RN Beach Commandos H-N

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for the Royal Naval Beach Commando.

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Hall John Bell Sig   RN    
Hall Robert A/S P/JX 264076 RN   K
Hall Ronald Marshall PO P/JX149429 RN DSM K
Hallos Harry L/S D/JX 201772 RN   A
Hamilton J C C Lt   RN   M
Hampshire A Cecil Lt   RN   H
Hampson Harold George Lt O-30400 RCNVR   W2
Hannaford Edward H S/Lt   RNVR MiD E, Q
Harding C AB V 61890 RCNVR   W3
Hardy A H Lt   RNVR   L
Hargreaves Harry Lt   RNVR   NK
Harrington J AB V 16892 RCNVR   W3
Harris Geoffrey Coder P/JX 405338 RN DSM ,MiD  
Harris Ian Antrobus Lt   RANVR DSC N1
Harrison George A/S   RN   G1
Harvey J S S/Lt   RNVR   V
Harvey Ken PO   RN   E
Haslett   S/Lt   RNVR   C
Hatch Carr Lt O-31610 RCNVR   W2
Hatton Ken AS   RN   O3
Havers Arthur Cdr   RN OBE,DSO,MiD K
Hay R L/S V 45449 RCNVR   W3
Hayden F W Lt   RNVR   O
Haynes Micky Lt       H
Hazelwood F PO   RN   N2
Heal S C S/Lt   RNVR   U
Hearne F H Lt Cdr   RNVR   E
Hearne W A S/Lt   RNVR   M
Henderson Andrew AS   RN   G
Hewett Rn Lt   RNVR   J
Hildreth Clem AB V 64412 RCNVR   W1
Hill G S/Lt   RNVR   N3
Hill C R J 'Pusser' Lt   RNVR   H3
Hillman G C Sgt   RM   C
Hobman Ronald Tel P/JX 308549 RN MiD  
Hodges M W S/Lt   RCNVR   W
Hodgetts Paddy PO   RN   Q
Hodgson A B S/Lt   RNVR   A, B
Holland J          
Hollands Arthur PO   RN   M
Holmes   S/Lt   RNVR   C
Holwill Gordon PO   RN   A2
Hooson 'Scouse'         V3
Hope Thomas Lt   RNVR DSC K
Hopkins J P I Lt   RNVR   V
Horel J AB V 45584 RCNVR   W3
Hort S H S/Lt   RNVR DSC H
Horton E AB C/JX354402   CasReport Salerno.   ADM 358/1892 K
Hough James PO D/SSX14392 RN   L
Howard John Thomas PO C/JX 110176 RN   F
Howard S Lt   RNVR   U
Howe   Lt   RNVR MiD C
Howell Thomas H E S/Lt   RNVR MiD J
Hudson   Cdr   RN   H
Hughes D AB   RN   N
Hunt Thomas A/S D/JX 304950 RN DSM F
Husband A P S/Lt   RNVR DSM L
Hutton Alexander AS   RN   J
Hutton F M Lt Cdr   RNVR   V
Jackson Earl AB V 44344 RCNVR   W3
Jackson Sandy          
Jamieson A Lt   RNVR   T, S
Jarrett George PO A2635 RCNVR   W1
Jarvis A S/Lt   RNVR   Q
Jeff Joe A/B       P
Jenkins   Cdr       G
Johnson G          
Johnstone Richard John 'Dick' Lt Cdr O-37140 RCNVR   W
Jonas P L S/Lt   RNR   D
Jones E R R Lt   RNVR   O
Jones H G Lt   RNVR   F
Jones Hugh L PO   RN BEM J
Jones John Jack AB V 42208 RCNVR BEM W3
Jones John Lt   RNVR MiD C
Jones Robert L/S V 841 RCNVR MiD W3
Joyce John L/S A 4041 RCNVR   W1
Joyes W F AB V 17772 RCNVR   W3
Kennedy Douglas AB V 41864 RCNVR   W2
Kent Douglas Thomas Lt   RNVR DSC* C
Keys Kenneth S/Lt   RNVR DSC MiD S
Kidd G Sgt     MiD C
Killick Fred Lt   RNVR   L
Kimberley Harry A/S C/JX 169896 RN MiD H
King D C A S/Lt   RNVR MiD E
King J AB V 51758 RCNVR   W3
King       RN   G1
Kipling Sydney AB P/SSX 29029 RN MiD N2
Kitteridge E Lt   RNVR   E
Knight N AB V 54536 RCNVR   W1
Koch L AB V 51953 RCNVR   W3
Kroshewsky Daniel AB V 64415 RCNVR   W2
Laing E A M Lt   RNVR   C
Laird Hugh W L/S DLJX 150456 RN MiD , CdG S
Lamb G S/LT   RNVR   T
Lamb R L/S   RN MiD, CdG N1
Lambert B C Lt Cdr   RNVR   P
Lang B L S/Lt   RNVR   F
Lappage Ronald AB P/JX 388551 RN MiD Q
Lauder H S/Lt   RNVR   C
Lawrence A Lt   RNVR   O
Lawrence Ron Lt   RNVR    
Layton J A Lt   RNVR   S
Leake F H A Lt   RNVR   P
Leeke G Henry Lt   RNVR MiD H
Lefever G C Lt   RNVR MiD J
Legatt William Coder P/JX 227523 RN MiD  
Lennon   AS   RN   G1
Leroy R     RNVR   F
Letby J PO   RN   N1
Lewis   S/Lt   RNVR   P
Lightfoot Peter 'Patrick' AB   RN   N1
Lindsay J W Lt   RNVR   J
Lines T A Capt       C
Linlow G H E S/Lt   RNVR   H
Lock   S/Lt   RNVR   A, B
Lockwood-Bunce J A S/Lt   RNVR   E
Lomas J S/Lt   RNVR   D
Lomax H L S/Lt   RNVR   U
Lonsdale   PO   RN   N
Lord P S/Lt   RNVR   J
Lovatt Thomas, William Acting PO D/SSX30476   CasReport Salerno.   ADM 358/1892 M
Lowery S AB   RN   N
Lowndes W E G Lt Cdr   RN   P
Lucas J C Lt   RNVR   G
Lucas J S S/Lt   RNVR   N3
Lucas 'Lofty' AS   RN   G
Luckin / Lukin J B Lt   RNVR   A, B
Luff Charles AB V 56817 RCNVR   W2
Lynn   Motor Mechanic       V3
Macbeth John Kenneth 'Jack' Lt O-43440 RCNVR DSC W3
Macdonald A C Lt Cdr   RN   R
Macdonald Edward Armstrong S/ Lt   RNVR   A
Macdonald O C Lt Cdr   RANVR MiD G
Macdonald Willam Melville Lt Cdr O-44030 RCNVR   W
Macintyre Alfred AB V 55697 RCNVR   W2
Mackenzie D          
Mackland   AB   RN   N
Madden G AB V 24212 RCNVR   W3
Maloney G AB   RN   N1
Mannering Sidney AB   RN   H
Manning 'Jan'         V3
Mantais L AB V 60982 RCNVR   W3
Marsh Johnny AS   RN   Q
Marshall   AB   RN   N
Martin T Lt   RNVR   G
Martin Thomas Lt   RN DSC G
Martin   S/Lt   RNVR   E
Matthais J K Lt   RNVR DSC L
Maylon Charles Frederick A/S C/JXD 167181 RN DSC H
Mcarthur D Lt Cdr   RNVR DSM, MiD G
Mcarthur J C S/Lt   RNVR   T
Mcauley F S P K Lt   RNZNVR   J
Mcauliffe George AS   RN   L
Mccann John A/S C/JX 351309 RN MiD F
Mcclune James Reginald PO C/SSX 2424 RN DSM, MiD L
Mcconnell A S/Lt   RNVR DSM C
Mcdewell J L/S   RN   F1
Mcdonald W AB   RN   F1
Mcfadden Michael A/S   RN   L
Mcgann J          
Mcgrann George A/S C/JX 407081 RN   A
Mchenry   AB   RN   N
Mcintosh J T S/LT   RNVR   N3
Mcintosh T AB   RN   F1
Mcintyre Douglas PO V 5747 RCNVR   W2
Mckinlay Ronald Harry George PO P/JX 245579 RN CGM P
Mclean   S/Lt   RNVR   P
Mclennan F J S/Lt   RNVR CGM  
Mcpherson J C S/Lt   RNVR DSC G
Middleton   Lt   RNVR DSC C
Millar R D S/LT   RNVR   D
Milne Eric G S PO C/JX 160081 RN MiD, CdG F1
Mitchell J E M Lt  Cdr   RNVR   P
Mitchell R B S/Lt   RNVR MiD , CdG D
Mitchell Robert N Tel NZ 4492 RN MiD  
Mitchell   Lt Cdr       T
Mitchell   AS   RN   G1
Moffatt Robert Sig D/JX 248258 RN MiD  
Moran Patrick L/S P/JX 170231 RN MiD S
Morel J AB V 45584 RCNVR MiD W3
Morgan Theo C Lt     MiD  
Morley Johnny         V3
Morris Arthur Edward Art AB V 38938 RCNVR   W2
Moses G E Lt   RNVR   V
Murphy Donald AB V 2980 RCNVR   W3
Murphy William Robert L/S V 5392 RCNVR   W2
Murray Harold Tiny AB V 19196 RCNVR   W1
Nadin R Sig   RN    
Neal K J S/Lt   RNVR DSC F
Neavers C P Lt Cdr   RNVR   T
Needham R AB   RN   F1
Nelson Russell Charles AB V 38716 RCNVR   W2
Newby W AB   RN   F1
Newell William AB V 57709 RCNVR   W1
Newport John Alfred AB P/JX 38625 RN   S,T
Nicholl H R M Cdr   RN DSC G
Nix   S/Lt   RNVR   R
Norris   Cdr     DSC C
Norwood Roger Lt     DSC, MiD* K
Notley   Lt   RNVR DSM A, B

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