No 9 Commando Nominal D - H

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 9 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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D'Arcy Edward John Capt 173842 MC Ramc
Dabb H E Lt 323544   Kings Regt
Dagg S V Cpl T/92529   Rasc
Daley E Pte 858262   London Scottish
Daniels Samuel L/Bdr 14322499 MM R Artillery
Davidson Alexander (ECK) Pte 2758315   Black Watch
Davidson John Fus      
Davies Michael Alfred William Capt   MC  
Day R Fus      
De Lapp   Capt     Ramc
Dean F Fus 3607581   R Inniskilling Fusiliers
Deans James Cpl      
Delaney M Fus 3458791   Lancs Fusiliers
Delaney William Henry Lcpl 3860444   Border Regt
Dempster James Pte      
Dennie J Pte      
Dickinson James Sidney Sgt 3889716   East Lancs Regt
Dickie Robert Finn Pte 2988081   A & Sh
Dimalow Phillip Keith Lt 180304   Durham L I
Dixon Frank Ronald        
Dobb Ernest Lt      
Docker E Csm      
Dodd G Pte      
Donnelly James Pte 3196664   K O S B
Dons-Madsen Erik Lcpl 6299813   Buffs
Douglas Graham Pte 2985574   A & Sh
Downing J D Pte      
Drummond Alexander Gnr      
Drury G F Csm      
Duncan C J L/Cpl      
Duncan Ronald L/Cpl      
Dundas Duncan L/Sgt      
Dunlop A Pte      
Dunning-White J M Lt Col 13278   8 Hussars
Durkin J Pte 3059066   Royal Scots
Dwyer T Pte 3772173   Kings Own Royal Regt
Dyke A Rfn      
Eames William Pte      
Ebben D Pte 14736726   Somerset Li
Eden George Rfn 6850527   Krrc
Edger W Pte      
Edmonds William George Pte 6348327   R West Kent Regt
Elliot Duncan Pte S/10673657   Rasc
Ellis E Pte 5625296   Devonshire Regt
Espley Victor Clarence Pte 902005   N Staffs Regt
Evans E A Pte      
Evans J A G Bdr     R Artillery
Fairell E Pte 14516303   A & Sh
Farmer Henry Pte 4350517   East Yorks Regt
Farmer R Pte 1595357   Rwf
Farquhar J K Pte 2821551 MM Seaforth Hldrs
Feedam William Henry Pte 4038825   Ksl I
Felle T H Fus 14443639   R Inniskilling Fusiliers
Fenner R Pte 14736391   Ox & Bucks L I
Fenwick E Pte 14801431   Gordon Hldrs
Ferguson Angus Macleod Capt 28736 CBE Black Watch
Ferrey Martin C Capt     Cameronian
Fetigans S Dvr      
Finlay David (PIPER) Cpl 2757157   Black Watch
Fisher A Pte      
Flear P H Capt 268232   R Signals
Forbes Ian M Rfn      
Forbes Robert L/Bdr 902786   R Artillery
Foreman D Pte 4546719   R Hampshire Regt
Fortune George Thomas Lcpl      
Foster Robert Lcpl      
Foster Roy        
Fountain M Pte 14736735   Somerset Li
Fowler W Lcpl 6913481   Royal Fusiliers
Frampton E Gnr 2857339   R Artillery
Fraser A Cpl 2822034   Seaforth Hldrs
Galbraith M Pte NS/8430   R Hampshire Regt
Gales H W L/Cpl      
Gallacher John Joseph Pte 2979485   A & Sh
Gardiner Frederick Cpl 6848697   Krrc
Gardner J L/Cpl 3535628   Manchester Regt
Garrington W T Gdsm      
Garvie J Lcpl 2822297   Seaforth Hldrs
Gaunt J Pte 6347320   R Berkshire Regt
Gellatly John Pte 3318356   A & Sh
Gibson James Lang Capt      
Gilbert J T Sgt      
Gill Albert John L/Bdr      
Gillespie C W Lt     Ramc
Gingell Harold (JACK)        
Ginn J W Lbdr 14382309   R Artillery
Glancy J Cpl 3055034   Royal Scots
Glen John Pte      
Glendinning Bernard M Cpl 3450580   Lancs Fusiliers
Goddard I P Pte      
Goldie Alexander Bdr 1476335   R Artillery
Goodwin J Lcpl 280379   Rasc
Gordon Edward Lsgt 2873670   Gordon Hldrs
Gorman G P Cpl      
Gorman J L/Sgt 3523913   Manchester Regt
Goss R Pte 2041718   London Scottish
Graham L Pte 14729560   Devonshire Regt
Grant J F Rsm      
Graves Derek Cpl      
Graves K L/Sgt 2880938   London Scottish
Gray Frederick Charles 'Freddie' Pte 14200811   Seaforth Hldrs
Gray L E Pte 5511428   Q R R
Greave J Pte 3065996   Royal Scots
Greenhill J Pte 14734939   Somerset Li
Greenshields Thomas Cameron Lt 90992   Cameronian
Grieve John Fletcher Pte 2933802   Cameronian
Griffin G Pte      
Griffin R Dvr      
Griffiths B Fus 3447600   Lancs Fusiliers
Griffiths F Tsm 5045886   N Staffs Regt
Grimwade C Pte      
Guthrie H F L/Cpl 3135796   R Scots Fusiliers
Guthrie John Sgt 2758175   Black Watch
Halliday A Pte 14566087   East Yorks Regt
Hamerton A Rfn 1817729   Krrc
Hankinson Walter Lsgt 4201450   Rwf
Hanley J D Gnr     R Artillery
Harris   Pte 1310728   R Artillery
Harvest R M Capt     Lincolnshire Regt
Harvey Wilfred (BARNEY) Capt      
Hatcher W Gnr      
Hawkins W G Pte 14736731   Somerset Li
Hay J Lbdr 1473774   R Artillery
Hayden S M Pte 5825818   Sussex Regt
Haydock Gerald Lsgt 354082   R Artillery
Hayes I M Fus 14701610   Lancs Fusiliers
Healey Wilfred Pte      
Heath G A Rfn 5623162   Krrc
Helen F Gnr 11002011   R Artillery
Henery John Pte      
Herbert H J Pte 5186472   Glos Regt
Hespin J Pte      
Hewitt E Spr      
Higgs E Gnr 2037266   R Artillery
Hilditch E Gnr 1552790   R Artillery
Hill Alex Pte 2889064   Gordon Hldrs
Hill Colin Clive Capt 219245   R Irish Fusiliers
Hill Victor Lionel Gnr 1433589   R Artillery
Hissett G B Lt 94548   R Engineers
Hoare J Pte 1460380   Gordon Hldrs
Hodkinson J Sgt 3446114 MM Lancs Fusiliers
Hodson R Pte      
Hogg J L/Cpl 3190005   K O S B
Holland J Pte 1801165   Krrc
Holmes A Pte 1799384   Yorks & Lancs Regt
Holmes Leslie Thomas Cpl 6897410   Krrc
Hood J Gdm 2665528   Coldstream Gds
Hooper S Pte      
Hopkins Leslie W L/Sgt 6213259 DCM Middlesex Regt
Horrocks R Pte 3535715   Manchester Regt
Horn Francis Henry Cpl      
Horton A J Pte      
Hudson S K Cpl 5550149   Hampshire Regt
Hughes F Cpl 3310694   Highland Li
Hughes George William Stanley Sgt 7360074 MM Ramc
Hughes G Lsgt 2003542   R Engineers
Hughes Joseph Wilfred Lsgt      
Hunt Ernest Arthur Pte 6213166   Middlesex Regt
Hunt G Cpl 4584646   Koyl I
Hunter H Pte 3535764   Manchester Regt
Hunter Harry Cpl 3130410   R Scots Fusiliers
Hunter Robert Pte 2756942   Black Watch
Hurren L Rfn      
Hyslop Sam K L/Cpl      

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