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ASHFORD-RUSSELL, Brian Harborough

Served in No. 7 Commando as a Lieutenant. Appointed M.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy serving with the Intelligence Corps having left the Commando. 
On the Ist january 1968 he was appointed O.B.E. (Civil Division). 
The death of Major Brian Harborough Ashford-Russell OBE of Alresford, Hants., was announced in Commando Association newsletter 116 issued Feb. 2003.
MBE - London Gazettes Supp. 36850, page 5845.

BAVIN, Richard Julian Ebblewhite

Lieut. Colonel Richard Bavin OBE was killed whilst on board a US Marine Corps transport plane that crashed into Mount Tobin, Nevada during a snowstorm.  18 US servicemen also died in the crash.  He was serving as the UK Royal Marines representative at the Quantico Education and Development Centre.
He had previously served in 42RM Commando during WW2 *, and was a member of the Commando Association. On the 8th June 1963 the then Major Bavin had been appointed OBE.

BAXTER, Richard Fraser

Captain Richard Baxter served in 45RM Commando and during 1945-6 on the staff of the CMWTC.
Post war he was ordained Reverend and was appointed OBE in the 1964 New Years Honours List "for public services in Nyasaland."
CA Newsletters 38 and 98.
London Gazettes Supp 43200, page 23.

BEATTIE, James Simpson

Corporal James Beattie was awarded the MM in 1943 in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North Africa [1]. He later went to O.C.T.U. and on the 1st April 1944 he was commissioned Second Lieutenant [2].
In 1967 the then Chief Superintendent Beattie, Edinburgh City Police,  was awarded the Q.P.M. [3]. 
In 1978 he was appointed O.B.E. whilst Deputy Chief Constable, Lothian and Borders Police [4].

BEVERLEY, Henry York la Roche

Lieutenant General Henry York La Roche Beverley, O.B.E., was appointed K.C.B. (Military Division) on the 31st December 1990 [1].
  • 1979 (Lieut. Colonel) appointed O.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of distinguished service in Northern Ireland during the period 1st August 1978 to 31st October 1978 [2].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 52382, page 2.
[2] London Gazette Supp. 47804, page 4057.

CARTER, Robert Ponsonby

Lieutenant Robert Carter received a Mention in Despatches announced on 27 April 1951 for distinguished service in operations in Malaya [1].  He was also awarded the M.C. [2] for gallant and distinguished services during operations at Tapah, Malaya, between 1 January and 30 June 1951 [3].
Lt. Colonel Carter M.C. was appointed O.B.E. on the 1st January 1966 [4].
[1] London Gazettes Supp. 39215, page 2389.

CHANT, Stuart Whitemore

Stuart Chant 5 Commando
On the 22nd October 1939 whilst in the Artists Rifles TA, the then Private (Cadet) Chant was granted an emergency commission as 2/Lieutenant having attended the 163rd Officer Cadet Training Unit [1]. 
In October 1940 he volunteered for the Army Commandos and was attached to No.5 Commando [2].

CROMBIE, Richard Dennis

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Crombie was appointed O.B.E. (Military Division) in 1963 [1].
  • 1956 (Major) (45 Commando) Mentioned in Despatches in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Operations in the Near East, October to December, 1956 [2].

EPHRAUMS, Roderick Jarvis

Major General Roger Ephraums Royal Marines
Served with 42 Commando in Malaya in the 1950's and was later the Brigade Major, HQ 3 Commando Brigade RM in Sarawak. In 1969 he commanded 45 Commando RM *.
  • 1 January 1965 (Major) appointed O.B.E. [1].
  • 17 December 1972 promoted Brigadier [2]
  • 18 February 1974 (Brigadier) appointed an Aide-de-Camp to The Queen [3].
  • 11 June 1977 (Major General) appointed C.B. [4].
  • 7 April 1978 (Major General) to retired list [5].

FLEMMING, James Maul

Marine James Flemming received a MiD in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in NW Europe [1].
On the 16th May 1950 it was announced in London Gazettes that the now Leading Fireman James Maul Flemming had been awarded the B.E.M. (Civil Division)


GOURLAY, Basil Ian Spencer

Basil ian spencer Gourlay
Acting Captain Basil Gourlay was awarded the Military Cross whilst serving with 43RM Commando in WW2. 
Post war he served in 45 Commando Royal Marines 1945-1948, Brigade Major 3 Commando Bde Royal Marines 1955-1957; OC 42 Commando Royal Marines 1963-1965, ultimately being appointed Commandant General Royal Marines from 1971-75 after which he retired.
  • M.C. (A/Captain 43RM Commando) for gallantry, zeal and skill during the attack on Sarande and the seizure of the Island of Solta. [1 +2]

HALL, Simon Jeremy

Lieutenant Colonel Simon Hall, O.B.E., received the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Afghanistan during the period 1 October 2012 to 31 March 2013.
OBE - H.M. Birthday Honours 2004, London Gazette Supp. 57315, page 4.

HOUGHTON, Robert Dyer

Robert Houghton 40 Commando
Acting Major Robert Houghton was awarded the M.C., for bravery, endurance and inspiring devotion to duty whilst serving in Commando operations in the raid on Dieppe, 19th August, 1942, and later as prisoner of war in Germany, August 1942—May 1945 [1]

LAMB, Peter Ralph

Major Peter Lamb received a MiD in recognition of service during the operations in the South Atlantic [1].
17th June 1989 Major (Local Lt. Col) was appointed O.B.E. (Military Division in the HM the Queen's birthday honours list [2].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 49134, page 12842.
[2] London Gazette Supp. 51772, page B5.

LEAHY, Arthur John

John Leahy Brigade Signals
Officer Commanding the Special Service Brigade Signal troop. 
Service History
5 Commando - July 1940 to November 1940 
3 Commando (raising Special Service Brigade Signal Section) - Nov 1940 to Dec 1940 
Special Service Brigade Signals - Dec 1940 to October 1943. 

Jan 1944 to Dec 1944, Major Leahy was D.C.S.O. SS Group (Deputy Chief Signals Officer, Special Service Group) and, according to War Diaries, visited 1 SS Brigade Signals Troop at Le Plein, 16th July 1944. 

MADOC, Reginald William

Major General Reginald Madoc D.S.O., O.B.E., was appointed C.B. on 1st January 1959 [1].
  • 1951 (Lieut. Col. 42 CommandoRM) appointed O.B.E. for gallant and distinguished services in Malaya [2].
  • 1957 (Brigadier 3 Cdo. Bde. RM) appointed D.S.O. for gallant and distinguished services in the Operations in the Near East, October to December 1956 [3].
Extract from the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, Kings College

MANSELL, William Bradbury

Lieutenant William Mansell was awarded the M.C., for distinguished service in operations in Malaya during the period 10th June  to 4th September, 1950 [1].
In 1985 Colonel William Bradbury Mansell, M.C., former principal of the National Maritime Museum, was appointed O.B.E. (Civil Division) [2].
[1] London Gazettes Supp. 39215, page 2389.
[1] National Archives file WO 373/129/121.
[2] London Gazettes Supp. 50361, page 10.

MESSENGER, Gordon Kenneth

General Gordon Kenneth Messenger, C.B. D.S.O. O.B.E., was appointed K.C.B. on 11 June 2016 [1].
  • 16 May 2016 promoted General and to be Vice Chief of the Defence Staff and Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty The QUEEN [2].
  • Appointed C.B. 13 June 2015 [3].
  • Bar to D.S.O. in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Afghanistan [4].

MILTON, Anthony Arthur

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Milton was appointed O.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Northern Ireland during the period 1st April to 30th September 1994 [1].
  • 15 June 2002 (Major General) appointed C.B. (Military Division) [2].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 54028, page 6609.
[2] London Gazette Supp. 56595, page 2.

MOORE, John Jeremy

Major General John Jeremy Moore served as the commander of the British land forces during the Falklands War in 1982.
  • Lieutenant - awarded the M.C., for gallant and distinguished service with 3 Commando Brigade in Malaya during the period 1st January to 30th June, 1952 [1].
  • Captain - awarded a Bar to the M.C., for gallant and distinguished service in a hostage rescue operation at Limbang, Sarwak, on the 12th December 1962 [2].

NORCOCK, Peter Lawrence

Major Peter Norcock was Mentioned in Despatches for distinguished service during the War in the Far East [1].
  • 1948 (Major) Mentioned in Despatches for gallant and distinguished services in Palestine during the period 27th March, 1948 - 30th July, 1948 [2]
  • 1 January 1954 (Lieutenant Colonel) Appointed O.B.E. (Military Division) [3]

OVENS, Patrick John

Lt PJ Ovens

Lieutenant Patrick Ovens served  for a period at the CBTC and is shown in a photo entitled "Commando Basic Training Centre - Officers Mess - 1945." 

He joined 46RM Commando shortly before it was disbanded.

Post war he served as a Captain with 41 Independent Commando RM in Korea being awarded the Military Cross in 1951 for " gallant and distinguished service".  [1]

OWEN, John Ivor Headon

Captain John Owen served with 44RM Commando during operations in the Far East [1]. Post war he served with 42 Commando RM in Borneo and commanded 45 Commando RM in Aden [2]
  • 1st January 1963 (Major) appointed O.B.E. (Military Division) [3].
  • 1968 (Lieutenant Colonel) received a Mention in Despatches for gallant and distinguished service in Aden [4].
[1] Commando Association (WW2) newsletter 109 issued Sept. 1999.

PENNEFATHER, David Anthony Somerset

Commandant General Royal Marines in 1996.
  • (Major) Mentioned in Despatches in recognition of service during the operations in the South Atlantic [1].
  • (Lt. Colonel) Appointed O.B.E., (Military Division), in recognition of meritorious service in Northern Ireland [2].
  • (Major General) Appointed C.B. (Military Division), in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the former Republic of Yugoslavia during the period 1st June to 20th December 1995 [3].


Maj Gordon Pollard MC MM
The then Sergeant Gordon Pollard, RA,  was awarded the Military Medal in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East (Egypt and Libya) during the period May, 1942 to October, 1942.
On the 16th May 1943 he was commisioned as Second Lieutenant. Subsequently he joined No 3 Commando remaining with them for the remainder of the war, his final rank attained in the Commandos was Major.

ROBERTS, Gerald Frederick Dawson

Lieutenant Gerald Roberts received a MiD during the Korean war for gallant and distinguished service with 41 Independent Commando, Royal Marines, in operations in Korea [1].  He was also awarded the Bronze Star Medal bestowed by the President of the United States of America for gallant and distinguished service in Operations in Korea. [2].


2/Lt Tom Sherman
Lt Col Tom Sherman RMR
Tom Sherman volunteered for the Independent Companies and was posted to No.4 Ind. Coy.  He took part in Scissorforce, the North West Expeditionary Force in Norway, and after joining No. 2 Commando he attained the rank of TSM in 4 troop.  He took part in the Vaagso raid and St Nazaire. During the latter he was one of the Commando contingent on ML156.

STEVENS, Terence Morton Patrick

Acting Captain Terence Morton Patrick Stevens, 41RM Commando,  was awarded the Military Cross for gallant and distinguished services while operating with the Army during the successful landings in Normandy. [1]
  • July 1963 to November 1964 Officer commanding 45 Commando RM.  The Commando was deployed in Aden, then Tanganyika (Tanzania) and, then on operations against rebels in the Radfan region. [2]
  • 13 June 1964 Lieutenant Colonel Stevens MC was appointed OBE. [3

TAYLOR, Martin Kenneth

Lieutenant Martin Taylor O.B.E., was awarded the Bronze Star  Medal conferred by the President of the United States of America in recognition of meritorious, gallant and distinguished service during coalition operations in Afghanistan.

TREVOR, Kenneth Rowland Swetenham (Lt Col )

Officer Commanding No 1 Commando 1943 - 1945.
Ken Trevor joined No 1 Commando in 1941.  As Captain of 1 troop in 1942 he took part in a raid at St Cecily Plage  and the later Operation Torch landings. He received a Mention in Despatches (MiD) in N. Africa. He took over command of No 1 Commando from his cousin Tom Trevor when the Commando sailed to India in 1943. During the campaign in Burma he was awarded the DSO for gallant and distinguished services.

VAN DER HORST, Richard Evert

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Evert van der Horst OBE, Officer Commanding the Special Boat Service, died in a diving accident during an amphibious exercise off Norway on March 7 2005; he died on March 14. 
  • 1984 joined the Royal Marines as a university cadet entrant and passed out in 1988 with the Sword of Honour.
  • 1988 appointed to 45 Commando Group and commanded a rifle troop and a mortar troop with operational tours in Northern Ireland and Iraq, and deployments to Norway and the Carribean.

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