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Name Rank Unit Award
DICKIE, Robert Finn Private
DICKINSON, James Sidney Sergeant
DICKINSON, Stevan James Marine
DICKS, Darryn Ross Marine
DICKSON, Alexander Trooper
DICKSON, George Gunner
DICKSON, Kenneth Marine
DIGNAC, Andre Private
DIMALOW, Philip Keith Lieutenant
DIMARCO, Paul Colour Sergeant
DINSDALE, Henry Private
DIVE, Francois Corporal
DIXON, David George Corporal
DIXON, Herbert Fusilier
DIXON, Martyn John Marine
DIXON, Peter Cory Captain
DOANE, Herbert Marine
DOCKERILL, Arthur Henry Lance Sergeant
DON, Ronald Marine
DONALDSON, Charles Harvey Marine
DONALDSON, John Lance Corporal
DONKIN, Henry Private
DONNAN, Christopher Neil Marine
DONNELLY, Mark Corporal
DONNELLY, Peter Marine
DOOLEY, Arthur Acting T/Corporal
DORMAN, John Marine
DORSETT, Richard Private
DOWLING, John Troop Sergeant Major
DOWLING, Michael George Lieutenant
DOWNEY, John Joseph Warrant Officer Class 2
DOWNS, Jack Marine
DOWSON, Harry Marine
DRANSFIELD, Keith Charles Private
DRAPER, Michael Kenneth Lance Corporal
DRAPER, William Lance Corporal
DREW, Arthur Ronald Harry Marine
DREW, Kenneth Harrison Marine
DREW, Norman Lance Corporal
DRISCOLL, Leonard Henry Pritchard Lance Corporal
DRONGIN, Anthony Regimental Sergeant Major
DRUMMOND, Alexander Gunner
DRURY, Charles Henry Private
DRYBURGH, Alexander Crystal Lance Corporal
DRYSDALE, Kenneth J.H. Private
DUCHAN, John Joseph Corporal
DUDHILL, Lorin Marine
DUERDEN, Alfred Corporal
DUFFY, Anthony Patrick Sergeant
DUFFY, Joseph Aloysius Private
DUFFY, Michael James Lieutenant
DUFFY, Robert Private
DUFFY, William Private
DUKE, Andrew Marine
DUMENOIR, Raymond Sergeant
DUMIGAN, James Lance Corporal
DUNCAN, George Ian Alistair Lieutenant (T/Captain)
DUNCAN, Ronald Lance Corporal
DUNDAS, Duncan Sergeant
DUNN, Anthony John Marine
DUNN, David Cuthbert Lieutenant
DUNNE, Joseph Private
DUNNE, Philip Russell Rendell T/Captain
DUNSTAN, Neil David Marine
DUNWORTH, Christopher John Corporal
DURAND, Montague Ongley De Beauvoir Second Lieutenant
DURNFORD-SLATER, John Frederick (Brig) Brigadier
DUROSE, Sam Marine
DURRANT, Sgt. Thomas Frank, VC Sergeant
DUTTON, Charles Llewellyn Lieutenant
DUTTON, Cyril Marine
DUTTON, Derek Alan Lieutenant
DWYER, James Edward Lance Bombardier
DYKE, Frederick John Corporal
DYTOR, Clive Idris Lieutenant
EAMES, Rex Hugh Victor Marine
EARDLEY, Albert William Lance Corporal
EARL, Arthur John Marine
EARL, Dennis Victor Private
EARL, Peter Anthony Colour Sergeant
EASTERBROOK, Antony Laurence Captain
EATON, Frank Sapper
EATON, George Oliver Private
EATON, Nicholas John Corporal
EATOUGH, Bryan Marine
ECCLES, Michael Corporal
EDEN, George William Joseph Rifleman
EDMONDS, Arnold Basil Lindsay Lieutenant
EDMONDS, William George Private
EDMUNDS, William John Lance Sergeant
EDSALL, Keith Valentine Trooper
EDWARDS, Elwyn Fusilier
EDWARDS, Gerard Marine
EDWARDS, Henry E. Lance Corporal
EDWARDS, John Richard Major
EDWARDS, Maurice Albert Marine
EDWARDS, Reginald William WO2 Company Sergeant Major
EDWARDS, Ronald Corporal
EDWARDS, Steven James Marine
EDWARDS, Vincent Marine
EDWARDS, William Private
EGAN, John Marine
ELDRIDGE, Leonard Frederick Sergeant
ELLIOTT, Victor John Robert Sergeant
ELLIS, Arthur Alfred Burdon Captain
ELLIS, Raymond Frederick Marine
ELLIS, Richard Paul Fusilier
ELLWOOD, William Cyril Company Sergeant Major
ELMS, Frank Second Lieutenant
ELMS, Liam Michael Corporal
ELSDON, George Henry Sergeant
ELSE, John Sergeant
ELSOM, Harold Edward Troop Sergeant Major
ELTRIDGE, John Henry Private
EMBELIN, Arthur Edward Company Sergeant Major
EMBLEM, Leslie Ernest Private
EMERSON. James Corporal
EMMS, Cyril Deeley Bombardier
EMSLIE, Hamish Brian Captain
ENEFER, Roger Sergeant
ENGLAND, Leslie Frank Trooper
ENGLAND, Russell Edward Lieutenant
ENGLAND, Walter Hugh Lieutenant
EPHRAUMS, Michael Jarvis Captain
ESSEEN, David Marine
ETCHES, William Whitson Lieutenant (later Colonel)
EVANS, Andrew Peter Sergeant
EVANS, Anthony Stephen Lance Corporal
EVANS, Arthur Marine
EVANS, Arthur David Henry Fusilier
EVANS, Cyril Marine
EVANS, Cyril Denman Lance Corporal
EVANS, Edward James Corporal
EVANS, Francis George Private
EVANS, George Marine
EVANS, George Albert Marine
EVANS, Gwilyn Private
EVANS, John Edward Morgan Marine
EVANS, Kenneth Corporal
EVANS, Llywelyn Carl Lance Bombardier
EVANS, Ralph Driver
EVANS, Robert John Lance Sergeant
EVANS, Tony Marine
EVERALL, Henry John Corporal
EYRES, George Henry Marine
FACEY, Robert Marine
FACEY, Robert Marine
FAIRCLOUGH, John Sergeant
FALLAS, Robert Scott Lance Corporal


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