ADAM, Ian William

Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Died : 
Sunday, January 14, 1945
Killed in action or died of wounds
Roll of Honour: 

Lt Adam was killed during operations in Holland. At the time of his death his Commando took part in an unsuccessful attack on the German held small island of Kapelsche Veer which lies between the River Maas and the River Oudermaas.

The Medical Officer , Capt. (Professor) John Forfar MC, records in his book 'From Omaha to the Scheldt', "Captain Stickings, 'Q' troop commander, a man of great courage and determination, led the troop into a wall of enemy fire accompanied by Cpl. Tye and the troop second in command,Lieut. Adam. First Tye, about twenty yards from the enemy , was hit, a bullet shattering his left arm; then Stickings was hit and fell mortally wounded. As Adam took Stickings place he too was hit and killed. Marine Greenhalgh and Marine Williams were also killed. Further progress was not possible and the remainder of the troop had to withdraw. Their ammunition was very low and they were forced to take ammuntion from casualties."

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