BYRNE, Patrick Joseph

Acting Sergeant
Unit / Base: 
4 Commando
Irish Guards
2719257 & 436106
Sergeant Patrick Byrne, a veteran of the Dieppe raid, was awarded the Military Medal in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in NW Europe [1].
"On 9 Apr. '45 Sgt Byrne's platoon was the right leading platoon during the attack on Furstenau. They came under very heavy spandau and bazooka fire and were pinned to the ground. The company commander coming up to visit them was killed. Sgt Byrne ordered his platoon into a sheltered position while he himself remained to cover their movement with an LMG.
When a plan had been made to continue the advance with close tank support, Sgt Byrne led his platoon with the greatest dash and vigour, and dealt with a number of enemy posts, until finally their objectives were gained.
Throughout the action this NCO's courage and personal example were of the highest order. His complete disregard of his personal safety and coolness did much to encourage the whole company during a difficult period, and were of the greatest assistance to the successful outcome of the attack."[1a].
Post war service
  • 27th May 1954 commissioned Lt. (Qr.Mr) in the Foresters [2].
  • 29th January 1957 Mentioned in Despatches in recognition of distinguished services in Cyprus for the period 1st July to 3lst December, 1956 [3].
  • 2nd July 1959 promoted Captain (Qr.Mr.) Parachute Regiment [4].
  • 20th October 1959 awarded Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Military) (The Parachute Regiment )[5].
  • 11th June 1960 appointed MBE (Parachute Regiment) [6].
  • 2nd July 1965 promoted Major (Qr.Mr.) Parachute Regiment [7].
  • 22nd January 1971 promoted Lt. Col. (Qr.Mr.) Parachute Regiment [8].
  • 15th January 1975 retired from service [9].
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