RN Beach Commandos A-C

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for the Royal Naval Beach Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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Adams Joseph Patrick L/S V 31229 RCNVR   W2
Addison Kenneth G A/S D/SSX 29363 R DSM E
Adkins A          
Ainsworth Jack          
Aitcheson   AS   RN   R
Akroyd Donald          
Albrechtson Francis Conrad AB V 61185 RCNVR   W1
Alderton Paul S/Lt   RNVR DSC F / H
Aldrin   Lt   RNVR DSC L
Alexander   Lt Cdr   RN   N
Allen J V AB V 49877 RCNVR   W1
Anderson A A Lt Cdr   RANVR   E
Andrew A J Lt   RNVR   L
Andrew D Keith S/Lt   RNVR   T
Angus Forrest  'Forrie' Lt 0-2340 RCNVR   W3
Archibald   Lt   RNVR   V
Armstrong C OD v 61150 RCNVR   W
Ashton F H Lt Cdr   RN    
Ashton James          
Atkin   S/Lt   RNVR   R
Aylett W AB   RN   F1
Bagnall A A Sgt   RM   C
Baldwin Robert L/S D/MDX 2177 RN MiD C
Ball J M AB   RN   F1
Ball J M AB   RN   N
Ball Jack A/S   RN   O3
Ballard A H Lt Cdr   RN DSC A
Ballard   A/S   RN   A
Barker G J S/Lt   RNVR   C
Barley D J S/Lt   RNVR   O
Barnes G A/S   RN   H
Barnes Ronald V AB V 47862 RCNVR   W2
Barr John S/Lt   RNVR MiD, CdG S
Barrett D G 'Spud' Lt   RNVR   H
Barry Kenneth G AS P/JX 388551 RN MiD R
Bartlett Sandy     RN   O, M
Bayly Patrick 'Uniacke' Lt Cdr   RN DSC** M
Beck Stanley AB D/SSX 2643 RN MiD F
Beckman K OD V 65150 RCNVR   W
Beere 'Taffy'     RN   H
Bell N Lt Cdr   RNVR   J
Bendall A R Lt   RNVR   R
Bendall D C Lt   RNVR   M
Bentham W Lt   RNVR   A, B
Bentley Jack 'Bangalore' Lt 0-6020 RCNVR   W
Bentley-Buckle Anthony William Lt   RN   G3
Berkeley-Portman   Lt       K
Berry Ernest Lt   RNVR DSC M
Best Harry PO C/JX 159393 RN DSM L
Betts   Lt   RNVR   J
Bevis KJ S/Lt   RNVR   U
Bibby D T Lt   RNVR DSC C
Bielski A E M/Ship   RNVR   C
Bintner J A F S/Lt   RNVR   N
Birley Hugh S/Lt   RNVR   N3, L, D
Blackmore D S/Lt   RNVR   R
Blackwell Richard Lt   RNVR DSC K
Blackwell   S/Lt   RNVR   K
Blench Edward AS   RN   Q
Bloomer   S/Lt   RNVR   L
Boord Sidney J S Cdr   RN    
Bourne   PO   RN   N
Bowman J AB   RN   F1
Bramble Joe B Lt   RNVR   M
Bridgeland A R S/Lt   RNVR   R
Briggs L Lt   RNVR   M
Brind Clarence A/S D/JX 213610 RN MiD A
Brindle F S/Lt   RNVR   D
Brinkley Frank E Lt   RN DSC E
Brister   S/Lt   RNVR   M
Broadway H S/Lt   RNVR   E
Bromley Ray L/S   RN   N1
Brown A D S/Lt   RNVR   K
Brown G S/Lt   RNVR   F
Brown P Lt   RNVR   R
Brown   A/S   RN   N
Burden William AB V 43750 RCNVR   W2
Burgess Neville Arthur OS C/JX 354547 RN    
Burgess R G S/Lt   RNVR   E
Burke W          
Burns George AS   RN   H
Burse Reginald Clarence AB V 48280 RCNVR   W1
Burton A E PO   RN   C
Butler J B S/Lt   RNVR   J
Byer Cecil AB V 54476 RCNVR   W3
Byers H AB V34795 RCNVR   W3
Caler J AB V 46031 RCNVR   W3
Campbell Louis Oliver Lt 0-11800 RCNVR   W3
Campbell R H S/Lt   RNVR   J
Canning   Lt   RNVR   C
Cant M H Lt   RNVR   N
Carr John Robert          
Carver P Lt   RNVR   H
Casbourne James Clifton AB V 56832 RCNVR   W1
Casey P G S/Lt   RNVR   R
Cattell Albert AS   RN   G
Causden B S/Lt   RNVR   V
Causley J C Lt   RNVR   V
Celev J AB V 46031 RCNVR   W3
Chandler Arthur AS   RN   K, N
Chaplin Arnold David PO P/JX 156000 RN DSM M
Chilvers D H S/Lt   RNVR   T, S
Christie Charles Black Lt 0-13770 RCNVR   W2
Church J A Lt   RNVR   L
Clark Henry PO D/SSX 20145 RN   E
Clarke J Lt Cdr   RNVR   L
Clarke T A F S/Lt   RNVR   J
Claughton Clifford S/Lt   RNVR   H
Clifford   A/S   RN   H, G
Cobham Anthony Lt   RN GC, MBE H
Cockshoot   S/Lt   RNVR   J
Coffey Pat     RN    
Collar Michael Lt   RN MiD F
Compston Sidney A/S D/JX 169001 RN DSM F1
Cook G AB   RN   F1
Cook Oswald S/Lt   RNVR DSC G
Cook William Dennis A/S C/JX 377978 RN DSM R
Coppock Robin S/Lt   RNVR DSC C
Cotton J S/Lt   RNVR   U
Couldrey S M S/Lt   RNVR   U
Cox J C S/Lt   RNVR   E
Crammond R M Lt   RNVR   Q
Crickmar L Lt   RNVR   N1
Cronikhite Winston F AB V 61557 RCNVR   W2
Cronin John Bernard Lt 0-16890 RCNVR   W3
Crough Raymond 'Mother' AB V 19467 RCNVR   W1
Crowhurst Kenneth Guy Lt 0-17120 RCNVR   W1
Crowther B S/Lt   RNVR   M
Cruickshanks George          
Crutwell   Lt   RNVR   C
Cullen J AB   RN   F1
Cunningham John Ritchie Lt 0-14270 RCNVR   W2
Curtis F A S/Lt   RNVR   D

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