando

CASSON, Robert

Mne Robert Casson 45RMCommando

Mne. Casson was killed during operations on DDay at Normandy.

His brother 14674155 Private Joseph Casson, aged 18, of the 9th Bn., Durham Light Infantry, was killed just 21days later on the 27 June 1944. They are buried alongside each other at Ryes War Cemetery.

COCKS, John Sidney

Corporal John Cocks died during operations in Holland. 
At the time of his death his Commando were engaged in fighting at Maasbracht and Brachterbeek. (Source: 1 Cdo. Bde. HQ War Diary January 1945.)

CONATY, Alan Craba

Mne. Conaty was killed on the day his Commando crossed the River Maas at Gennep.
By evening they had entered Afferden where they encountered some enemy shelling. Captain John Day 45RM Commando records in his book that 'B' troop had one man killed.
(Source: A Plain Russet-Coated Captain by John Day.)

CUTTING, Vincent

Colour Sergeant Vincent Cutting

Colour Sergeant Vincent Cutting RM was from Little Hulton, Greater Manchester. He also served in 41 and 45RM Commando [1].

His son Gunner Robert Steven Cutting, 29 Commando Regiment RA, was killed on active service in Northern Ireland [View ROH entry] [2].

[1] Commando Association newsletter 114 issued March 2002.
[2] + [image] His daughter Sandra Kennedy.

DAVIS, Kenneth William John

Marine Kenneth Davis was killed during the operation to take the enemy held coastal resort of Franceville Plage which had been given the local codename of Piccadilly.

At the Northern end of Piccadilly the enemy had a strong point which included pillboxes. Kenneth Davis was part of 'E' Troop's Piat team that advanced to try and destroy it.  They came under heavy enemy fire and he was killed.

DAY, John Eddy

Captain John Eddy Day received a Mention in Despatches for gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe.
London Gazettes Supp. 37464, page 910.
The book Four Five, author David Young.

DUCHAN, John Joseph

Original grave of Cpl Duchan 45RM Commando
Corporal John Duchan died during operations in Holland.
At the time of his death his Commando were engaged in fighting in the area of Bell Island (Osen) and Brachterbeek. (Source: 1 Cdo. Bde. HQ War Diary January 1945.)

EVANS, Humphrey Ap

Captain Humphrey Evans, Royal Artillery Forward Observation Officer attached to 45RM Commando, was awarded the M.C. [1] in recognition of gallant and distinguished services during the River Rhine crossing on the 23/24 March 1945 [2].
[1] London Gazettes Supp. 37172, page 3591.
[2] National Archives file WO 373/ 54/714.


Marine Rex George died during operations at Normandy. He received a MiD for "good services with the 21st Army group."
London Gazettes Supp. 37251, page 4441.

GREEN, Norman

Mne Green MM 45 RM Commando

Marine Norman Green was awarded the MM for gallant and distinguished services while operating with the Army during the successful landings in Normandy [1]. 

He enlisted in 1942 and was 22 years old at the time of his award.  He lived in Gorton, Manchester, and was educated at High Road Council School, after which he took a job as a motor driver [2].


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