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Name Rank Unit Award
FARRELL, William Henry Marine
FAULKNER, John William Lance Corporal
FAWCETT, Joseph Marine
FAZAN, Gilbert Roy Lieutenant
FEACEY, James Richard Major
FEE, Denis Marine
FELLOWS, Peter Brearley Marine
FELLOWS, Steven James Lance Corporal
FELSTEAD, Robert William Marine
FENTON, Bernard Charles Sydney Marine
FEREDAY, William Thomas George Marine
FERGUSON, Bryan Gratney Private
FERGUSON, John Ronald Alexander Lance Corporal
FERGUSON, John Roy Lance Corporal
FERGUSON, William Sergeant
FERRANTE, Simeon Mervyn Marine
FERRIS, David Howard Marine
FEWTRELL, Charles Henry Marine
FIELDING, Ronald Sergeant
FINCH, Ernest Edward Sergeant
FINCH, Ernest Walter Lance Corporal
FINDLAY, Martin Martin
FINDLAY, Murdoch Marine
FINLAY, William Sergeant
FINNEY, George Edward Marine
FINNEY, William Lance Corporal
FINNIS, Leslie Private
FISCHER, M. Private
FISHER, Douglas Morton Private
FISHER, Edward Marine
FISHER, James Corporal
FISHER, John Charles Corporal
FISHER, Norman Lucas Corporal
FISK, George Ernest Marine
FITTON, Peter Ronald Corporal
FITZSIMMONS, James Private
FITZSIMMONS, Lee Michael Corporal
FLAHERTY, John Marine
FLEET, Arthur Marine
FLEISCHER, Frederick Private
FLEMING, James Private
FLEMING, Paul Andrew Marine
FLEMING, Robert Frew Corporal
FLESCH, Raymond Lance Corporal
FLETCHER, Frederick Private
FLETCHER, Teddy Pearce Sergeant
FLETCHER, William Robert Dennis Lance Corporal
FLOOD, John Marine
FLOOD, Joseph Patrick Private
FLOWERS, Charles William Thomas Rifleman
FLOYD, James William Edgar Private
FLOYD, William Gerald Corporal
FLYNN, John Lance Corporal
FOGG, Dennis Lance Corporal
FOLWELL, Harvey Cecil Marine
FOOT, Frank Lance Corporal
FORBES, Ernest William Marine
FORBES, Robert Lance Bombardier
FORD, Francis Orme Captain
FORD, Matthew Christopher Lance Corporal
FORD, William Henry Marine
FORDHAM, Peter Dennis Marine
FORMOY, Donald Neville Lance Corporal
FORMOY, Ronald David Marine
FORRESTER, Herbert William Louis Captain
FORRET, Andrew Warrant Officer Class 2
FOSTER, Bernard Basil Marine
FOSTER, Cecil Wylie Sergeant
FOSTER, Nigel Francis Marine
FOSTER, Ronald Thomas Lance Corporal
FOUNTAIN, Joseph Walter Marine
FOUNTAINE, Michael John Lieutenant
FOURER, Lucien Corporal
FOWKE, Roger M. Marine
FOWLE, Charles Gunner
FOWLER, Henry Francis Lance Corporal
FOWLER, Michael John Marine
FOX, Arthur Thomas Marine
FOX, Christopher Lieutenant
FOX, Daniel Christian Marine
FOX, Walter Marine
FOXALL, Ian Walton Corporal
FRANCIS, Kenneth David Lieutenant
FRANCIS, Michael James Colour Sergeant
FRANK, Gunther Max Corporal
FRANKLAND, Kevin Peter Marine
FRANKLIN, Leslie Herbert Marine
FRANKLYN, George Mack Corporal
FRASER, George Lance Sergeant
FRASER, Hugh Marine
FRASER, Thomas Coupar Private
FREEMANTLE, John Corporal
FREESTON, John Graves Private
FREESTONE, Harry Dean Private
FRICKLETON, Alex Company Sergeant Major (Instructor)
FROST, Henry Shelmerdine Captain
FROST, Terence Ernest Manitou Corporal
FUDGE, Ronald John Marine
FULHAM, William Frederick Private
FULLER, Eugene Sergeant
FYNN, Francis West (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
FYVIE, George Marine
GAGE, Harold Arthur Corporal
GALE, Anthony Lieutenant
GALLAGHER, Denis Private
GALLAGHER, John Private
GALLIMORE, Walter Marine
GANDHI, Pradeep Kumar Sapper
GANNER, James Maurice Marine
GARDENER, Michael Chase Lieutenant
GARDNER, James Lance Corporal
GARDNER, Robert Alexander Corporal
GARLAND, Lindsay Ernest Albert Sergeant
GARLICK, Horace Marine
GARLICK, Reuben William Corporal
GARNER, Ivan Marine
GARRATT, Arthur Ernest Lance Corporal
GARRETT, Albert Charles Lance Sergeant
GARROWAY, John Harry Lance Sergeant
GARSON, Andrew Marine
GARTHWAITE, William Owen Private
GAYLARD, Albert Jack Lance Corporal
GEE, Donald Percy Marine
GEE, Harold Corporal
GEEAR, Edward James Lance Sergeant
GELLATLY, John Private
GENGE, John Thomas Head Corporal
GEORGE, Herbert Alexander Private
GEORGE, Kenneth Robert Marine
GEORGE, Rex Marine
GERRARD, Thomas Cecil Corporal
GERSEL, Rene August Private
GIBBON, Anthony James Marine
GIBBON, John Douglas Captain
GIBBONS, Andrew Thomas Marine
GIBBS, Robert Maurice Marine
GIBBS, William Gore Gunner
GIBSON, Eric Hookway Sergeant
GIBSON, James Lang Captain
GIBSON, Robert Roy Lieutenant
GIBSON, William Lance Sergeant
GICQUEL, Georges Lance Corporal
GIFFIN, Brett Patrick Lance Corporal
GIGG, George Thomas Lance Corporal
GILBERT, Adam Marine
GILBERT, Kenneth William Marine
GILCHRIST, Donald Johnston Captain
GILES, John Frederick Captain
GILES, Peter Sergeant


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