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Name Rank Unit Award
CARTER, William Corporal
CARTLIDGE, Horace C. Lance Sergeant
CARTWRIGHT, Leonard Richard Sergeant
CASEY, Graham Charles Nicol Quartermaster Sergeant
CASPER, Peter Lieutenant
CASSEY, Norman Walter Lance Corporal
CASSON, Robert Marine
CATES, William Arthur Marine
CATTELL, William Howard James Marine
CATTERALL, James Private
CATTERALL, John Marine
CATTS, John Henry Lance Corporal
CAVE, George Charles Montague Major Lieutenant
CAWSEY, Francis William Private
CAWTHRAY, Eric Trooper
CECIL, John Colour Sergeant
CHADWICK, James Marine
CHADWICK, John R. Private
CHALLINTON, William Albert Lance Sergeant
CHALLIS, John William Gunner
CHAMBERS, Alexander Rifleman
CHAMBERS, Philip Arthur John Gunner
CHANCELLOR, Wilfred Douglas Lance Bombardier
CHANTRELL, William Private
CHAPMAN, Charles Clarence Marine
CHAPMAN, Peter Neilson Private
CHAPPELL, Reginald Corporal
CHARITY, Arthur Fusilier
CHARLTON, Nigel Clifford Corporal
CHARLTON, Thomas Albert Private
CHARNOCK, Andrew Marine
CHATFIELD, Alfred James Lance Corporal
CHEETHAM, Gerald Fusilier
CHEETHAM, Gerald Norman Colour Sergeant
CHERRY, Roland John Marine
CHETWYND, Samuel Ernest Corporal
CHEYNE, John Sergeant
CHILD, Alfred Robert Bombardier
CHILLINGWORTH, Albert Edward Private
CHIPPERFIELD, William Edward Adolphus Marine
CHISHOLM, James Alexander Sergeant
CHITTY, John Albert Lance Sergeant
CHIVERALL, Richard Sydney Lieutenant
CHIVERS, Graham Howard Musician
CHRISTIAN, Thomas Edward Sergeant
CHRISTIE, Thomas John Lieutenant
CHUDLEY, William Henry Albert Lance Bombardier
CHURCHILL, John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming (Lt Col) Lieutenant Colonel
CLARK, Douglas James Marine
CLARK, Francis William Major
CLARK, Hedley Thomas James Captain
CLARK, Herbert Marine
CLARK, Ian Campbell Lieutenant
CLARK, Martin Marine
CLARK, Robert Corporal
CLARK, Robert Anthony Marine
CLARK, Ross Ashworth Lance Bombardier
CLARK, William George Troop Sergeant Major
CLARKE, Alfred John Douglas Gunner
CLARKE, Hilary Laurence Fusilier
CLARKE, Patrick Joseph Fusilier
CLARKE, Reginald James Marine
CLARKE, Roy Private
CLAY, Fred Henry Gunner
CLELLAND, John McDonald Gunner
CLEMENTS, Mark Marine
CLIFFORD, Frederick Henry Private
CLINTON, Reginald Arthur Sergeant
CLUTTERBUCK, Wesley Andrew Marine
COAKER, Vernon Sergeant
COATES, John Edward Lance Corporal
COATES, Timothy Patrick Marine
COATES, William John Lewis Private
COBB, Richard James Marine
COBLEY, Victor Charles Lance Corporal
COCKITT, Herbert Marine
COCKS, John Sidney Corporal
COFFIN, Roland Private
COGGINS, Frank Corporal
COHEN, Aaron Harry Private
COHEN, Isaac Corporal
COLBERT, Thomas Lance Corporal
COLBY, Gordon David Lance Corporal
COLEMAN, Arthur Douglas Marine
COLEMAN, Harold James Troop Sergeant Major
COLEMAN, Michael Patrick Corporal
COLES, William James Corporal
COLLIER, Vivian Carter Corporal
COLLINGS, Thomas Sergeant
COLLINS, George Fusilier
COLLINS, James Washington Marine
COLLINS, Michael Sergeant
COLLINS, Michael Vincent Lance Corporal
COLLINS, Patrick Gunner
COLLINS, Paul Michael Marine
COLLINS, Peter Stratford Lieutenant
COLLINS, Thomas Joseph Marine
COLWILL, Horace Cecil Company Sergeant Major
COMAN, William Joseph Private
COMYN, Alan Douglas Captain
CONATY, Alan Craba Marine
CONNER, Charles Geoffrey Langdale Marine
CONNER, William Marine
CONNOR, Edward Private
CONNOR, Stanley J. Private
CONYARD, James Gunner
COODE, Donald Alastair Lieutenant
COOK, Alfred Charles Armistice Marine
COOK, Henry John Rifleman
COOK, Herbert Rifleman
COOK, John Barrington Rifleman
COOK, William Henry Corporal
COOKE, Adrian David Corporal
COOKE, Charles Harry Private
COOKE, John Lance Bombardier
COOKE, William Frank Marine
COOMBER, Arthur William George Marine
COOMBES, Peter Lonsdale Marine
COOP, James Barry Lieutenant
COOPER, Brian Arthur Lieutenant
COOPER, George Corporal
COOPER, George William Gunner
COOPER, John Richard Major
COOPER, William George Albert Marine
COPE, Herbert James Marine
COPLAND, William Oranmore Major
CORBETT, William Campbell Sergeant
CORBYN, Edwin Peter Marine
CORCORAN, James Ernest Bertram Corporal
CORK, Alfred James Sergeant
CORNISH, Arthur Henry Colour Sergeant
CORRY, Samuel David Captain
COTTERELL, Leslie Private
COTTON MINCHIN, Douglas James Maurice Captain
COUGHLAN, John Lance Corporal
COULDREY, Edwin Robert Bombardier
COULSON, Albert Private
COULSON, Garnett Sapper
COULSON, Reginald Marine
COULTER, Richard Alan Junior Marine
COULTER, William Knowles Sergeant
COUPE, Leonard Lance Sergeant
COUSINS, Terence Frederick Captain
COWPER, Alexander Bruce Sapper
COX, Edward (Gnr) Gunner
COX, Anthony Francis Rifleman
COX, Cecil Ernest Robert Corporal
COX, Edward Cox (RM) Corporal
COX, Frederick Ernest Trooper


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