No 9 Commando Nominal A - C

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 9 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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Adcock G Pte 1444290   Gordon Hldrs
Agnew H Pte 7013491   A & SH
Albone Victor Arthur C/Sgt 974087   R Artillery
Aldred Albert Lbdr 3529596   R Artillery
Allan Jack Lcpl 2880907   London Scottish
Allan Jock Bdr     R Artillery
Allaway M Pte 2047258   Sussex Regt
Allen J Pte 3313201   Highland Li
Allen M R H Capt 76441 MC Black Watch
Allen S Gnr      
Allwright Ian Donald Bruce Cpl(Major)      
Anderson John Pte 3716829   KORR
Andrews F Pte 4124984   S Staffs Regt
Armitage J W Sgt      
Arthur Hugh        
Ashworth G Pte      
Aspden J Lbdr 315995   R Artillery
Bacon Raymond William Gnr 1792188   R Artillery
Baker Edward Dvr T/10665750   Rasc
Balfour David Stewart Pte 2936087   A & Sh
Balfour William Campbell Cpl 28844648   Gordon Hldrs
Balls David Gavin Capt 99724   Highland Li
Balneaves Francis William Cpl      
Bamford   Sgt      
Banbury F Cpl 5678008   Royal West Kent
Banks John Pte 2884786   London Scottish
Banks Thomas H Sgt 3317455   Highland Li
Bannon James Pte 2758223   Black Watch
Barnett W Dvr 4696289   Rasc
Bartlett R Pte 6107435   Middlesex Regt
Barton Harold Sgt 3533801 MM Manchester Regt
Bassett-Wilson Paul Francis Capt 165718 MC Innisks
Bates P G T Lt     Rac
Bates W S Capt 53496 MiD R Signals
Batten J Pte      
Baxter   Cpl      
Beadell W Gnr 1517632   R Artillery
Beard A Spr 2194019   R Engineers
Beardmore Thomas RSM 5048331 MiD N Staffs Regt
Beaton W Pte 2822502   Seaforth Hldrs
Beech Reginald (Reggie) W Pte 4039374   KSLI
Belasco Dave Pte      
Bell Thomas Gnr      
Bennell W H Pte      
Bennett W H C Pte      
Bigwood G Dvr T/108066   RASC
Bilsborough Walter L/Sgt 327597   R Artillery
Birkbeck John Edward Hilbert Blake Capt P/266374   RACD
Bisset George Davidson Lt 94549 MiD R Engineers
Bissett George Dickie Pte 2883077   Gordon Hldrs
Black A John Sgt      
Blackhurst John Rfn 6920686   KRRC
Blackie James Gordon Pte 2880769   London Scottish
Blagdon George Graham Gnr     R Artillery
Blake W Pte      
Blyth C Gnr 6837862   R Artillery
Blyth D A Gnr     R Artillery
Bolton Peter H Major 295510 MBE Seaforth Hldrs
Bostock Thomas L/Cpl   MM  
Botting John A Pte 14409152   KOYLI
Bowley Henry Cfn     REME
Bradley John F Fus      
Braithwaite H Cpl 4613732   DWR
Braithwaite Harold Major      
Brand George Sgt 3061224   Royal Scots
Branton Kenneth P Lcpl 5257481   Worc Regt
Brawn Douglas A Pte      
Brennan F Pte 3386504   East Lancs Regt
Bridle J Dvr S/108262   RASC
Brierley H Sgt 3530324   Loyal Regt
Brindle J Dvr      
Brine-Petty F H Capt      
Britton S H L/Cpl 14200752   S Wales Borderers
Brown A Pte 1560796   Essex Regt
Brown Charles Gilbert Pte      
Brown D Pte 3190489   KOSB
Brown J Pte 4350290   East Yorks Regt
Brown J G S Cpl      
Brown Reid L/Cpl 7044540   R Irish Fusiliers
Brown W L/Cpl 2934354   Cameron Hldrs
Bryan Gerald Jackson Lt   MC  
Bryan Henry Joseph (PORKY) Sgt 3392351   East Lancs Regt
Buchanan George Sgt      
Buchanan-Allen Donald Roy Capt 155094   RASC
Burgess E Fus 3526047   Lancs Fusiliers
Burgess Lesley L/Cpl      
Burke J Gnr 3654080   R Artillery
Burns M Spr      
Burns V Gnr 911923   R Artillery
Burt William Charles L/Bdr      
Bush George Lawrence Sgt      
Bush P J Lt 321587   Somerset Li
Butler Howard Herbert Cosen Cpl      
Butler John Cpl 14531039   RAMC
Butterworth F Fus 1493956   Lancs Fusiliers
Calderwood Daniel Cpl      
Caldwell D Cpl 2823168   Seaforth Hldrs
Callif Lesley Stewart Major 138421 MC* Royal West Kent
Cameron Alasdair Pte      
Cameron Donald        
Cameron J Pte 2753952   Black Watch
Cameron Ralph Averne Cyril Capt 99223 MC Cameron Hldrs
Campbell George Lsgt 14359667   Buffs/Coldstream Gds
Campbell James Joseph Gnr     R Artillery
Campbell Kenneth Norman Capt      
Campbell T H Spr      
Campbell-Mclean W Pte      
Campion T H (WHAY) Lsgt 4978529   Sherwood Foresters
Cannon G Pte 1807062   Buffs
Capewell P Pte 1503203   Sherwood Foresters
Carey D S Bdr      
Carlyle D Pte 2752333   Black Watch
Carrie William Wilson Capt 98149   Seaforth Hldrs
Carten J Pte      
Carter A H Lt     R Signals
Cartwright R L/Cpl      
Cassidy J H Rqms 1555904   R Artillery
Cater Tony Capt      
Caudrey Douglas Pte 1795604   London Scottish
Chadwick M R L/Cpl      
Chambers Alexander Rfn 3250016   Cameronian
Chambers H Pte      
Chancellor Wilfred Douglas Bdr 2049911   R Artillery
Chapman R T Lt 262290   Cheshire Regt
Chesney W Rfn      
Chisholm Ian Mitchell Fus      
Chivers Harold (HARRY) Fus      
Chorlton Dudley Kenneth Pte 14724270   Durham L I
Clancy J Cpl 3055034   Royal Scots
Clark D Pte 14604362   A & Sh
Clark Francis William Major 50979   A & Sh
Clarke E Gnr 6460520   R Artillery
Clarke J Gnr      
Clay G Cpl 5348758   R Berkshire Regt
Clemens H Pte 11051319   Royal Fusiliers
Clifton J Gnr      
Climpson Ernest Pte 7365682   RAMC
Cloke S M Lt 273981   R Hampshire Regt
Cochrane Andrew Rae Capt 88299 MiD Cameronian
Cochrane W H Gnr      
Coles W Cpl 3910782   S Wales Borderers
Coles William James Cpl      
Collins A Gnr      
Colville J Pte      
Connelly P Pte 2992429   A & SH
Conway Leonard L/Sgt 6848656   Krrc
Cosgrove Stephen M Cpl      
Coupe L L/Sgt 894763   R Artillery
Cowell J Pte      
Cowie D        
Cowie E L Pte      
Coyne J Pte 2756595   Black Watch
Craig Albert John Csm 2873976   Gordon Hldrs
Cramer John L/Cpl   MM  
Cran H Pte 3064877   Royal Scots
Craven M C Lt     U D F
Crawford B M Pte 3062044   Royal Scots
Crawford Robert Ahan L/Cpl      
Crofts   Gnr 1469999   R Artillery
Crook A Pte      
Crowley William Fus      
Cruickshank Albert Lsgt      
Cullen Robert        
Cunningham J W Capt      
Curran R R Bdr      

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