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FARRELL, William Henry

Marine William Farrell was killed in an accident during commando training at the Commando Basic Training Centre. In the book 44 Commando, Achnacarry to the Arakan, the author states that Mne Farrell died as a result of an accident that took place during the Strong Point exercise in their final week of training. 

GIBSON, Eric Hookway

Sergeant Eric Gibson was killed in training at the Commando Basic Training Centre. The War Diary for 19th September 1943 states, "p.m. 2" mortar accident resulting in death of Sgt Gibson and Cpl A. Dooley, both of C Troop". 
His former occupation was "assistant golf professional"  and the cause of death is recorded as "multiple injuries head, neck, and chest."  He was seen after death by Capt. J.E. Symondson RAMC, Medical Officer at the CBTC.  

HAW, Charles Walter

Mne Haw was killed in an accident whilst the Commando were at Fakir Point near Akyab.

In the book 44RM Commando, Achnacarry to the Arakan, the author states that on the 6th January  "a Marine of 'A' troop was accidently shot and killed as his section prepared to carry out a patrol to the Baronga Islands."

MARTIN, Arthur

Captain Arthur Martin, Signals Troop, and one of the original 3rd RM Bn., officers, was killed during operations at Kangaw. He received a MiD for distinguished service while operating with the Army in Burma and on the Eastern Frontier of India.
London Gazettes Supp. 36925,page 757
44RM Commando Achnacarry to the Arakan by Tony Mackenzie.

NELSON, Desmond

Mne Nelson, 'A' troop, died at Silchar.

In the book 44RM Commando, Achnacarry to the Arakan, the author states that Rev. F.W. Cornwall RNVR "conducted the funeral of Mne D. Nelson, A tp, at Silchar cemetery. The escort, firing party, and pallbearers, were provided by 'A' troop. This was the first fatality brought about by disease (cerebral malaria)."


Mne. O'Reilly died of other causes during war service, such as road accidents,accidental drowning, etc
(Source: RM Historical Society booklet "A Register of Royal Marines War Deaths 1939-1945.)

OWEN, Alan Roger

Mne Owen, X troop, was killed whilst the Commando were based at Ashurst after their formation the previous month.
He died after being hit by a jeep driven by an American serviceman on the day before the whole Commando moved to Achnacarry for their Commando training.
Source: 44RM Commando, Achnacarry to the Arakan, by Tony McKenzie.


Marine Eric Polkinghorne died during operations in Burma . 

In the Roll of Honour at the back of the book 44RM Commando, From Achnacarry to the Arakan, the author lists Mne Polkinghorne as "Died on active service."  At the time of his death his Commando were engaged in the Silkuri region, their task to stop Japanese infiltration on the approaches to Silchar.

STOCKLEY, Gordon Herbert

Lieut. Colonel Gordon Stockley died whilst serving at RMB Eastney.
He had previously served as officer commanding 44 RM Commando from December 1944 to June 1945.  In 1945 the then Captain ( acting Lieut. Colonel)  Stockwell received a mention in dispatches for gallant and distinguished service whilst attached to the Allied Land Forces, South East Asia.
[Sources: London Gazettes supp. 37318, page 5181 & rank amended in supp. 37346 page 5532.]

STOCKWELL, John Neville

Mne Stockwell, 3 Cdo Bde Signal Troop, was killed during operations at Kangaw.

In the Third Jungle Book Issue 9 page 57 at the end of an article on the Brigade Signal Troop (BST) the following is written, "To complete this story of the B.S.T. it is well to remember the BEM and three MiD's that have been awarded the troop, and to deplore the loss in action of an old member - Jack Stockwell. To his wife go the troop's deepest sympathy and sincerest wishes for the future."

WATTS, Ernest, J.

Marine Ernest Watts died of illness.
The Commando service of Mne. Watts has not as yet been fully established. The CWGC main entry shows Royal Marines, however their Grave Concentration report has this scored out and writen over as Marine Command. The Morthoe and Woollacombe 1939 - 1945 War Memorial, shows Royal Marine Light Infantry. The Naval History website records that he served in 44RM Commando.  


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