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1 Cdo Bde HQ War Diary Jan-Mar 1945

This section contains a transcript taken from the War Diary covering specific periods. It is a basic transcript for private research and educational use only. Whilst we always endeavour to achieve accuracy, we acknowledge that there may be dates and/or entries missing, and other possible errors, The actual War Diaries can be found at the National Archives in Kew.

1 Special Service Bde Signals Troop War Diary June-Sept 1944

This section contains a transcript taken from the War Diary covering specific periods. It is a basic transcript for private research and educational use only. Whilst we always endeavour to achieve accuracy, we acknowledge that there may be dates and/or entries missing, and other possible errors, The actual War Diaries can be found at the National Archives in Kew.

BAILEY, Arthur Charles

1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade

Gunner Arthur Bailey was found dead on Westhampnett Lane Chichester, a road leading to Goodwood.  Ambulance men at the scene found that he had fractured his skull and it was later ascertained that he had fallen from a lorry in which he was a passenger.

BLISSETT, Harry Harold

Maj. Blissett 2 commando
No 4 Independent Company
No 2 Commando
1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade
Major Harry Harold Blissett served as a Captain in No 4 Independent Company and No 2 Commando. He was appointed Brigade Major in the 1st Special Service Bde in preparation for DDay.  In 1945 he received a MiD for gallant and distinguished services in NW Europe[1].
[1] London Gazettes Supp. 36994, page 1558.

BUGG, Alfred John

Alfred John Bugg 1 Commando Brigade HQ
1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade
Private Alfred Bugg served in HQ, 1 Commando Brigade.
Picture in gallery  No.1 SS Brigade HQ - o/s the Quartermaster Store.
Comment posted to picture by his son Phillip Bugg.
Obituaries in Commando Association newsletter 64 issued March 1977.

CHRISTIE, Thomas John

Brigade Signals
Lieutenant Thomas Christie, Lines Officer 1st Commando Brigade Signal Troop, was awarded the M.C. [1] in recognition of gallant and distinguished service during operations in NW Europe, specifically whilst laying out a communications line over a demolished railway bridge across the River Rhine at Wesel [2].
  • Commissioned at OCTU from the ranks 20 December 1944 [3].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 37302, page 4999.

CHRISTOPHER, Robert William

1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade
Corporal Robert Christopher, HQ 1 Commando Brigade, was awarded the M.M. (Periodic) [1] in recognition of gallant and distinguished services over a prolonged period during operations at Agnone in Sicily, Bova Marina and Termoli in Italy, and at Amfreville, Normandy [2].

CLUBE, Gordon Murray

Brigade Signals
Lieutenant Gordon Clube served in 1 Special Service Brigade Signals [1].
  • 11 November 1939 (Private) (Artists Rifles) commissioned Second Lieutenant [2].
  • 3 February 1944 relinquishes his commission on account of ill-health, and is granted the hon. rank of Lt [3].
  • 14 October 1949 awarded The Efficiency Medal (Territorial) [4].
[1] Commando Association newsletters 46 and 93.

DAVIES, Norman

1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade
Signalman Norman Davies died during operations in Germany.
At the time of his death his Bde. were engaged in operations near Wesel.

DE JONGHE, Arthur Jules Charles Baudoin

Arthur de Jonghe 10 Commando
Arthur de Jonghe
1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade
No 10 Commando
Temporary Captain Vicomte Arthur de Jonghe, a French speaking Belgian national, took part in Operation Chariot, the raid at St Nazaire on 28 March 1942. He was a Liaison Officer embarked on board motor launch ML446 and was evacuated back to the UK after the operation [1]
  • Captain De Jonghe is listed in the Personnel Files of the S.O.E [2].
  • February 1943 serving as the Demolition Officer at the Commando Basic Training Centre [3].

DONNELLY, Terence Alfred

No 3 Commando
1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade
Captain Terence Donnelly, General Staff Officer (GSO 111) 1st Special Service/Commando Brigade HQ [1], was appointed M.B.E. (Military Division) [2] in recognition of gallant and distinguished service during the allied crossing of the River Rhine to capture Wesel. Captain Donnelly was in sole charge of beach control, including loading and launching of waves of buffaloes and storm boats, and was under constant enemy mortar fire [3].

FUSSELL, Peter Lincoln

Peter Fussell 1 Special Service Brigade
No 4 Commando
Private Peter Fussell served in No 4 Commando, 'F' troop, and took part in operations at Dieppe on 19 August 1942. Later that year he moved to 1 Special Service Brigade HQ (Clerks) [1] and [2].
Post war he was commissioned and retired as a Major in the R.A.O.C. 
His award of the B.E.M., was for his service as a Staff Sergeant during the period 23 February 1949 to February 1951. He was the confidential short hand writer to Field Marshall Sir William Slim.

GLASER, Kurt Joachim

Grave of Lt Griffith 10 Commando
No 10 Commando

Kurt Joachim Glaser served in 3 troop, also known as  'X' troop, under the name of Keith James Griffith.  He was shot and killed by a sniper during operations with 1 Special Service Bde. to cross a railway bridge over the River Aller near the town of Essel.

HAAS, Francis

1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade
Lieutenant Haas, United States 17 Airborne Division attached to HQ 1st Commando Brigade, was appointed M.B.E. (Military Division) for gallantry during the Rhine crossing at Wesel.
On 23rd March 1945 during the attack on Wesel, Lieut Haas crossed the Rhine with Tac Headquarters First Commando Brigade which moved with the leading Commando to the assault. Throughout the crossing and subsequent approach march to Wesel he showed a complete disregard for his personal safety and was one of the first to enter Wesel.

HOPSON, Donald Charles

Donald Charles Hopson
No 3 Commando
Second Lieutenant Donald Hopson was commissioned into the Lancashire Fusiliers which later converted to an armoured unit of the Royal Armoured Corps. He served in No 3 Commando and 1 Commando Brigade in both Italy and NW Europe . His last rank whilst in the Commando was Temporary Major.
Post war he had a distinguished career in the Diplomatic Service. He held posts of Ambassador to countries such as Laos, China, Venezuela, and Argentina. He was subsequently knighted.


No 4 Commando

Lord Lovat first enlisted in the Scots Guards in 1932, leaving the army in 1937. Two years later at the outbreak of war he rejoined the Army in the Lovat Scouts. Lord Lovat was part of a small but elite group of men who formed the idea of a Special Training Centre, agreed on the location, and devised and implemented a course of training once it was approved. This became the first of many Special Training Centres, STC Lochailort.

The training took place in and around the camp at Lochailort, Lord Lovat's role being Fieldcraft instruction.


No 6 Commando

Born in 1908; educated at Liverpool College and Oxford University; worked for his father's firm of solicitors, 1935; joined Supplementary Reserve of Officers, Irish Guards, 1936; joined 1 Bn, Irish Guards, 1939-1942, and served in Norway; transferred to special services No 4 Commando, 1942; took part in Dieppe Raid, Aug 1942; Lt Col, 1943; Commanding Officer, No 6 Commando, North Africa, 1943; Brig, 1944; commanded 1 Special Service Bde (later 1 Commando Bde), North West Europe, 1944-1945; accepted the surrender of FM Erhard Milch at Neustadt, May 1945; retired from Army, 1945; commanded 12

NAYLOR, Frederick Thomas

Frederick Naylor RM Engineer Commando
RM Engineer Commando

Enlisted 17 April 1941. Served in 1 Engineer Company RM and 1 Troop of the RM Engineer Commando with attachments to HQ Special Service (Commando) Group and  HQ 1 Commando Brigade. Commando service from August 1943 to January 1946. 

Forum Message [view].
Commando Service Certificate.
Service Record.
Jamie Naylor (grandson).

NEALE, Peter Walter James

Captain Peter Neale
RM Engineer Commando
Captain (Acting Lieutenant Colonel) Peter Neale RM, 1st RM Engineer Commando attached to 1 Commando Brigade [1+3], was awarded the Military Cross for bravery and great devotion to duty whilst operating with the allied army in North West Europe [2].
  • February 1944 A/Captain Neale was 2nd in command 1st RM Engineer Commando [3].
[1] Commando Association newsletter107 (obituaries).
[2] London Gazette supp. 37137, page 3090.


1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade

Attached to HQ 1 Special Service Brigade 1944.

Army Casualty Lists / National Archives file WO417/77.

SMITH, Anthony, D.C.

No 4 Commando
Lieutenant Anthony Smith was the Intelligence Officer for No. 4 Commando at Dieppe, and later Brigade Intelligence Officer, rank Acting Captain, 1st Special Service Brigade HQ at Normandy.
The Fighting Fourth, author Major James Dunning.
1st Special Service Brigade HQ War Diary 1st July 1944.


1 Special Service (Commando) Brigade
Sergeant Arthur Summerhayes died whilst attached to 1 Commando Brigade HQ.  At the time of his death 1 Commando Brigade were engaged in operations at the River Aller near Issel. 
The CWGC database entry shows only RM Commando. Their Grave Concentration Report shows HQ 1 Cdo Bde.

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