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Name Rank Unit Award
COX, Frederick Ernest Trooper
COX, Grahame Dennis Marine
COX, Victor John Sergeant
COYLE, James Albert Lieutenant
COYLE, Michael Marine
CRACKNELL, Frederick George Marine
CRADDOCK, William Herbert Charles Corporal
CRAFT, Alfred James Lance Corporal
CRAIG, Albert John WO2 Company Sergeant Major
CRAIG, George McKinlay Rifleman
CRAIG, James Cross Lance Corporal
CRAIG, John Henry Marine
CRAIG, Robinson Ostle Private
CRAIG, Samuel Fusilier
CRAWFORD, Robert Allan Lance Corporal
CRILLEY, John Henry Lance Corporal
CRINGAN, William Private
CRIPPS, Arthur Raymond Rifleman
CRISP, Dominic John Delves Captain
CROAL, George Private
CROFT, Arthur Probert Fusilier
CROFT, James Herbert Captain
CROIZER, Robert Lance Sergeant
CROMPTON, William Marine
CROOKES, Jonathan David Thomas Marine
CROSS, Leonard Lieutenant
CROUCH, Ernest Private
CROUCH, Walter Marine
CUFF, Patrick Joseph Marine
CULLEN, James Kennedy Private
CULLEN, Michael Marine
CULLING, William Lance Sergeant
CUNDALL, Arthur Marine
CUNNINGHAM, Henry Peter Private
CUNNINGHAM, James Sergeant
CUNNINGHAM, John Edwin George Lance Sergeant
CUNNINGHAM, Robert James Corporal
CUNNINGHAM, Samuel James Marine
CURLEY, Stephen Paul Corporal
CURRY, Thomas Geoffrey Marine
CURTIS, Edward Geoffrey Lieutenant
CURTIS, Eric Gordon Private
DABBS, William Marine
DAKERS, James Wright Marine
DALY, Edward Stewart Marine
DANELLS, Peter John Godfrey Corporal
DANGERFIELD, Edward Charles Marine
DARBYSHIRE, Steven William Sergeant
DARLEY, Nicholas John Marine
DARTS, Frederick Joshua Sergeant
DAVID, Anthony Philip Marine
DAVID, Edward Neville Lance Corporal
DAVIDSON, Douglas Malcolm Captain
DAVIDSON, George Marine
DAVIDSON, Peter Forbes Sergeant
DAVIES, Albert Stanley Marine
DAVIES, Damian Jonathan Marine
DAVIES, Donald Sergeant
DAVIES, John Charles Troop Sergeant Major
DAVIES, Joseph Reginald Fusilier
DAVIES, Michael James Corporal
DAVIES, Norman Signalman
DAVIES, Osmond Lance Corporal
DAVIES, Raymond Spencer Lance Sergeant
DAVIES, Rodney Hugh Private
DAVIES, Ronald George Corporal
DAVIES, Ronald John Corporal
DAVIES, Thomas Alfred Private
DAVIES, Verdun George Private
DAVIES, William Neville Marine
DAVIES, Wyndam Francis Fusilier
DAVIS, Anthony David Sergeant
DAVIS, Ivor John Corporal
DAVIS, Kenneth William John Marine
DAVIS, Stanley George Private
DAVISON, Colin Lance Corporal
DAWES, Andrew Paul Marine
DAWES, Ernest William Private
DAWSON, Robert William Palliser (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
DAY, Albert Ernest Marine
DAY, Arthur Frank Private
DAY, James Edward Marine
DAY, James Henry Lance Bombardier
DAY, Reginald Marine
DAY, Stanley Ambrose Captain
DAYES, George Alan Marine
DE'ATH, Ian Dudley Lieutenant Colonel
DEAKER, George James Lance Bombardier
DEAN, Frederick Trooper
DEAN, Martin Corporal
DEAN, Ronald Cyril Guardsman
DEANS, James Corporal
DEARDEN, Henry Graham Private
DEELEY, Damian John Beresford Marine
DEERING, Mark Anthony Marine
DEERING, Robert Christopher Corporal
DEERY, Stewart Sergeant
DELL, William Joseph Corporal
DENMARK, Robert Mclelland Marine
DENNANT, William Henry Marine
DENNIS, Donald Henry Arthur Sergeant
DENNY, George
DENTON, Harry Sergeant
DERRICK, Martin Marine
DETON, Albert Lieutenant
DEVILLERS, Fernand Corporal
DEWBERRY, Charles William Marine
DEWHURST, Francis Joseph Marine
DEXTER, Stanley Gunner
DIAMOND, Thomas Private
DIBB, Edgar Corporal
DICK, Louis Timothy Mylius Lieutenant
DICKIE, Robert Finn Private
DICKINSON, James Sidney Sergeant
DICKINSON, Stevan James Marine
DICKS, Darryn Ross Marine
DICKSON, Alexander Trooper
DICKSON, George Gunner
DICKSON, Kenneth Marine
DIGNAC, Andre Private
DIMALOW, Philip Keith Lieutenant
DIMARCO, Paul Colour Sergeant
DINSDALE, Henry Private
DIVE, Francois Corporal
DIXON, David George Corporal
DIXON, Herbert Fusilier
DIXON, Martyn John Marine
DIXON, Peter Cory Captain
DOANE, Herbert Marine
DOCKERILL, Arthur Henry Lance Sergeant
DON, Ronald Marine
DONALDSON, Charles Harvey Marine
DONALDSON, John Lance Corporal
DONKIN, Henry Private
DONNAN, Christopher Neil Marine
DONNELLY, Mark Corporal
DONNELLY, Peter Marine
DOOLEY, Arthur Acting T/Corporal
DORMAN, John Marine
DORSETT, Richard Private
DOWLING, John Troop Sergeant Major
DOWLING, Michael George Lieutenant
DOWNS, Jack Marine
DOWSON, Harry Marine
DRANSFIELD, Keith Charles Private
DRAPER, Michael Kenneth Lance Corporal
DRAPER, William Lance Corporal
DREW, Arthur Ronald Harry Marine
DREW, Kenneth Harrison Marine


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