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Name Rank Unit Award
SACHS, Herbert Private
SACKVILLE, Nicholas Dean Marine
SADLER, Richard Lance Sergeant
SADLER, William Jack Private
SAERENS, Robert Company Sergeant Major
SAGE, William Colston Marine
SALAMAN, Hugh Lind Marine
SALT, James Valentine Marine
SALZANO, Domenico Costable Lance Corporal
SAMBROOK, Wilfred Dennis Marine
SAMWELL, Lawrence Arthur Marine
SANDERSON, Herbert William Marine
SANDERSON, Jack Lance Corporal
SANDO, Thomas Private
SANSOM, Samuel Jack Private
SARE, Francis Martin Marine
SARGENT, Charles Edward Gunner
SAUNDERS, Reginald Thomas Colonel Marine
SAUNDERS, Samuel John Albert Marine
SAVAGE, Cyril Charles Marine
SAVILL, Gerald Peter Captain
SAWYER, Alfred Frederick Edward Private
SAWYER, Thomas Herbert John Captain
SCANES, Lewis Ralph Trooper
SCANLON, George Corporal (Acting Sergeant)
SCEALES, James Stewart Macewan Captain
SCHOFIELD, Dudley Raymond Lieutenant
SCHOLEM, Robert Driver
SCHOOLEY, Ralph Gerald Captain
SCOBBIE, John Ross Private
SCOTT, Andrew Private
SCOTT, Douglas Marine
SCOTT, Frank Leonard Marine
SCOTT, John Murray Captain
SCOTT, Lawrence Richard Lieutenant
SCOTT, Michael Lieutenant
SCOTT, Thomas Fields Corporal
SCOTT, Thomas Veitch Marine
SCOTT, William Cameron Marine
SCOTT, William James Sergeant
SCULLION, James Fusilier
SCULLION, James Patrick Corporal
SEABROOK, John James Lavender Marine
SEARBY, Alfred Bell Marine
SEARIGHT, Nicholas Michael Charney Captain
SEARLE, Clifford Frederick Lance Sergeant
SEARSON, Alfred Clarence Lance Sergeant
SEATH, David Bernard Captain
SELWOOD, William Nelson Marine
SELWYN, John Jasper Lieutenant (Acting Captain)
SENEE, Jacques Pierre Antoine Lieutenant
SENIOR, Fred Lance Sergeant
SENTANCE, Arthur Francis Geoffrey Corporal
SERRICK, Daniel Private
SEVERN, Clive Lance Corporal
SEYMOUR, Herbert Private
SEYMOUR, Ian Malcolm Op. Mech.
SEYMOUR, Peter Brian Lieutenant
SEYS, Robert William Lance Sergeant
SHAKESPEARE, William Private
SHAMS, Dean Lance Corporal
SHAND, Mark Anthony Marine
SHANNON, Christopher James Marine
SHARMAN, Richard Lance Sergeant
SHARMAN, Sidney Charles Sergeant
SHARP, Peter Lance Corporal
SHARP, Thomas Robert Fusilier
SHAW, David Mackenzie (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
SHAW, Frank Gunner
SHAW, Geoffrey Marine
SHAW, Harry WO2 Company Sergeant Major
SHAW, John Joseph Marine
SHEARS, Philip Desmond Marine
SHEATHER, Allan Cecil Marine
SHEMMONDS, Anthony Wilson Lance Corporal
SHENTON, Joseph Private
SHEPHERD, George Marine
SHERGOLD, Edward Norman Marine
SHERIDAN, George Augustine Michael Corporal
SHERMAN, George Marine
SHERWIN, Albert Edward George Private
SHERWIN, Robert Deary Private
SHIELDS, Ronald Francis Lance Sergeant
SHOCKLEY, Harry William Marine
SHORE, Donald Marine
SHORT, Brian John Marine
SHORT, Dennis Leslie Wayne Nicholas Lance Corporal
SHORTEN, Raymond Herbert Lieutenant
SHRIGLEY, Ernest Corporal
SHULDHAM, Edward Thomas Gahan Captain
SHUTTLEWORTH, Charles Denis Marine
SIBLEY, James Sydney Trooper
SIDDALL, Harry Corporal
SILK, Eric John Sergeant
SILLETT, Thomas John Private
SIMISTER, Charles Arnold Corporal
SIMMONDS, Joseph Frederick Corporal
SIMMONS, Timothy Mark Andrew Marine
SIMPSON, Alexander John Private
SIMPSON, George Private
SIMPSON, Harold Lance Corporal
SIMPSON, John Denys Stenhouse Captain
SIMPSON, Peter Leash Acting Sergeant
SIMPSON, Samuel Marine
SIMPSON, Thomas Marine
SIMS, Richard William Sergeant
SINCLAIR, Alexander Innes Lance Sergeant
SINCUP, Arnold William Lance Sergeant
SINGLETON, Ronald Barry Marine
SKEATES, Albert Charles Lance Corporal
SKEATH, Norman Albert Acting Temporary Sergeant
SKELLAND, Colin Marine
SKELTON, John Lance Corporal
SKELTON, Stanley Marine
SKINGLEY, Sidney Private
SKINNER, Bernard Gordon Lieutenant
SLATER, Arthur Private
SLAVIN, Gerrard Private
SMALL, Michael John Sergeant
SMALLBONE, Nelson Arthur Michel Sergeant
SMALLEY, Christopher John Lieutenant
SMALLMAN, Joseph Stevens Marine
SMALLMAN, Sydney Private
SMITH, Andrew Henry Captain
SMITH, Anthony Graham Marine
SMITH, Bernard George Marine
SMITH, Charles Edward Corporal
SMITH, Darren James Marine
SMITH, Derek Marine
SMITH, Fred Gunner
SMITH, Gabriel Second Lieutenant
SMITH, George Alfred Private
SMITH, George Edward Private
SMITH, Henry Defriez Lance Corporal
SMITH, Ian David Broadway Lieutenant
SMITH, J. Private
SMITH, James Lance Corporal
SMITH, James Anthony Marine
SMITH, James Thomas Richardson Sergeant
SMITH, Jeremy Corporal
SMITH, John Marine
SMITH, John Alexander Marine
SMITH, John Rolland Sergeant
SMITH, Joseph Gunner
SMITH, Kelvin Richard Band Sergeant
SMITH, Kevin John Gunner
SMITH, Michael Warrant Officer Class 2
SMITH, Michael Arnold Second Lieutenant
SMITH, Miller Sergeant


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