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Name Rank Unit Award
KAGERER-STEIN, Eugen Sergeant
KAHL, Frederick George Captain
KEANE, Leonard Henry Hugh Marine
KEAST, Peter Hugh Joseph Private
KEENAN, James Lance Corporal
KEIL, John Leslie Private
KEITH, Douglas Private
KELLY, Ernest Patrick Gunner
KELLY, Francis Private
KELLY, George William Sergeant
KELLY, John Francis Marine
KELLY, Peter Lance Corporal
KEMP, Arthur John Marine
KEMP, George Lamb Temporary Sergeant
KEMP, John Marine
KEMSLEY, George William Temporary Company Sergeant Major
KENDALL, Harold Robert Francis Sergeant
KENDRICK, Percy George Lance Corporal
KENDRICK, Roy Marine
KENNEDY, Alexander Marine
KENNEDY, Wallace Edward Lieutenant
KENNEY, Howard Marine
KENNOWAY, George Cray Private
KENT, William Henry Private
KENWARD, Peter John Lieutenant
KENYON, Eric Marine
KEOUGH, Richard James Marine
KERR, Francis Sergeant
KERSHAW, Frederick Marine
KEYES, David Charles Marine
KEYES, Lt Col. Geoffrey Charles Tasker, VC Lieutenant Colonel
KHYTOVITCH, Eric Lance Sergeant
KIAER, Eric Arnold Lieutenant
KIDWELL, William Trevor Marine
KIERANS, Gerald Marine
KILBRIDE, Joseph Corporal
KILDUFF, Thomas Private
KILLEEN, Martin Private
KIMBER, Robert George Corporal
KING, Cyril Marine
KING, David Lance Bombardier
KING, Edward George Troop Sergeant Major
KING, Ernest Taylor Lance Corporal
KING, Herbert Richard Marine
KING, Leonard Sydney Marine (Acting Temporary Corporal)
KING, Robert Private
KINGHORN, Robert Private
KINGSBURY, Harold Sidney Sergeant
KINLOCH, William Charles Doyle Marine
KIRBY, Peter Corporal
KIRKHOPE, William Adamson Forbes Signalman (later 2nd/Lieut)
KITE, Colin Luther Colour Sergeant
KITHER, Harry Thomas Captain
KLINCKE, Edward Sydney Marine
KLONOWSKI, Theophilus Henry Lance Corporal
KNIGHT, Denis Hammond Second Lieutenant
KNIGHT, John Henry Private
KNILL, Ivor Richard Private
KNOCK, Douglas Alexander Surgeon Lieutenant
KNOTT, Harry Leonard Fusilier
KNOTT, John Terence Corporal
KNOWLAND, Lt. George Arthur, VC Lieutenant
KNOWLES, William, H.G. Gunner

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