RN Beach Commandos D-G

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for the Royal Naval Beach Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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D'Arcy Jack Orchard Lt Cdr   RNVR MiD R
Dalton Alan N G S/Lt   RNVR   P
David   Lt Cdr        
Davis Allan S/Lt   RNVR   O3
Davy / Davey Albert Charles L/S D/JX25236 RN DSM F
Day Charles William A/S C/JX379987 RN DSM R
Deacon T A S/Lt   RNVR   T, S
Demontigny Paul AB V 50928 RCNVR   W3
Deruchie L AB V 4365 RCNVR   W3
Dixon- Smith   Lt   RNVR   H
Dodd Oscar A W S/Lt   RNVR MiD M
Dodds O AB   RN   N
Donger Richard S/Lt   RNVR MiD CdG F
Dove Eric Tel   RN    
Dowle V AB   RN   N1
Downey Vincent Joseph AB V 57751 RCNVR   W2
Dowsett Derek S/Lt   RNVR   R
Dowsing   S/Lt       R
Draffen D B          
Draper Norman Ernest M/Ship   RNVR DSC,MiD G1
Duffin E AB   RN   F1
Dunbar A G Lt       C
Duncan   Cdr   RN   A, B
Dunn C C Lt   RNVR   T, S
Durham D Lt   RNVR   C
Eade   S/Lt   RNVR   G
Eddy Edward Christopher A/S D/JX303084 RN   Northney
Egginton D Lt Cdr   RNVR   J
Ellman Samuel E A S/Lt   SANF MiD M
Emery Donald A/S D/SSX29684 RN DSM F
Ensoll J S/Lt   RNVR   D
Epstein R S/Lt   RNVR   D
Evans D K Lt   RNVR   H
Evans Ray S/Lt   RNVR DSC  
Eyre G B Lt Cdr   RNVR   U
Fagence Jungle George A/S   RN   H
Fairley J S/Lt   RNVR   H
Fairs Alf         O
Farr B C S/Lt   RNVR   J
Farthing Benjamin Lt   RINVR MiD A
Faubert Paul Louis AB V 44355 RCNVR   W2
Faulks/Faults C AB   RN   F1
Fearn Stanley PO D/JX142689 RN DSM K
Fedder William Charles PO C/JX 140885 RN DSM J
Felgar   A/S   RN   P
Feltham W J PO   RN BEM D
Ferguson W Lt   RNVR   Q
Ferguson   Lt   RNVR   K
Finley Eric Gault Skip Lt 0-23710 RCNVR   W1
Fish T AB   RN   N
Fisher Micky          
Fison   Lt Cdr        
Flemming M AB V 42327 RCNVR   W3
Foreman Harry Coffin Lynas PO P/UDX 1241 RN DSM S
Forsyth John Edward L/S V 10963 RCNVR   W2
Foulger J AB   RN   N
Fox David AB   RN   O, F1
Fox John Lloyd Jack AB V 57307 RCNVR   W1
Fox-Brown A S/Lt   RNVR   N1, U
Franklin Richard Lt   RNVR DSC D
Freemantle Edmund S D Lt   RNVR DSC P
Frohock J Lt   RNVR   K
Gallagher P T S/Lt   RNVR   T, S
Gamblin Frederick James AB V 59716 RCNVR   W3
Gardiner R S/Lt   RNVR   E
Gascoiguea John          
Gaster Jack S/Lt   RNVR   J
Gear Eric PO   RN   Q
George T S/Lt   RNVR   V
Germaine A AB v 38689 RCNVR   W3
German George          
Gerrish H L S/Lt   RNVR   K
Gibson H          
Gibson M S/Lt   RNVR   V
Gilbert   AB   RN   N2
Gilbey Ernest F L/S C/JX 334144 RN MiD M
Giles Ron     RN   C
Gillings W          
Gladwell R E S/Lt   RNVR   U
Glennie   Lt   RNVR   S
Glover Joseph A/S C/JX 375393 RN MiD K
Goddard Henry John A/S C/JX 279669 RN DSM A
Godwin W R S/Lt       A, B
Goodale David F Lt   RN DSC,MiD E
Gooding Thomas Wiliam PO D/JX161420 RN DSM F1
Goodwin Dennis Charles AB V 62012 RCNVR   W2
Gordon D J S/Lt   RNVR   G
Gouge   S/Lt   RNVR   P
Graham   Lt   RNVR   M
Grainger   PO   RN MiD N2
Green E Lt   RNVR   G
Green Kenneth AS   RN   Q
Greenland P S/Lt   RN   A, B
Greenway A K B S/Lt   RNVR   P
Greenwood D AB V 61245 RCNVR   W3
Gregory Samuel L/S   RN   N1
Gregory-Smith William Frank Niemann Capt   RN DSC* DSO* T, S
Griffin   S/Lt   RNVR   C
Griffiths F S/Lt   RNVR   O
Groves John L/S   RN    
Gueritz Edward Findley Lt   RN DSC* F
Gurney E S/Lt   RNVR   U

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