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Name Rank Unit Award
HARPER, Robert Holly Ashton Sergeant
HARRIES, Owen Graham Marine
HARRINGTON, Jack Lonsdale Lance Corporal
HARRINGTON, Thomas Frederick Marine
HARRIS, Andrew Marine
HARRIS, George Francis Lance Corporal
HARRIS, Ian Walter Corporal
HARRIS, Jeffrey Leonard Warrant Officer Class 2
HARRIS, Raymond Colour Sergeant
HARRIS, Thomas Leslie Private
HARRISON, Carl Anthony Marine
HARRISON, Christopher Lewis Corporal
HARRISON, Matthew Thomas Marine
HARRISON, Maurice Lance Sergeant
HARRISON, Norman Private
HARRISON, Ronnie Lance Sergeant
HARROLD, Edward Thomas Hornsby Corporal
HARRONS, Charles Edward Corporal
HART, David Charles Marine
HARVEY, Leslie George Lance Corporal
HARVEY, Maurice George Lieutenant
HARVEY, Reginald Private
HARVEY, William Joseph Alonso Colour Sergeant
HARVEY, William Young Gunner
HARWOOD, Frederick Charles William Colour Sergeant
HARWOOD, John Gordon Lieutenant
HASTINGS, Frank Reginald Lance Corporal
HAUSMANN, Fritz Sigmund Lance Corporal
HAW, Charles Walter Marine
HAWKARD, John Stuart Lieutenant
HAY, Charles Robert Fusilier
HAY, John Marine
HAY, William Lance Corporal
HAYDON, Alan Albert Gunner
HAYDON, Peter Hillyard Captain
HAYES, Frank Guardsman
HAYES, Harry Private
HAYNES, Peter Michael Lieutenant
HAYS, Robert Griffen Marine
HAYWARD, Norman Albert William Lieutenant
HAYWARD, Robert Latewood Rifleman
HAZELL, James Henry Marine
HEADLAND, Thomas Herbert Lance Sergeant
HEARD, Lewis Anthony Marine
HEATH, Albert Stuart Corporal
HEATH, Alfred Lance Corporal
HEATHER, William Bernard Lance Corporal
HEBDEN, Ralph Michael Marine
HEBDEN, Richard Marine
HECKMAN, Edward Percy Henry Lance Corporal
HEDENSKOG, Sholto Brough Marine
HEDLEY, Stanley Marine
HEHIR, Leslie Samuel Sergeant
HELLINGS, Peter William Craddock Lieutenant General
HELLYER, Kenneth George Private
HELSTRIP, Anthony John Marine
HEMP, Clifford
HEMPSTEAD, Stanley Sergeant
HENDERSON, Alfred Walter Sergeant
HENDERSON, John Patrick Leo Major
HENDERSON, Robert Smith Jamieson Corporal
HENRY, John Corporal
HERBERT, Roy George Lieutenant
HERD, Alexander Frederick Marine
HERMAN, Douglas Alfred Marine
HERN, Gordon Private
HERSTELL, Ernest Maxwell Gunner
HERYET, George William Corporal
HESKETH, Kenneth Robert Marine
HESP, George Taylor Corporal
HESS, Otto Sergeant
HEWITT, Albert John Henry Sergeant
HEWITT, John Lionel Private
HEWITT, Samuel Hanna Sergeant
HEWSON, William Bertram Marine
HEY, Ashton Usher Sergeant
HEY, Richard Marine
HEYWOOD, Herbert William Sergeant
HICKMAN, Simon Michael Major
HICKS, Ashley Charles Marine
HICKS, James William Private
HIGGINBOTHAM, James Sergeant
HIGGINBOTTOM, Edwin Alexander Lance Corporal
HIGGINS, James Corporal
HIGGINS, Nigel William Lance Corporal
HILDRETH, Harry Lowe Marine
HILDRETH, Sidney James Lance Corporal
HILES, William Jenkin Captain
HILL, Bertram Peter Lieutenant
HILL, Christopher Reginald Bernard Corporal
HILL, David Henry Private
HILL, Edward Arthur Gunner
HILL, Francis John Trooper
HILL, Henry William Sergeant
HILL, Martin Aubrey Marine
HILL, Paul Marine
HILL, Reginald Hemming Marine
HILL, Ronald William Philip Corporal
HILLERNS, Michael Guy Lieutenant
HILLS, Glenn Marine
HILLS, Henry Joseph Marine
HILLS, Stanley Edward Herbert Marine
HILTON, Arthur Corporal
HINCHLEY, Derek Marine
HIND, Joseph Temple Osborne Corporal
HINDE, Albert Leslie Bombardier
HINDE, Fred Private
HIRST, Leslie Marine
HISCOCK, Denis John Lieutenant
HITCHCOCK, George Albert Gunner
HITCHCOCK, John Edward Private
HITCHMAN, Keith David Marine
HOBBINS, William Marine
HOBBS, Victor Frederick Marine
HOCTEL, Lamont Durward Private
HODGES, James Reginald Private
HODGKINSON, Craig Marine
HODGSON, Eric Stewart Captain
HODGSON, George Lance Corporal
HODGSON, Peter Surgeon Lieutenant
HODNETT, Walter Herbert Sergeant
HODSON, Robert John Sergeant
HOLLAND, Jonathan Mark Marine
HOLLINGTON, Richard Humphrey Marine
HOLLOWAY, James Marine
HOLLOWAY, Richard Captain
HOLMES, John William Lieutenant
HOLMES, Leslie Thomas Corporal
HOLMES, Peter Leslie Marine
HOLT, Frederick Corporal
HOLT, Harry Marine
HOLTON, Kevin John Marine
HONEY, Peter Private
HONEYMAN, Norman Frederick Lance Corporal
HOODLESS, Donald Samuel Lance Corporal
HOOKE, Leslie Percy Gunner
HOOPER, Alfred Herbert George Marine
HOOPER, Arthur William George Marine
HOOPER, Owen Gerrard Private
HOOPER, Richard Henry Captain
HOPEN, Peter Emil Trooper
HOPKINS, Frederick Walter Corporal
HOPPER, Norman Charles Marine
HOPSON, Donald Charles T/Major
HORDELL, John Edward Marine
HORGAN, James John Lance Sergeant
HORSTED, Ronald Edward Marine
HOSKINS, Edgar John Marine
HOTINE, Anthony Dean Marine
HOUGHTON, Frederick Alexander Sergeant


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