SEEGER, Robert Alan Mountcastle

Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Honours & Awards: 
Lieutenant Robert Seeger was awarded the Military Cross for gallant and distinguished service in operations in the Borneo Territories and in supporting operations.
On 8th December 1964, Lieutenant Seeger was leading a patrol in the area of the Border on the West Coast of Sebatic Island, Tawau, Sabah.
The patrol was operating from rubber boats, and shortly after landing on a beach near the Border Lieutenant Seeger and the leading men of the patrol came under heavy fire, at close range, from an enemy automatic weapon. Lieutenant Seeger was wounded in the right arm and knocked to the ground. Instantly he regained his feet and rushed the enemy position firing his sub-machine gun and shouting orders to his patrol. The automatic fire ceased and Lieutenant Seeger cleared the immediate area with grenades.
He then led the assault group of his patrol through the enemy position under covering fire from the support group. This manoeuvre accounted for three enemy killed and these were later identified as Indonesian Marines. Having cleared the area he withdrew his patrol to the boats, re-embarked and moved out of the area.
Throughout the action Lieutenant Seeger demonstrated leadership of the highest quality, and his presence of mind, calmness, decision and inspiration whilst under fire resulted in a very competent tactical action. The ability of the patrol to react quickly when surprised reflected the thorough preparation and training which he had carried out with his men beforehand.
In October, Lieutenant Seeger led a long reconnaissance patrol through extremely difficult country. This resulted in very valuable information and was the result of leadership and skill of a very high order.
Citation - London Gazette 43691, page 5981.
The Light Blue Lanyard, author Maj. J.C. Beadle MBE MC.

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