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Name Rank Unit Award
RABBETTS, Frederick Charles Norman Private
RABBITT, Eric William Gunner
RACE, James Andrew Lance Corporal
RACKHAM, Robert Frederick Sergeant
RADCLIFFE, Frederick Private
RADFORD, Douglas John Marine (Acting Lance Corporal)
RADLEY, Charles Wilfred Robert Marine
RAE, Alexander Marine
RAE, Stuart James Lieutenant
RAMSDEN, Harry Private
RANDALL, Donald Charles Lance Sergeant
RATCLIFF, Kenneth Leslie Marine
RATCLIFFE, Nathan Marine
RAVEN, Henry Hollies Marine
RAWLINSON, James Corporal
RAYNER, Arthur George Alfred Marine
RAYNHAM, Matthew Carl Lieutenant
REACE, George Arthur Warrant Officer Class 2
READ, John William Marine
READER, Ronald Marine
REDDY, Benjamin Marine
REDMAN, William Marine
REDWOOD, Albert C. Sergeant
REED, David Walter Corporal
REED, Derek Bernard Sergeant
REED, Neville Lance Sergeant (later Major)
REED, William Kenneth Marine
REES, Gareth Edward Marine
REEVE, Stanley Richardson Fusilier
REEVES, Johnathan Albert Marine
REEVES, William Lance Corporal
REGLER, Duncan Andrew Corporal
REID, George Private
REID, William Marine (Acting Temporary Colour Sergeant)
RENAULT, Emile Marie Leon Lance Corporal
RENNIE, James Gibson Captain
RENNIE, William Marine
REYNOLDS, Bartholomew Charles Vice W. Marine
REYNOLDS, Frederick Arthur Marine
RHODES, Francis Mons Private
RHODES, William Henry Marine
RHYCE-REES, Stewart Duncan Marine
RICE, C. Private
RICHARDS, Alan Wayne Marine
RICHARDS, Branson Captain
RICHARDS, Charles Geoffrey Second Lieutenant
RICHARDS, George William Private
RICHARDS, Robert Martin Lance Corporal
RICHARDSON, Arthur WO2 Company Sergeant Major
RICHARDSON, John Sergeant
RICHARDSON, Leon Lance Corporal
RICHARDSON, Stanley Marine
RICHARDSON, Sydney Lieutenant
RICHMOND, David Colour Sergeant
RICHMOND, James Albert Marine
RIDDLE, Albert Harrison Invincible Marine
RIDER, Leonard George Marine
RIDGWAY, Cecil Roy Marine
RIDLAND, Ian Robert Manson Private
RIDLEY, Mark Lewis Marine
RIGBY, Frederick Ralph Lieutenant
RIGG, Pearson Sergeant
RILEY, John Private
RIPINER, Charles Stephen Corporal
RIPLEY, Henry Lance Corporal
RITCHIE, William Dunbar Private
RIVIERE, Jacquelin Corporal
RIVOALLAN, Joel Georges Laurent Marine
ROACH, Thomas Ypres Rifleman
ROAST, Stanley Albert Gunner
ROBB, James Private
ROBB, Leslie Private
ROBBINS, Albert William Frederick Private
ROBERTS, Charles Edward James Rifleman
ROBERTS, Edward James Fusilier
ROBERTS, Harold Lance Corporal
ROBERTS, Richard Fusilier
ROBERTS, Stephen Rowland Marine
ROBERTS, Terence Marine
ROBERTSON, Andrew Gunner
ROBERTSON, George Corporal
ROBERTSON, Harry Scrimgeour Sergeant
ROBERTSON, John Burt Marine
ROBINSON, Anthony Denzil Lieutenant
ROBINSON, George Edgar Trooper
ROBINSON, George Thomas Lance Corporal
ROBINSON, John Marine
ROBINSON, John James Corporal
ROBINSON, Peter Dennis Lieutenant
ROBINSON, Sydney Guardsman
ROBSON, John Private
ROBSON, Thomas Marine
RODERICK, Douglas Fusilier
RODERICK, John Morgan Lieutenant
ROE, Alfred John Petty Officer Motor Mechanic
ROFFEY, Charles David Lieutenant
ROGERS, Albert William Corporal
ROGERS, George Montague Lance Corporal
ROGERS, Joseph Marine
ROGERS, Joseph Gerard Anthony Lance Sergeant
ROLFE, Julian Dudley Private
ROLLASON, Hayden Marine
ROLLIN, Paul Jean Gabriel Lance Corporal
ROLLS, Graham Lieutenant
ROLSON, Robert Joseph Marine
RONALD, Alexander Scott Major
ROONEY, Lawrence Private
ROOZEBOOM, August M. Bakhuis Private
ROSE, Harry Howard Marine
Rosendael, Hubert Jan Jacques van Sergeant
ROSENSTEIN, Ernest Zeno Lance Corporal
ROSENSTEIN, Natan Lance Corporal
ROSLAND, Sverre Trooper
ROSLING, John Douglas Lieutenant
ROSS, John Marine
ROSS, Robert Sharp Private
ROSSER, Albert Marine
ROSSON, Horace Walter George Marine
ROTHERAM, Ronald James Sergeant
ROTHWELL, Stanley Lance Corporal
ROUSSEAU, Jean Private
ROUTLEDGE, John Nixon Sergeant
ROWE, Edward George Sergeant
ROWE, Grahame Private
ROWE, William Richard Norman Corporal
ROWLINSON, Clifford Marine
ROY, Donald William Captain
ROYLE, Frank Corporal
RUBIN, Leonard Lance Sergeant
RUDGE, William Francis Sergeant
RUDLAND, Geoffrey Peter Sergeant
RUDMAN, James Thomas Private
RULE, Dennis Harold George Marine
RULE, Stuart James Captain
RUNDLE, Anthony John Marine
RUPPE, Yvan Corporal
RUSCHKEWICZ, James R. Private
RUSH, Arthur Edwin Sergeant
RUSHFORTH, John Nicholson Acting Temporary Major
RUSHTON, Harold George Lance Corporal
RUSSELL, James George Marine
RUSSELL, Philip Alan Gunner
RUSSELL, Ronald Frank Temporary Corporal
RUSTON, John Robert Corporal
RUTTER, Robert Marine
RUXTON, Anthony Fane Captain
RYALLS, Kenneth John Marine
RYDER, Raymond Thomas Marine

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