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Captain Alderson MC, OC 6 troop,  was was killed during the action at Leese in Germany.
He had rejoined No.3 Commando after being wounded in the knee at Amfreville during the Normandy landings. He was awarded the Military Cross "In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Normandy."



Capt. Bassett-Wilson MC was killed during operations with 9 Commando at Lake Comacchio, Italy.
A former pupil of Stowe School and student at Trinity College, he had earlier served as a Lieutenant in No 12 Commando and took part in the raid at St Nazaire. He was one of the commando contingent on board ML 443 and was evacuated back to the UK.
He was awarded the MC in 1944 for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy."

BEADLE, Ian Nigel Neville

Major Ian Beadle MC 45RM Commando
Formerly Captain of 'E' troop, Ian Beadle was awarded the MC in 1945, whilst Acting Temporary Major with 45RM Commando for " distinguished service while operating with the Army in NW Europe."  (Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36947, page 998, and Supp. 36992, page 1507.)

BLACK, Graeme Delamere

Capt. Black DSO, MC, was executed whilst a Prisoner of War. He was one of the seven Commandos of No. 2 Commando who were captured after Operation Musketoon, and later executed under Hitler's Commando Execution Order, at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Berlin, 1942.

BLAKE, John Philip

Capt Blake MC 43RM Commando
Capt. Blake MC was killed during operations against the enemy held island of Brac.
He had been awarded the MC for " leadership, gallantry and devotion to duty while serving with Royal Marine Commandos in Italy."
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36583, page 3040.)

BOYLE, Richard

Major Boyle MC was killed serving with the 1st Black Watch during operations at the River Rhine crossing having left the Commando. (1) 
He had previously served as Captain of 'D' Company,  'D' Bn.  Layforce, and was one of those who escaped from Crete after the ill fated action there. (2)
In 1942 he was awarded the MC for gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East. (3)

BURN, Michael Clive

Capt. Burn MC 2 Commando
Capt. Burn, 6 troop, was awarded the MC for "gallant and distinguished service during the raid at St Nazaire."  He was i/c of the commando contingent on board ML 192 and was taken prisoner after the raid.
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 37162, page 3493.)

BUTLER, Brian Dear

Major Butler MC was killed at Chateau d'Amfreville during severe mortaring of their HQ. He and five others were killed. Lt T.N. Skelly and three others wounded. He had previously been awarded the Military Cross whilst a T/Captain for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy".
Sources: No 3 Commando War Diary dated 11th June 1944.
London Gazettes publication date 25th January 1944; Supplement 36349; Page 518.

CARR, Richard Philip

Capt. Carr, 1 troop, was attached to the Commandos from the Royal Artillery. He was taken prisoner of war early in 1942 and, despite several escape attempts, remained in captivity for the remainder of the war.
He was awarded the MC whilst serving as a 2nd Lieutenant with the Royal Artillery for 'gallant and distinguished services in action' at Dunkirk.
(Sources: London Gazettes Supp. 34931, page 5201.)

COLLINS, Peter Stratford

Lieut. Collins MC, 'A' troop, was killed during operations against the German held island of Schouwen, Holland.

He was awarded the MC for gallant and distinguished services in the field.
(Sources: The book DDay Commando by Ken Ford and London Gazettes Supp. 37549, page 2087.)

DAVIDSON, Douglas Malcolm

Capt.D.M. Davidson MC
Capt Davidson MC died of wounds sustained on the 14th March whilst leading a patrol and being engaged by the enemy. The location for the entry recorded in the War Diary shows Sidi es Siah. (Source: No 1 Commando War Diary March 1943.)
He was awarded the MC for his gallantry in North Africa. (Source: London Gazette Supplement 35987, page 1846.)

DAY, Stanley Ambrose

Capt. S.A. Day MC 2 Commando
Capt. Day was the Adjutant of No 4 Independent Company, and became Adjutant of No 2 Commando. He was in Lt. Colonel Newman's HQ party at St Nazaire on MGB 314  and taken prisoner after the raid. He was awarded the MC for "gallant and distinguished services" during the raid.
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 37162, page 3493.)

EMSLIE, Hamish Brian

Hamish Brian Emslie, a former Captain in the Royal Marines, was killed in a rocket propelled grenade attack whilst serving as a Major with the Northern Frontier Regiment of the Sultan of Oman Armed Forces.
Earlier, whilst a Lieutenant in the Royal Marines, he was awarded the Military Cross for "Distinguished Service in operations in Malaya".
[Source: London Gazette supp. 39215 published on the 27 April 1951. Page 3.]

GRAY, Thomas Malcolm (Lt Col)

Post WW2 and now with the rank of Colonel, Thomas Malcolm Gray DSO, MC, died whilst serving at HMS President.
In World War Two he was Commanding Officer of 41RM Commando on D Day and later Commanding Officer of 46RM Commando during the River Rhine crossing. He was awarded the MC whilst  Captain (Acting Lieutenant-Colonel) of 41RM Commando.

Citation for the MC

HENDERSON, John Patrick Leo

Lt Henderson 2 Commando
Major Henderson MC, 2 Special Service Brigade, was killed during operations in Italy.
On the 8th May 1940 he transferred from the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry to the Royal Engineers retaining his seniority as 2/Lieutenant.
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 34843, page 2701.)
​He was awarded the MC whilst a Captain (T/Major)  in No 2 Commando at Salerno.



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