BARRON, Robert James

Known as: 
Sergeant (later Major)
Unit / Base: 
5 Independent Company
2 Commando
London Scottish The Gordon Highlanders
2877629 & 253487
Wednesday, September 5, 1917
Robert Barron 2 Commando and SOE
Robbie Barron 2 Commando and SOE
Sergeant Robert Barron, 1 troop, was one of the Commando contingent who participated in the St. Nazaire raid on ML 446. Evacuated back to the UK [1]
General Service [3].
  • May 1935 T.A. 1st Bn. London Scottish.
  • Sept. 1939 embodied 1st Bn. London Scottish.
  • April 1940 posted No.5 Independent Company.
  • May-June 1940 posted N.W.E.F. 
  • Nov. 1940 - March 1941 - No. 1 S.S. Battalion.
  • March 1941 to Oct. 1942 - No. 2 Commando.
  • Oct. - Nov. 1942 - O.C.T.U. Dunbar.
  • Nov. 1942 - 34 P.T.W.
  • 28 November 1942 commissioned Second Lieutenant, Gordon Highlanders [2].
  • Feb. - Sept. 1943 - 2nd Bn. London Scottish
  • September 1943 - February 1946 attached to Special Operations Executive.
  • (Temp. Captain) received a Mention in Despatches in recognition of gallant and distinguished services whilst engaged in special operations in South East Asia [4].
SOE service [3].
Sept - Course of Instruction (Para-Military) at STS 2.
Oct. -  Course of Instruction (Para-Military) at Grp. A.
Oct. -  Parachute Course at STS 51.
Nov. - Course of Instruction (Security) at Grp. B.
Nov. - Dec. - Course of Instruction (Industrial Sabotage) at STS 17.
December 1943 Posted as an Instructor Group A.
Jan'44 - Course of Instruction ('S' Phone, Eureka) at STS 40.
1st June 1944 promoted Acting Captain.
1st Sept. 1944 promoted Temporary Captain.
November 1944 Posted Operational - Force 136.*
16th Dec. 1944 embarked for ME25.*
31st  Jan.  1945 arrived ME25.
10th Mar. 1945 to Calcutta.
24th March 1945  ' Field' - Force B.C.S.*
29th Apr. 1945 wounded right leg and cheek.
8th May 1945 admitted to Hospital.
7th June 1945 discharged from Hospital.
8th June 1945 to Calcutta.
7th July 1945 'Field' - Force B.C.S.*
30th Nov. 1945 Group 'A'.
25th July 1945 granted Acting rank of Major.
25th October 1945 Temporary Major, W/S. Captain.
30th Jan. 1946 returned to ME25.*
Post war
  • 5th September 1967 (Captain [Hon. Major]) (Regular Army Reserve of Officers) having attained the age limit relinquished his commission retaining the honorary rank of Major [5].
  • Member of the Commando Association and Treasurer of the St Nazaire Society for many years [6].
  • 1998 appointed M.B.E. (Civil Division) for services to the London Scottish Regimental Association and the St. Nazaire Society [7].  
  • The death of "Sgt. (later Major) R.J. (Robbie) Barron MBE., of Abbots Langley, Herts." was announced to members in Commando Association newsletter 111 issued September 2000.
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Force 136 operated in the Far East. It's role to liaise with resistance groups in Japanese-occupied countries and recruit indigenous people in Burma, Malaya, China and Thailand to assist in sabotage and intelligence gathering.
Force B.C.S. was the Burma Country Section.
ME 25 was the School of Jungle Warfare, near Horona, Ceylon.

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