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10 Cdo Roll of Honour 1+8 tps.

                                               The Fallen from 1 and 8 Troops
Capt.  C.  TREPEL
Capt.  R.  LION 
Lieut.  L.J.M.A.  HUBERT
Cpl.  L.  FOURER
Cpl.  R.  GUY
Cpl.  J.   LETANG
Cpl.  J.   MONTEAN

10 Commando Nominal Roll

In 1946 the Army Council decided that the Army Commandos were to be disbanded and no provision was allowed or made for any depository or office which would have at least contained a complete Roster of Names of the men who served in the various units. 

A partial nominal roll for Dieppe

The following list contain the names, ranks and numbers of the officers and men of No4 Commando who participated. It also includes some from No 10 (IA) Commando Free French  and 'X' troop, and others including some US Rangers, who were attached to the Commandos for the raid. It does not contain those from No 3 Commando and 40RM Commando as no such full list of names has been found. 

This is a transcript of the introduction  by the author of the original list that was compiled for No 4 Commando. 

A few amendments and additions have been made since then.

ALLARD, Camille

LCpl. Allard, 1st Batallion Fusiliers Marins Commando, was killed whilst attached to No 4 Commando during operations in the Netherlands.
The No 4 Commando War Diary for May 7th 1945 records " Halstern - No 7 french troop moved to Schouwen and established HQ at Bruinisse, and to clear and mark all minefields in that area." (Source: War Diary National Archives WO 218/ 84.)


Cpl. Bellamy 10 Commando
Corporal Robert Belllamy, 1st Batallion Fusiliers Marins Commando, badge no. 194, was killed during Operation Hardtack 7 on the German occupied island of Sark. He had been grievously injured by an anti-personnel mine, not possible to evacuate, presumed killed and buried by the Germans. [see notes].
He is named here in a Letter from the Base of 1st Batallion Fusiliers Marins Commando, FNGB, to the Central Service of the Etat Civil in Paris.

GUY, Rene

Cpl. Guy, 1st Batallion Fusiliers Marins Commando, badge no.196, missing presumed killed after a raid on the coast of Holland near a beach at Wassenaar.

LION, Robert

Capt. Lion 10 Commando

Capt. Lion, Medical Officer, 1st Batallion Fusiliers Marins Commando, badge no. 193, was killed whilst attached to No 4 Commando during operations at Normandy.

Mort pour la France


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