Military Medal

ALDIS, Alec George

Lieut. Aldis MM was killed during operations at Normandy on D Day.
He was awarded the MM in 1942 whilst a Temporary Sergeant for his "gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East."
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 35477, page 1054.)


LCpl Hodgson MM, 3 troop, was killed during operations at Amfreville.  

In his book Storm from the Sea, Brig Peter Young states " Whilst I was visiting 3 troop, a random shell mortally wounded LCpl Hodgson who did not live to wear the MM he had won on D Day."

HUGHES, George William Stanley

Recommended for : DCM
Awarded : MM


This NCO has served in the RAMC Section of this Commando in all the actions in which the Unit has fought in Italy since November 1943.  At all times he has displayed the greatest efficiency, devotion to duty and disregard for his own safety whilst dealing with casualties in the field.  The Medical Officer of this Unit, Captain E J D’Arcy MC, states that L/C Hughes’ individual actions on all occasions whilst treating and evacuating casualties have been responsible for saving a very considerable number of men’s’ lives.

HUMBLE, William McLean

LSgt Humble served in 5 troop of No 2 Commando.
Citation for the Military Medal:
Gulf of Salerno 13th September 1943
On September 9th on the Salerno Road, Pte Humble engaged at 100yds an advancing Mk111 Special enemy tank which was shelling the house from which Pte Humble was sniping.


LSGT Khytovitch 6 Commando
LSgt. Khytovitch MM was killed during operations at Normandy.
The No 6 Cdo War Diary for the 10th June records "Place: In the field, Le Plein a.m. - 2 Troop kill 2 snipers with 'K' gun.  We are heavily mortared.  We answer with our own mortars. 0800 - Enemy attacks, all troops engage.  By 1700 hrs all attacks definitely repelled.  Suspect enemy got it in the neck.  Our own casualties total 16."

KINGSBURY, Harold Sidney

Sgt. Kingsbury MM was killed during an operation against German forces in the wadis near the Anzio beachhead.
He was awarded the MM in 1939 whilst a Lance Corporal in the 1st Bn., Border Regiment for "gallant and distinguished services in Palestine." 
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 34607, page 1765.)

LEES, James Sykes

The cause of death of CSM Lees MM is not known to this archive.

He was awarded the Military Medal "For bravery, skill and devotion to duty whilst serving with the Allied Forces during the campaign in the Low Countries, over a period from January to April, 1945".
[Source: Supplement to the London Gazette, 23 October 1945 page 5181.]



C.S.M. Malcolm MM was killed during operations in Italy to cross the River Garigliano. He had been awarded the MM for his gallantry on the day prior to his death.


22nd January 1944 Crossing of the Garigliano.

MURPHY, Dennis Eric

Capt D.E. Murphy CBTC

Dennis Murphy was serving as a Guardsman in the 1st Bn of the Irish Guards in 1938 when he was awarded the Military Medal for his " conspicuous gallantry during an engagement with an armed band in the vicinity of Deir Bejjala o the 18th August 1938", Recommended by the Officer Commanding British Forces in Palestine and Trans-Jordan. A copy of his citation is in the National Archives  ref WO373/92/125.

O'BRIEN, Richard

LSgt O'Brien, 2 troop, was one of the Commandos who returned from Operation Chariot, the raid on St Nazaire. He sailed on board ML 447.
6 months later he was one of the ten Commandos who took part in Operation Musketoon. Seven were taken prisoner and later executed. LSgt O'Brien evaded capture after the successful raid and made it back to the UK.  He was awarded the DCM for his actions during this raid.
(Source: LG Publication date: 5 March 1943, Supplement: 35929, Page: 1118)

PEACHEY, Frederick

LSgt Peachey served with No 2 Commando from its early days. He was a Private in 4 troop and Lance Sgt later on in 1 troop.

The then Corporal Peachey was awarded the Military Medal for "Gallant and distinguished services in Italy". [Source: LG Publication date: 13 January 1944, Supplement: 36327, page: 257]

LSgt Peachey was awarded a Bar to his Military Medal for "Gallant and distinguished services in Italy". [Source: LG Publication date: 21 August1945, Supplement: 37235, page: 4267]

PRYOR, Frederick William

Sgt Pryor MM was killed during operations in Normandy.

He was awarded the Military Medal for leadership, gallantry and devotion to duty while serving with Royal Marine Commandos in Italy.
[Source LG Publication date: 23 June 1944, Supplement: 36583, Page: 3040]


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