Colour Sergeant
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Service numbers: 
PO/X 107388
Friday, March 25, 1921
Place of Birth: 
Cowdenbeath, Fife
Died : 
Wednesday, April 11, 1945
Killed in action or died of wounds
Colour Sergeant Paul DiMarco died during operations at Lake Comacchio, Italy.
An account by Ron Perry of the action
In the beginning of 1945, at the end of the Italian campaign, we made our last break-through for the 8th Army. I was in Y troop of 40 Commando, Royal Marines, the leading troop in this action. We met some resistence by a canal near to what is now Lake Como. We were detailed to take two bridges and a power plant, which was our particular objective. This was along a spit of land alongside Lake Como.
We were trapped in a corner and it was here we lost so many and so many were wounded  including a great pal of mine Vic Hobbs. It was impossible for us to get out of this position because we had a six foot bank forming the dyke to our right, water on our left and behind us.
We were being shelled by German 77 guns and six barrel morters until Paul di Marco our Colour Sergeant said to our CO he would attempt to go over the top . If this was possible we could then follow. Unfortunately, in the power house was a German sniper who shot and killed instantly our sergeant and he fell right beside me.
There we remained until two Spitfires flew over and one of them dropped his bomb at the gates of the power house. At this time the CO said he would give the order when the second Spitfire dropped his bomb and we would then make our dash over the top, not knowing whether the pilot realised the position we were in, which we will never know. Everyone got over except the wounded, they were left to be attended to.
I thought Vic was going to be taken to the rear. From there we rejoined our unit. It wasn't until our return to Italy in September 2004, on a Veteran's Return, that I found the Grave of Victor Hobbs

Registers of Reports of Deaths - Naval Ratings / National Archives file ADM 104/134.
BBC People's War website ref. Aricle id A4650022 Contributed on: 01 August 2005. 'WW2 People's War is an online archive of wartime memories contributed by members of the public and gathered by the BBC. The archive can be found at bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar'

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