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Name Rank Unit Award
WACKERLY, Stephen Edward Paul Marine
WADE, Leonard Alfred Lance Sergeant
WADGE, Eric James Corporal
WADSWORTH, Hubert Samuel Gunner
WAJNSZTEJN, Shmaryahu Private
WAKEFIELD, Alfred Lance Sergeant
WAKEFIELD, Edward Roger Captain
WAKEFIELD, Jack Harry Marine
WALBRIDGE, Percival Norman Captain
WALDRON, Timothy Marine
WALE, Frederick Edward Marine
WALKER, Alfred John Lance Sergeant
WALKER, Frederick Edis Sergeant
WALKER, James Marine
WALKER, James Clough Marine
WALKER, James Walter Marine
WALKER, Keith Donald Corporal
WALKER, Percy Edward Marine
WALKER, Raymond Marine
WALKER, Stephen Corporal
WALKER, William Arthur Marine
WALL, Jack Trooper
WALL, Norman F. Marine
WALL, William Gunner
WALLACE, Gordon Peter Marine
WALLACE, Hugh Corporal
WALLERAND, Pierre Adonis Louis Warrant Officer
WALLIS, Reginald Corporal
WALMSLEY, Steven Andrew Bombardier
WALSH, J Lance Corporal
WALTERS, Haydn Private
WALTERS, John Robert Guardsman
WALTERS, Stanley Kenneth Marine
WALTON, Dennis Harding Major
WALTON, George William Guardsman
WALTON, Philip Lieutenant
WALTON, Richard Anthony Carl Colour Sergeant
WARBURTON, Kenneth Private
WARD, Arthur William Lance Corporal
WARD, Chrystie Nigel Hanslip Corporal
WARD, David Marine
WARD, David, J.T. Marine
WARD, George Marine
WARD, Jason George Major
WARD, Reginald Foster Marine
WARD, Ronald Marine
WARD, William G. Private
WARDLE, George Marine
WARE, Charles John Marine
WAREING, Nicholas WO2 Company Sergeant Major
WARREN, Edward Private
WARREN, Paul Marine
WASSALL, George Marine
WASSELL, Joseph Desmond Sergeant
WATKINS, William John Marine
WATKINSON, Thomas Corporal
WATSON, Alexander G. Private
WATSON, Gilbert Marine
WATSON, John Arthur Corporal
WATSON, Maurice Marine
WATSON, Richard John Marine
WATSON, William Humphries Lieutenant
WATT, William Corporal
WATTERS, Joseph Rifleman
WATTON, Frederick George Private
WATTS, Albert Driver
WATTS, Ernest J. Marine
WATTS, Laurence George Corporal
WATTS, Robert Edward Private
WAYGOOD, Leonard Thomas Marine
WEARING, David John Lieutenant
WEAVER, Edward Walter Private
WEAVER, Kevin William Corporal
WEBB, Edward Norman Marine
WEBB, Gordon Geoffrey Henry Captain
WEBB, John Lance Corporal
WEBB, Michael Hinton Captain
WEBB, Robert Edward Sergeant
WEBB, Ronald Henry Marine
WEBBER, Ernest George William Private
WEBSTER, Ernest George Private
WEBSTER, Thomas Henry Marine
WEDGWOOD, Paul Neville Lieutenant
WEEKES, Sydney George Douglas Fusilier
WEICH, Salo Corporal
WEIGHT, Donald E. Lance Bombardier
WEINBERGER, Ernest George Private
WELCH, Frederick Edward Private
WELHAM, Ernest Charles Marine
WELLESLEY, Henry Valerian George Captain
WELLESLEY-COLLEY, Phillip Anthony Lieutenant
WELLINGTON, Walter Marine
WELLS, Patrick Anthony Private
WELLS, Percy Arthur Gunner
WELLS, Peter Vernon Allan Lance Corporal
WEMYSS, Brian Alexander Corporal
WESTCOTT, Samuel Charles Lance Corporal
WESTLEY, Eric Roy Captain
WESTON, Barry John Sergeant
WESTON, Richard John Trooper, Lance Sergeant
WESTWATER, Alexander Sergeant
WESTWOOD, Albert Rifleman
WESTWOOD, George Sergeant
WETHERALD, Henry Lance Corporal
WHARTON, Bernard William Gunner
WHARTON, James Daniel Colour Sergeant
WHATLEY, Benjamin Mark Lawson Lance Corporal
WHATLEY, John Lance Corporal
WHEDDON, Gareth Christopher Marine
WHEELER, Alexander Victor Marine
WHEELER, Alfred Quartermaster Sergeant
WHEELER, Bert Private
WHEELER, George Russell Corporal
WHELAN, Jack Private
WHIBLEY, Victor Charles Corporal
WHITAKER, Frank Marine
WHITAKER, James Corporal
WHITAKER, Kenneth Nigel Marine
WHITE, Alan McKaig Lance Corporal
WHITE, Albert Edward Private
WHITE, Anthony Alban Marine
WHITE, Brian Granville Captain
WHITE, Charles Henry Patrick Corporal
WHITE, Ernest George Troop Sergeant Major
WHITE, Ernest George (RM) Marine
WHITE, John William Bombardier
WHITE, Mark Marine
WHITE, Ronald Douglas Sergeant
WHITE, William Henry Allan Reginald Sergeant
WHITEFIELD, James Lance Corporal
WHITEHEAD, Andrew Francis Lieutenant Colonel
WHITEHEAD, John Corporal
WHITEHOUSE, Peter Beckwith Captain
WHITELAW, John Private
WHITFIELD, Guy Faulkener Captain
WHITHAM, David Glyn Marine
WHITMAN, Edward Thomas John Marine
WHITNEY, Robert Desmond Marine
WHITTAKER, Glyn Bateman Lieutenant
WHITTAKER, Jack Guardsman
WHITTLES, Graham Private
WHITWORTH, William Private
WICKSON, Lionel Charles Lance Sergeant
WIGHTMAN, Frederick Gordon Corporal
WIGLEY, Jonathan Marine
WIGMORE, Harold Arthur Marine
WILCOX, Reginald Alan Marine
WILD, Frank Marine
WILDGOOSE, William Eric Private
WILKINSON, Raymond Desmond Marine


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