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Name Rank Unit Award
TAAFFE, William Marine
TACK, Ronald Edward Marine
TAIT, John Lance Corporal
TAMPEN, Grant Michael Marine
TANNER, John Andrew Corporal
TANSWELL, John William Acting Temporary Company Sergeant Major
TARRANT, George Francis Private
TARRANT, Kenneth Albert Marine
TARRANT, William John Rifleman
TATE, Albert Seaton Bombardier
TATE, Benjamin Alexander Lance Corporal
TATE, John Arnison Acting Petty Officer
TATTON, Norman Yates Marine
TAVOLIER, Joseph Anthony Corporal
TAYLOR, Alfred George Lance Corporal
TAYLOR, Bernard Private
TAYLOR, Clifford Private
TAYLOR, Clive Paul Marine
TAYLOR, Eric Corporal
TAYLOR, Ernest Marine
TAYLOR, Erroll Perth Warrant Officer Class 2
TAYLOR, George Marine
TAYLOR, Gerald Sergeant
TAYLOR, Graham Cecil Gordon Captain
TAYLOR, John Lance Corporal
TAYLOR, Lewis Albert Private
TAYLOR, Luke Sergeant
TAYLOR, Maurice Jack Sergeant
TAYLOR, Michael Thomas Lance Corporal
TAYLOR, Reginald George Corporal
TAYLOR, Robert William Marine
TAYLOR, Scott Gregory Marine
TAYLOR, Thomas Christie Gunner
TAYLOR, William Ronald Fusilier
TEAGUE, Bryan John Captain
TEAR, Walter Wilfred Marine
TEASDALE, Alexander Private
TEASDALE, Fred Sergeant
TEED, Kenneth Talbot Corporal
TERNENT, John White Marine
TERRY, Bernard Private
TERRY, Jack Sergeant
TERRY, John Leslie Lance Corporal
THACKRAY, Dennis Charles Able Seaman
THATCHER, Albert George May Marine
THEILINGER, Jan or Johan Private
THIRKELL-WHITE, Derek John Plantaganet Captain
THISTLEWOOD, Ronald Harry Corporal
THOBURN, Michael Howarth Marine
THOMAS, D.C. Lieutenant
THOMAS, Gwyn Ifor Lance Corporal
THOMAS, Iorweth Cyrus Lance Sergeant
THOMAS, James Howard Captain
THOMAS, Kenneth Edwin Marine
THOMAS, Leslie Trooper
THOMAS, Lewis Sapper
THOMAS, Norman Private
THOMAS, Peter Marine
THOMAS, Peter Roome Captain
THOMAS, Ronald Marine
THOMPSON, George (LCpl) Lance Corporal
THOMPSON, Royce Private
THOMPSON, Terence David Captain
THOMPSON, Thomas Robert Marine
THOMSON, Donald Private
THOMSON, Donald (Cpl) Corporal
THOMSON, Eric George M. Private
THOMSON, Hugh Lance Corporal
THOMSON, Ian Henderson Marine
THOMSON, John Lance Sergeant
THOMSON, Robert Private
THOMSON, Ronald Corporal
THORNEYCROFT, Eric William Lance Corporal
THORNTON, John David Lieutenant
THORNTON, Steven Anthony Sergeant
THORP, Thomas Edward Corporal
THRESH, Leslie Hugh Lieutenant
THURSBY, John Fortescue Second Lieutenant
THWAITES, Henry Marine
THWAYTES, John William Lance Corporal
TIBBLES, Harry Private
TICKELL, Richard Maurice Gunner
TICKLE, Frederick Barnard Lance Corporal
TIDDER, Alfred Leading Seaman
TIERNEY, Norman Acting Regimental Sergeant Major
TIERNEY, Paul Graham Marine
TILNEY, Walter Ernest Marine (Acting Temporary Sergeant)
TIMMINS, John Robert Marine
TINDLE, William Joshua Newman Marine
TINNION, Bradley Bombardier
TITMUSS, Philip George Marine
TITTERTON, Cyril Arthur Lance Corporal
TOD, Ronald John Frederick (Brig) Brigadier
TODD, Richard Lance Sergeant
TOES, Frank Corporal
TOMBLIN, Edward Charles Private
TOMKINS, Jack Samuel Richard Marine
TOMLINSON, Richard Warrant Officer Class 2 (acting)
TOMS, Frederick John Lance Corporal
TOMSETT, Reginald Maurice Corporal
TONER, Peter Marine
TONKS, Ernest Edward Leslie Marine
TOOTH, Eric Roger Private
TORDOFF, Kenneth Private
TORR, Derek Austin Corporal
TOWERS, James Marine
TOWLE, William Harry Marine
TOWLER, Douglas Marine
TOWNSEND, Robert Oliver Lance Sergeant
TRASK, Walter Albert Henry Lieutenant
TRAVERS, Oliver Plunkett Private
TRAYLOR, George Lewis Fusilier
TREPEL, Charles Captain
TREVOR, Kenneth Rowland Swetenham (Lt Col ) Lieutenant Colonel
TREVOR, Thomas Hoult (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
TRIGG, Frederick Harry Private
TRIGGS, George Henry Lance Corporal
TROLLEY, Philip John Weston Marine
TROTT, Charles Edwin Corporal
TRUMP, William Charles Marine
TUCHMANN, Bernard Private
TUCK, Keith Marine
TUCKER, George Arthur Signalman
TUCKER, Ivan Henry Private
TUDOR, William John Private
TUGWELL, Arthur Corporal
TULL, Arthur Frederick Percival Marine
TULLETT, Denis Archibald Ronald Marine
TUNGATT, Leonard Frederick Fusilier
TUNSTALL, Francis Barnard Private
TUNSTALL, Harry Lance Corporal
TUPPER, John William Lance Corporal
TURLEY, Frank William Private
TURNBULL, John Hugh Stephenson Major
TURNBULL, William, R. Able Seaman
TURNER, Anthony Marine
TURNER, Anthony James Marine
TURNER, Frederick William Morgan Corporal
TURNER, Henry Gunner
TURNER, James William Lieutenant
TURNER, Leslie James Marine
TURNER, Roland Clement Marine
TURNER, Stanley Henry Richard Marine
TURNER-HUGHES, Reginald Tudor Captain
TURNEY, William James Company Sergeant Major
TURRELL, John Edward Marine
TWIDALE, Thomas Marine
TWIGG, Richard Marine
TWIGGER, James Thomas Colour Sergeant
TYMAN, Frederick Philip Marine


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