47RM Commando

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'Battle for Port-en-Bessin'


Port en Bessin
49° 20' 55.2804" N, 0° 45' 18.8676" W
Tuesday, June 6, 1944

Professor John Forfar took part in the BBC programme 'Destination D-Day: The Raw Recruits', and wrote this account of his commando's D-Day experiences as Medical Officer for 47RM Commando. He went on to write an excellent book about 47RM Commando called 'From Omaha to the Scheldt.

ADAM, Ian William

Lt Adam was killed during operations in Holland. At the time of his death his Commando took part in an unsuccessful attack on the German held small island of Kapelsche Veer which lies between the River Maas and the River Oudermaas.


Hans Arenstein 10 Commando

Hans Arenstein served under an alias of Harry Andrews. He was of the Jewish Faith and a member of 3 troop, also known as 'X' troop, of the inter allied commando.  He was attached to 47RM Commando at the time of his death.

nb. The date of death (10th) has been confirmed with the CWGC as being correct.

BRADLEY, Arthur John

Sgt. Bradley was killed during operations at Normandy.

On the 6th October 1942 it was announced that he had received a MiD, along with others, for "bravery, endurance and sustained devotion to duty in H.M. Ships Aurora, Avon Vale, Lance, Legion, Kingston, Penelope, and at Malta, during and after the passage of an important Convoy."  (Source: London Gazettes Supp. 35733, page4353.)

BRENT, Gerald Harry

Gerry Brent ( birth name Gunter Harry Berendt)  served in No 47RM and No 6 Cdo. Being of the Jewish faith and having escaped to Britain from his home in Berlin in 1938, he was sent to Canada at the outbreak of war classed as an enemy alien. However in 1941 he opted, when given the choice, to return to the UK where upon arrival he was subsequently reinterred, this time on the Isle of Wight.

COUSINS, Terence Frederick

Capt. Cousins 47RMCommando
Capt. Cousins was killed during operations at Normandy.
He received a posthumous MiD for his gallantry and leadership whilst attacking an enemy bunker at Port-en-Bessin during which he was killed. There is a memorial at this location in his memory. (Award source: London Gazettes Supp. 36979, page 1386.)

COX, Edward Cox (RM)

Cpl Cox enlisted in the Royal Marines on the 2nd Feb. 1943. He was posted 47RM Commando  on the 12th Nov 1943. He was wounded during the battle for Port-en-Bessin in June 1944. Post war he was discharged on the 24th July 1946

DAVIES, William Neville

Mne. Davies was killed during operations at Normandy.
He was part of a large fighting patrol of 4 troops and the heavy weapons troop sent against the enemy lines north east from La Grande Ferme commencing at 2115hrs on the 18th. It was hoped to be an in out raid to gather intelligence, capture prisoners, and weaken the enemies morale. Mne. Davies was killed during this raid.


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