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Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for Royal Naval Beach Commandos.

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CasList = National Archives Army Casualty Lists.
WO = War Office file at the National Archives.

O'Connor D.G.A A/S P/JX 608040 RN MiD A2
O'Donnald P AB   RN   N
O'Hagan Denis James Patrick Lt Cdr O-56170 RCNVR GM* W
O'Rourke J A/S D/JX 392953 RN GM, DSM M
Oag Henry George PO P/SSX 20886 RN DSC E
Oakley Fred     RN   O
Oakley Kenneth A/S D/SSX32778 RN MiD F
Oakley   Lt   RNVR MiD D
Offless J AB V 37973 RCNVR   W2
Ogilvie Joe         V3
Oliver J G S/Lt   RNVR   V
Osbaldstone   S/Lt   RNVR DSM F
Painter P V S/Lt   RNVR   C
Palmer John Lt   RNVR MiD K
Paradise   AB   RN   N
Parkin F AB   RN   N2
Parr Abraham Acton Tel P/JX 232311 RN DSM  
Parr   AB   RN   N
Parrish C S/Lt   RNVR MiD K
Parry D H S/Lt   RNVR   C
Parry J G S/Lt   RNVR   E
Parry L V S/Lt   RNVR   N1
Parsey C S/Lt   RNVR DSM K
Parsons Victor William AS C/JX 374660 RN DSM O
Pascall Maurice PO   RN DSC M1
Paul Stanley Tel C/JX 358108 RN MiD  
Payne W G Lt Cdr   SANF V   F
Payton Jack W/Op 647456 RAF    
Pearson T Lt Cdr   SANF DSC D
Peasley Edward John L/S P/JX 166792 RN MiD H
Peebles A P S/Lt   RNVR   Q
Pendlebury Arthur 'Art' AB V 56436 RCNVR MiD ? W1
Perkins E H Lt   RNVR   R
Perkins R AB   RN   F1
Perrin Frederick Raymond PO P/JX 157866 RN DSM R
Perry Albert AB   RN   N1
Petty Arthur Henry AB V54229 RCNVR DSM W2
Phibbs David Lt   RNVR DSC, MiD A, Q
Phillips G Lt Cdr   RNVR DSC Q
Pirks Edward PO C/JX 136995 RN DSC, MiD H
Pittendrigh J L S/Lt   RNVR MiD C
Pittendrigh William Lt   RNVR DSC F
Pitts 'Tiny'          
Platjouw Joseph Joe L/S V 46327 RCNVR DSC W1
Pocock H PO   RN   N3
Pollock   S/Lt        
Polwin Joe         V3
Portman Charles Berkley Lt   RNVR   K1
Potter-Irwin F D S/Lt   RNVR   U
Potts   AB   RN   N
Powell   AB   RN   N1
Power   Lt   RNVR   A, B
Preistley L S/Lt   RNVR   V
Prestidge Kenneth W/Op 1097069AC2 RAF    
Priddle Raymond C W Sig D/JX 340303 RN MiD  
Prior Redvers M Cdr   RN DSO,DSC* L
Pudney Arthur W A/S P/JX 323658 RN DSC, MiD K
Pugh P L S/Lt   RNVR   U
Quesnel Joseph Louis Robert Lucien AB V 39610 RCNVR MiD W3
Quinn William George Tel C/JX 361334 RN DSM  
Radford R D S/Lt   RNVR   L
Ramsker   AB   RN   N
Ransome Geoffrey Cdr     DSC F, J
Rayburn A Dudley Lt O-61310 RCNVR DSC W2
Raynor Hank          
Read John Jack AB V 45963 RCNVR   W1
Redshaw Maurice Vernon Lt Cdr       N, Q, V
Reid Charles N Lt   RNVR MiD E
Rennie F AB V 61476 RCNVR MiD W3
Richards George Collin PO D/JX 142919 RN DSM R
Richards R C S/Lt   RNVR   C3
Richmond Frederick Frank / Mick OS P/JX 425580 RN MID, CdG S
Roberts H E Lt   RNVR   E
Roberts   Lt   RNVR   D
Roberts   PO   RN MiD,CdG G1
Robinson Malcolm Tel   RN    
Romerile R AB   RN   N
Ross John Dayton Salty AB V 59089 RCNVR   W2
Ross P Lt   RNVR   D
Rowell Morris          
Rowley Leonard, John AB C/JX398826 RN   V;(Burma StarAssn)
Rowse J W S/Lt   RNVR   O
Roy Joseph Felix AB V 58383 RCNVR   W2
Rushworth 'Do Char'         V3
Russell John B Lt   RN DSC** N
Saunders Edward George S A/S D/JX 237823 RN DSM F
Sauve L AB V 4520 RCNVR DSM W2
Savoury John PO/Tel   RN    
Scoltz   S/Lt   RNVR   P
Scott M B S/Lt   RNVR   G1
Scott-Wilson James Lt   RN DSC** F
Seaton Ray AB   RN   N
Seddon R AB   RN   N1
Seedy Harry Lt   RNVR DSC M
Seely Harry Lt Cdr   RNVR DSC M
Seline Mick         V3
Sellars J M     RNVR DSC D
Sergeant B Lt   RNVR   F
Shales Robert Irwin Bob S/Lt O-66130 RCNVR   W2
Shepherd 'Jock'         V3
Sibley Jack AB   RN   N1
Simpson Frederick Fred A/S   RN DSM T
Sims Raymond Thomas Henry PO D/JX 133648 RN DSM K
Sinkins   Lt   RNVR   K
Skerry 'Chuck'         V3
Skinner James Jimmy AB V 57957 RCNVR   W1
Slyfield Malcolm David A/S P/JX 325864 RN DSM A3
Smallman William Henry AB JX 380389 RN   O, F1
Smiley Delbert William Del L/S V 37293 RCNVR DSM W1
Smith A W S/Lt   RNVR   V
Smith C AB   RN   F1
Smith D P S/Lt   RNVR DSC G1
Smith Francis, Sidney PO P/JX 9594 RN DSM A; Burma Star Assn
Smith Haydon Dawson AB V 51476 RCNVR   W1
Smith Irving Big Smith PO A 1702 RCNVR   W3
Smith L W S/Lt   RNVR   M
Smith P M S/Lt   RNVR   E
Smith Robert Bob AB V 41800 RCNVR   W1
Smith   AB   RN   N2
Snelling P S/Lt   RNVR   J
Snow   LT   RNVR   P
Snowden John AB   RN   N
Sowden G AB   RN   N1
Speed James H S S/Lt   RNVR DSC R
Spencer C AB   RN   N
Springall   LS        
Stanley Wallace,Victor PO C/JX 241463 RN DSM A; Burma Star Assn.
Stanton   AB   RN   N2
Stark M A S/Lt   RNVR DSC F
Steel Harold AB V 40651 RCNVR   W1
Stephens W R Lt   RNVR   J
Stephens   S/Lt   RNVR   D
Stephenson R.V. AB D/JX288456   CasReportSalerno.   ADM 358/1892 K
Stevenson D A Pete A/S   RN   C
Stewart S A S/Lt   RNVR   U
Stewart   A/S   RN   G1
Still William,  J. S/Lt   RNVR MiD T
Stillman Alec, 'Don'         V3
Stone Bernard Sig   RN    
Stone George AB V 59719 RCNVR   W1
Stoneforth Robert Bob     RN   M
Strafford E O Sgt   RM   C
Stubbs P W F Lt. Cdr   RN DSC (Source: Navy Lists) N
Summers R W S/Lt   RNVR DSC J
Sutherland Donald Marshall Lt O-7 1250 RCNVR   W1
Sutherland J AB V 57957 RCNVR   W1
Swain A H S/Lt   RNVR   R
Sykes   AB   RN   N2
Symonds J Lt   RNVR   E
Tapley John Grahame PO D/JX 139148 RN DSM R
Taylor J.B. S/Lt   RNVR    
Taylor Terence Reginald Parry AB   RN   N
Taylor Thomas W A/S P/JX 201278 RN DSM ,MiD K
Telfer H Lt   RNVR MiD F
Thacker Archibald PO V 1434 RCNVR   W2
Therien Armand AB V 31372 RCNVR   W1
Thom K J          
Thomas W A AB   RN   N
Thomson R Cdr   RN   M
Thomson   S/Lt   RNVR   D, J
Thornbarrow   A/S   RN   N1
Threlfell J S/Lt   RNVR   C
Towers G A Lt Cdr   RNVR   S
Townends Leonard G Tel C/JX 425031 RN MiD  
Trewin Donald Frederick AB V 57668 RCNVR   W2
Tuff C AB V 56817 RCNVR   W2
Turner David R A/S   RN   M
Turney W A S/Lt   RNVR   J
Turton Thomas J Lt   RNVR MiD N3
Underwood F PO   RN   N2
Urwin J S/Lt   RNVR   T
Usher John     RN   F
Vaillancourt Jacque Lt O-74790 RCNVR MiD W3
Varley Alex Lt   RNVR MiD N2
Vaughan K L S/Lt   RNVR MiD D
Veal Herbert V Lt   RNVR DSC K
Venn Henry Albert Lt   RNVR DSC M
Verity R G Lt   RNVR DSC K
Verran W S/Lt   RNVR   P
Vierson J A S/Lt   RNVR   Q
Vilneff George AB V 53046 RCNVR DSC W1
Vine-Jones Herbert Lt   RNVR MiD F
Wadsworth D G S/Lt   RNVR   O
Wake Roger Lt        
Walker George S/Lt   RNVR   R
Walker James Gray Lt O-75580 RCNVR   W
Walker W W R A/S P/JX 383763 RN DSM,MiD K
Wallace William Brian S/Lt   RNVR   N2
Wallbank Ron Sig   RN    
Walsh William D A/S C/SSX 27179 RN MiD F
Walton R I Lt     DSM C
Ward P A Lt   RNVR   N3
Ware H Tel   RN    
Warren Denis A LS V 39693 RCN   W1
Waterworth Alan A/S D/JX 363891 RN MiD, CdG F
Watkins Ivor Eugene Junior AB V 44071 RCNVR MiD, CdG W1
Watson Jim AS   RN   F
Watson William P A/S C/JX 397187 RN MID S
Watt Arthur Frederick AB V 56914 RCNVR   W2
Watts F E S/Lt   RNVR   E
Webster R AB   RN   N
Welsh D Lt     MiD H
Westerman L OD V 58750 RCNVR   W3
Western E R Lt   RNVR   K
Weston Norman Sig   RN    
Wheeler R G Lt   RNVR   J
White Joseph AB V 5019 RCNVR   W2
Whitehorn Derek S/Lt   RNVR   F
Whyte James          
Whyte R B S/Lt   RNVR   C
Wild Philip          
Wilders D W S/Lt   RNVR   D
Wilkins   PO   RN   H
Wilkinson   PO   RN   H
Williams H S/Lt   RNVR   N2
Williams Taffy PO   RN   Q
Willie Douglas B          
Willis S E 'Sis' S/Lt   RNVR DSC F
Wills H Lt   RNVR   S
Wilson A Lt Cdr   RNVR DSC C
Wilson J Lt   RNVR   F
Wilson 'Tug'         V3
Wing Charles A/S   RN   L
Winn George PO V 8098 RCNVR   W1
Wolton H M          
Wood Maurice A P Padre   RNVR DSC  
Woodall Cyril A/S   RN DSM O3
Woodall Earl Gerald AB V 15246 RCNVR DSM W2
Woodcock   MR        
Woodhouse R E S/Lt   RNVR   L
Woods William AS   RN   D
Woollard   Lt   RNVR   L
Worden Sidney A/S   RN   K
Worracker   AB   RN   N2
Wostenholme A AB   RN   N
Wright W AB V 67555 RCN   W1
Wyatt Jan PO   RN   H
Wyllie J R Lt   RNZVR   T3
Yelland J S/Lt   RNVR    
Young J Lt Cdr   RN   J, O
Yule   LS   RCN    

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