41RM Commando

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41RM Commando

Formed as No. 41 Royal Marine Commando, Royal Marines, on the 10th October 1942 primarily from the 8th RM Battalion.  Their operations included Salerno, Orne, Walcheren, before disbanding 20th February 1946. 

Reformed 16th August 1950 as 41 (Independent) Commando and served in Korea. 41 Commando was disbanded again on the 22nd February 1952.

ALDIS, Alec George

Lieutenant Alec Aldis MM was killed during operations at Normandy on D Day. He was awarded the MM in 1942 whilst a Temporary Sergeant for his "gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East."
London Gazettes Supp. 35477, page 1054.

ALLISON, George Edwin

Sergeant George Allison died of natural causes during war service.
RM Historical Society booklet "A Register of Royal Marines War Deaths 1939-1945.
In the book They did what was asked them" the author records that Sgt. Allison died in an accident.

BRANDON, Charles

On February 5th 1945 a raid was planned across the River Maas to snatch a German prisoner from behind the German lines. Bad weather forced the mission to be abandoned but a collapsible canvas boat used was left behind on the far bank. The boat was ordered to be retrieved and Mne's.

BULLOCK, Donald Charles

Sgt. Bullock DCM was killed in action during operations at Salerno, this date being that of the action on the hills by the village of Dragonea, above Vietri sul Mare. He had earlier been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for leadership, gallantry and devotion to duty while serving with Royal Marine Commandos in Italy. [1]

COLE, Roland William

Corporal Roland Cole was awarded the MM for leadership, gallantry and devotion to duty while serving with Royal Marine Commandos in Italy.

London Gazettes Supp. 36583, page 3040.
National Archives file WO 373/47/162.

CUTTING, Vincent

Colour Sergeant Vincent Cutting

Colour Sergeant Vincent Cutting RM was from Little Hulton, Greater Manchester. He also served in 41 and 45RM Commando [1].

His son Gunner Robert Steven Cutting, 29 Commando Regiment RA, was killed on active service in Northern Ireland [View ROH entry] [2].

[1] Commando Association newsletter 114 issued March 2002.
[2] + [image] His daughter Sandra Kennedy.

DIXON, Peter Cory

Captain Peter Dixon, a Royal Artillery Forward Observation Officer attached to 41RM Commando, was killed during an enemy air attack on the Commando HQ.
The book "They did what was asked of them’ author Raymond Mitchell.

GRAY, Thomas Malcolm (Lt Col)

Post WW2 and now with the rank of Colonel, Thomas Malcolm Gray DSO, MC, died whilst serving at HMS President.
In World War Two he was Commanding Officer of 41RM Commando on D Day and later Commanding Officer of 46RM Commando during the River Rhine crossing. He was awarded the MC whilst  Captain (Acting Lieutenant-Colonel) of 41RM Commando.

Citation for the MC

HADFIELD, John William

JW Hadfield MM 41 RM Commando
Corporal John Hadfield was awarded the MM for leadership, gallantry and devotion to duty while serving with Royal Marine Commandos at Vietri, Italy.
London Gazettes supp. 36583, page 3040.
National Archives file WO 373/47/169.

HAWKINS, Kenneth Scott

Company Sergeant Major Kenneth Hawkins was awarded the MM for leadership, gallantry and devotion to duty while serving with Royal Marine Commandos in Italy [1].

He also received a MiD for gallant and distinguished service while operating with the Army in Italy [2].

HAYDON, Peter Hillyard

Captain Peter Haydon, DSO, was killed during operations at Walcheren.
He had earlier been awarded the DSO for conspicuous gallantry and leadership in driving off repeated attacks by the enemy on the road from Salerno to Naples, though he was wounded and his men outnumbered by the enemy.*

HOLT, Harry

The cause of death of Mne. Holt is not known by this archive. At the time of his death his Commando were in Belgium preparing for the planned attack at Walcheren.

LEES, James Sykes

Company Sergeant Major James Lees MM, 'B' Troop,  died as a result of an accident. He had been awarded the MM for bravery, skill, and devotion to duty whilst serving with the Allied Forces during the campaign in the Low Countries, over a period from January to April, 1945.
London Gazettes Supp. 37318, page 5181.
The Westminster Abbey Commando Roll of Honour database file.


Sergeant John Murray was killed during operations at Normandy.
Son of John and Jane Rankine Murray; husband of Agnes Murray, of Barrhead, Renfrewshire.
This man may be identical with Jack Murray who was a former goalkeeper with Greenock Morton FC.

MURRAY, William

Corporal William Murray was awarded the DCM for outstanding gallantry in Sicily while serving in a Marine Commando, in leading an assault with fixed bayonets against an enemy machine gun post and in carrying the attack through with success in spite of a serious wound in the left eye.

London Gazettes Supp. 36275, page 5334.
National Archives file WO 373/47/140.


Sergeant Leslie Musgrove was awarded the MM for gallantry, leadership and undaunted devotion to duty during the assault on the Island of Walcheren.

London Gazettes Supp. 36947, page 998.
National Archives file WO 373/47/45.


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