No 2 Commando decorations and awards from April 1943

Decorations and awards record from an account in a booklet called No 2 Commando Overseas written by an unknown member of No 2 Commando detailing the period April 13th 1943 to 8th May 1945 Gourock – Ravenna. Original booklet from the collection of L/Sgt Joe Rogers MM, No 2 Cdo 5 troop [transcribed by Di Edwards]

Lt Col J M T F Churchill MC  DSO
Lt Col J M T F Churchill MC
Lt B J Barton MC
Capt M H Webb MC
Capt J P L Henderson
Lt G A Parsons
Capt R H Hooper
Capt L E MacCallum
Capt M W Stilwell
Capt D R Peters
Capt L F McWilliams RAMC
Capt R W Keep
Capt J E G Nicholl
Capt G F Whitfield
Capt C. James *
Sgt Rudge W F
Sgt Ellwood W
Dvr Hausman
CSM Morland P D
CSM Hutton G F
Cpl Jackson J
LCpl Hoggett W *
Sgt O’Brien R DCM
Cpl Peachey F
Cpl Humble W
Cpl Simister C A
L/Cpl Webb J
Sgt White J E
Sgt Myram A E
L/Bdr Gelder J W
L/Bdr Mulcahy T J
Cpl Anchor J
L/Sgt Rogers J G
Drv Dransfield G D
L/Cpl Howard G
L/Sgt Smith T
Sgt Perkins L
Rfn Gill R
Pte Hendry B J
Fus Gray A
Gnr Clark J
CSM Tomlinson
Fus Cooper D
CSM G F Hutton DCM
Pte Kirton E
Sgt Smallbone N
Sgt Barnes W
L/Sgt Murphy L
Sgt L Perkins MM
Capt MacCallum L E

* Not on original list. Added as they served with 2 Commando Brigade Signals.

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