No 9 Commando Nominal I - O

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 9 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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Innes G Pte 2755031   Black Watch
Ironside W Pte 2991756   A & SH
Irwin Lucas T Gnr     R Artillery
Isaacson R Pte      
Ison George Fus      
Ives Leonard Rfn 878121   London Irish
Jackson H C Sgt 4919445 MM S Staffs Regt
Jackson J Lcpl 14386124   Kings Own Royal Regt
Jameson Robert Evan L/Sgt      
Jarrett W Gnr      
Jewell P R Csm 790299   R Artillery
Jewitt Cressey (JOCK) Sgt      
John F Pte      
Johnston Guthie Pte      
Johnstone Andrew T W Cpl 3716829   Kings Own Royal Regt
Johnstone E Pte 2756972   Black Watch
Johnstone Geoffrey Cpl      
Johnstone George William (GEORDIE) Pte      
Johnstone Robert Pte 3189032   K O S B
Jones H Spr 2033557   R Engineers
Jones J B Pte 3535712   Manchester Regt
Jones W Pte 2064853   London Scottish
Jones William Henry C Pte      
Joplin Reginald George Nk      
Kane Cobber        
Kane Dennis Pte 14286826   K S L I
Kane N J Sgt      
Kay R Dvr      
Keane W F Sgt      
Keating Thomas Cameron Pte 3133680   Black Watch
Keefe J W Pte      
Keil John Leslie Pte 2939369   Cameron Hldrs
Kelly Brian M Sgt 6482224   Royal Fusiliers
Kelso James (BUNNY) Fus      
Kennedy Matthew Durreen (MATT) Major 52189   A & SH
Kennedy Thomas Cameron Pte      
Kennoway George Cray Pte 2939370   Cameronian
Kenny P G Pte      
Kerr D I Pte 2985681   A & SH
Kerry H E Gnr      
Killoran P Spr      
Kilpatrick Charles Pte      
Kindley P H Pte 6299896   Buffs
King Andrew Lcpl      
King Robert L/Cpl 7357784 MM Ramc
Kinghorn David Cpl 3191690   K O S B
Kingsbury Harold Sidney Sgt 3186138 MM Border Regt
Kirkby A Pte 1473731   Somerset Li
Kirkby E Dvr      
Kirwan J Fus 14447475   R Irish Fusiliers
Kither Harry Thomas Capt 96760 MC R Artillery
Knight W Pte 6026253   East Surrey Regt
Knights W Pte 837334   Lancs Fusiliers
Knox Alexander Lcpl      
Kurth R Pte 2933006   Cameron Hldrs
Laing James Piper      
Laird Albert Pte 2756972   Black Watch
Laming F A Pte 897518   Gordon Hldrs
Lamont D I Pte      
Lancaster A L Lcpl 5773335   Norfolk Regt
Lancaster D Fus 3851627   Lancs Fusiliers
Lancaster E Pte 4123431   Cheshire Regt
Lancaster Herbert Sgt      
Lane Peter John Fus 864477   Royal Fusiliers
Large K Cpl 4470275   K O Y L I
Lawes Ernest Arthur        
Lawrence A Pte      
Lawrence A E F Cpl      
Lawson F Pte 14583024   Krrc
Lawson J G Sgt      
Lawson S Pte 1517619   London Scottish
Lawson S Pte 1799652   Gordon Hldrs
Leech J Pte 3350754   Border Regt
Leith G B Gnr      
Lendhill D Pte 14623162   Dwr
Lewis Raymond William Pte 5732424   Worc Regt
Lewis W Pte 1473673   Somerset Li
Liddle J Pte 3322832   Black Watch
Lidster W Pte 4748135   Lancs Fusiliers
Lindsay J L Major      
Lingard D N Gnr      
Linge C A Pte      
Lloyd A E Pte      
Lody Anthony L/Cpl      
Lofthouse Francis George Cpl      
Long Donald Bayley Lt   MC  
Long M Capt 97967 MC A & Sh
Lorimer William Nk      
Love Herbert C (BERT) Pte      
Lowe K Lcpl   MiD  
Loxton H Pte 1704733   Essex Regt
Lucas Harry Hillgrove Capt     R Berkshire Regt
Lynch W Pte 4922528   Pioneer Corp
Maccormack John James Lsgt      
Macdonnell J Pte 14437475   East Surrey Regt
Macinnes Neil Rsm      
Mackay Alexander Bowie        
Mackenzie Alex Pte      
Mackenzie George Potts Cpl      
Mackenzie John        
Mackenzie Ian Robert Cpl     QOCH
Mackenzie Simon J Sgt      
Maclean J Sgt 7516695   RAMC
Macleod Munro Pte      
Magee P Pte 2933752   Cameronian
Mailing D Pte 14447518   Hampshire Regt
Male Leslie P Pte      
Manage/Menage Ernest Frank Sgt      
Mann R Csm 2986799 MiD A & SH
Marsden T Lt 68171   Loyal Regt
Marshall W Pte 3310326   Gordon Hldrs
Martin J Cpl 4200396   RWF
Mason W Pte      
Massey J Fus      
Matthews E Gnr 5192734   R Artillery
Matthews Leslie James Pte 3391673   Border Regt
Maughan J R Rev     RACD
Maughan Robert Mcpherson Rfn 1485103   London Rifle Brigade
Maxwell P Pte      
McAllister Charles Joseph Cpl 3600264   Border Regt
McAllister R Pte 2987006   A & SH
McAllister William Gnr 842944   R Artillery
McAulay Duncan Cpl 3324765   Highland Li
Mcaulay Finlay Campbell Pte 2986407   A & SH
McCall J Rfn      
McCann Bernard James Pte 3708880   RAC
McCartney Alan Fus 3135409   R Scots Fusiliers
McVlearie J Cpl 2932647   Cameron Hldrs
McCormick J L/Sgt 7018621   R Ulster Rifles
McCreath A Pte 2985458   A & SH
McDermott J Cpl 2991503   A & SH
McDonald D L/Sgt 3317322   Highland Li
McDonald J Pte 2022699   Seaforth Hldrs
McDonald J Cpl 3604728   Border Regt
Mcdonald Robert Pte 2821492   Seaforth Hldrs
McDougall-Porter C F Capt 112898   Cameronian
McDouhagh   Pte 14733239   Somerset Li
MEewan W Pte 2990926   A & SH
McFadyen J Pte      
McGeoch H Pte 14748596   R Scots Fusiliers
McGill G L/Cpl 3323587   Highland Li
McGowan R Pte 14543790   K O S B
McGrath J Pte      
MIiver E M Capt 273196   R Artillery
McKenzie A Pte 2951573   A & SH
McKenzie A S Csm 2822652   Seaforth Hldrs
McKinlay Peter        
McKinnon Alexander Edward L/Sgt 3132746   R Scots Fusiliers
McKinnon Donald Sgt 2927748   Cameron Hldrs
McKinnon Donald Roy Sgt      
McLachlan G L/Cpl 7611488   REME
McLean J Lcpl 2002719   R Engineers
McLean J Sgt 7516695   RAMC
McLennan Ronald Leslie Lcpl 2032675   RWF
McLeod M Pte 2822845   Seaforth Hldrs
McLeod Norman Cpl      
McMiles John Csm 3910393   SWB
McMinnis Ernest Cpl 325546   R Artillery
McNeil J Capt      
McNeil R J Csm 3189537   K O S B
McPherson G Mcg F L/Sgt 2761028 MM Black Watch
McWilliams W Lcpl 3308864   Highland Li
Meadows Alexander Pte      
Meakin Frank Gnr     R Artillery
Meehan Rowland Thomas (BOBBY) Lsgt 4922144   S Staffs Regt
Mesmer Roy Alfred Pte 5783885   Norfolk Regt
Metcalfe Harry Sgt      
Middleton Peter Gnr 881646   R Artillery
Miller M J (DUSTY) Csm 4911007   S Staffs Regt
Milligan John Pte      
Mills V H George Major 51999   Essex Regt
Mitchell A Ssgt 7586369   REME
Mitchell J Pte 2756938   Black Watch
Mitchell James Lsgt 6348465   R West Kent Regt
Mitchell R W Pte      
Moir Bertram Wigton Fus 3127401   R Scots Fusiliers
Moir J Pte 2884011   Border Regt
Moloney   Pte 28833960    
Monk Barry Richard Pte 6213656   MX
Moore Edward William Cpl 2880907   Gordon Hldrs
Moore William White Pte 14435092   R Inniskilling Fusiliers
Morris Howell Charles Lt      
Morrison Andrew Wright Pte 2885380   London Scottish
Morton J H Pte 6296553   Buffs
Muir Jock Rfn 14554594   Cameronian
Munro Alexander Cpl 1130311   R Artillery
Munro Andrew C Lbdr 883783   R Artillery
Munro George Buchanan Sgt 2933733   Cameron Hldrs
Murray Joseph Elliot Pte 3190120   K O S B
Nation L P Fus      
Needleman Harry Rfn      
Neil G Pte 3328809   Highland Li
Neilson Gilbert Reid Pte      
Neilson V Capt      
Newson J Pte 6349065   MX
Nimock J Gnr 979196   R Artillery
Nisbet   Sgt      
Nixon A        
Nixon Joe G Pte 2886863   Gordon Hldrs
Norman L F Gnr 14498752   R Artillery
Northover Wilfred Lcpl 3448353   Lancs Fusiliers
Nothard Ralph Cfn     Reme
Nottingham R Pte 10534436   Reme
Nouch W Pte 1817740   Lincolnshire Regt
O'Brien J Gnr 3450992   R Artillery
O'Neill J H Pte      
O'Rourke P Lcpl 2884611   Gordon Hldrs
Oakley Arthur James Pte      
Ogston Frank Lcpl      
Oliver J S Pte 2976074   A & SH
Oram Frank Gnr 1432670   R Artillery
Owen K Pte 14736770   Somerset Li

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