No 1 Commando War Diary February 1945

                                      No. 1 Commando War Diary for February 1945

Authors:  Lt.Col. K.R.S. Trevor, Cheshire Regiment

Commanding, No. 1 Commando and

Major J.H.S. Turnbull, MC, Gordon Highlanders

Copy of original document supplied by:  John Mewett

Transcribed by:  Jennie Barlow




01.02.45   Unit at Hill 170 (MR.515493 BURMA 1", Sheet 12)

0900:        After attack by PUNJABS feature reported clear of enemy.

0900-      Unit preparing for move.  Identification and burial of own dead

1300:       Under direction of Major J.H.S. TURNBULL, MC at MR.51396. 

                 Capt. A.B. COLLISHAW (Padre) of 5 Commando read Burial Service.

1030:       5 Commando took over 1 Commando positions.

1300:       Unit evacuated Hill 170 and marched to beach

                 MR.512484 on NGASINBON CHAUNG.

1330:       Embarked on L.C.Ms and moved to DAINGBON CHAUNG.

1410:      Transhipped to L.C.L. about ½ mile down DAINGBON CHAUNG. 

                 42 and 5 Commandos also on L.C.L.

1700:      Anchored off EASY BEACH, MYEBON PENINSULA, MR.4237 (1/25000 MYEBON).

1730:      First troops landed by Alligators owing to difficulty in negotiating mud; 

                further disembarkation postponed, until high tide.

2100:     L.C.I. moved inshore.

2115-     Unit disembarked and proceeded by transport

                and march route to

2130:     MR.439392.

2230:     Arrived Camp.  Hot meal for troops.  Bedrolls and blankets issued.

Myebon Pen

02.02.45 Unit at MR.439392.  Troops settling in. 

                Issue of canteen stores and limited issue of personal kit.

                An order of the day by Lt.Col. K.R.S. TREVOR was published.


0930:    Major J.H. DAVIES left for TEKNAF and CHITTAGONG to obtain canteen stores, etc. 

             Capt. I.V. CARREL left for TEKNAF on admin duties.

1050:    The unit was addressed by the Bde Comd (Brig. C.R. HARDY, DSO). 

              Special order of the day by Gen. G.N. Wood, OBE, MC, Comd 25 Ind Div received. 

              Special Corps Order by Lt.Gen. A.F.P. CHRISTISON, KBE, CB, MC,

              Comd 15 Ind Corps.


1100:    Memorial Service held in memory of the personnel of the Commando

              who were killed in action at MYEBON and KANGAW.



0830:    Unit paraded and marched off for area Bde. H.Q. at 436384

              to join remainder of Bde units.

0930:    Address to whole Bde by Comd 25 Ind Div (Maj-Gen. G.N. WOODS)

1000:    Unit returned to camp.

1530:    Capt. I.V. CARREL (Adjt) arrived in camp from TEKNAF.


               Unit in same posn.


                 Commando reorganised into H.Q., Mortar Platoon,

                 and four fighting Troops in consequence of depletion

                 in strength due to recent actions. A number of promotions and appointments

                  were made to bring the Commando up to strength in N.C.Os.

1030:        Lt. J.K. PATERSON and one NCO left for TEKNAF to obtain Signal Stores.


                 Unit in same posn.

1100:       Major J.H. DAVIES returned to camp from CHITTAGONG.

09.02.45  Lt. A.J. DAVIES (Bde H.Q.) posted to this unit

                 and assumed the appointment of I.O.

1400:       Lt. E.M. DAWSON proceeded to 2nd Bn Black Watch

                 for posting and S.O.S. this unit.

                 Lt. D. NIAS took over command of No. 5 Troop.

1500:      Six B.O.Rs proceeded to DEOLALI to return to parent unit.

Teknaf   Fire reported to have broken out in 44 Cdo lines at TEKNAF. 

                Quickly spread to 42 Cdo lines and unit bashas in this area had

                 to be demolished in order to check progress of fire. 

                Fire was got under control by 1600 hrs.


1700:     Officers' farewell dinner to O.C. (Lt-Col. K.R.S. TREVOR). 

               Address to unit by Lt-Col. K.R.S. TREVOR on leaving unit for duty in U.K.


1030:    Lt-Col. K.R.S. TREVOR left MYEBON by 'plane and ceased

              the appointment of Commanding Officer,

              No. 1 Commando.  A large number of unit personnel

               were on the airstrip to see his departure.

              Major J.H.S. TURNBULL, MC. temporarily assumed command of unit.

              Party of ex-sick and wounded personnel rejoined unit from hospital.

1400:    Troop Commanders' conference re training programme.


               Small advance party of 1 Officer and 3 B.O.Rs moved to AKYAB.

              Verbal order issued for move of unit to AKYAB.

              Lt. J.K. PATERSON returned to AKYAB from TEKNAF with Signal Stores.

              Troops' sing-song during evening.


0930:    Unit stores packed, moved by tpt to jetty, and loaded on to I.W.T. Ferryboats.

1100:    Orders received that unit would commence embarking at 1600 hrs today

              (Original intention that unit should move tomorrow, 13 Feb 45).

1500:    Troops moved from bivouac area by march route to jetty, MYEBON, MR.437402.

               On completion of embarkation, the Ferry boats moved out into

               the chaung and weighed anchor for the night.

At Sea


0615:    Ferry boats moved down chaung to open sea. 

             Course was SOUTH from MYEBON down WEST coast off large unnamed island

             SOUTH of MYEBON PENINSULA, then N.W. across HUNTER'S BAY

             and NORTH along coast of EAST BARONGA ISLAND

             through SINBAIK and KWEDE rivers to AKYAB.


1340:    Docked at jetty, AKYAB, MR.896537.

1350:    Disembarkation commenced.

1630-    Unit conveyed by tpt to KAUNGDAGA, NR.804606.  Troop areas

1800      Allotted Orderly Room and communication with Bde established.


0900:    Troops engaged in building shelters.

1130:    Unit Routine Orders issued.  Drinking water point established in unit Admin area. 

              30 x range established 100 yds NORTH of camp. 

              Location and direction of fire reported to Bde.

1400-    Unit inoculated against small-pox.



                 Lt. J.K.PATERSON (Signal Officer) left unit on repatriation to U.K.

                for long service overseas. 

                 Interior Economy and building of bivouacs.  Evening party to Cinema.


               Training Programme for 16 and 17 Feb issued.

0900-    Drill Parade under R.S.M.  Nos. 5 & 3 Tps on Firing Range. 

              Nos. 1000  5 & 6 Tps on bathing and football. 

              No. 4 Tp preparing to move to TEKNAF to act as Bde (Rear Details) loading party. 

              Evening party to Cinema.  Unit canteen opened.


0630:    No. 4 Troop left camp en route to TEKNAF together with one Troop of 42 Cdo.

0900-    C.O's Parade and R.S.Ms Drill.  Two B.O.Rs left unit for 28 days leave in UK.

1000-    Unit Pay Parade.  Kit Issues.

1130     Interior Economy.  Evening party to Cinema.


              Interior Economy and preparation for Deputy-Comd's visit.


0930:    Issue of Training Programme for week ending 24 Feb 45. 

              Unit paraded on Football Ground.

0945:    Col. P. YOUNG, DSO, MC, Deputy Comd, 3 Cdo Bde inspected the unit.

1045:    Camp area inspected by Deputy Comd.

1430:    H.Q. Troop on Firing Range.

              Psychiatrist visited the unit.

              Commando entertained by the "Roosters Concert Party".


              Troops on training as per Training Programme.

              Evening party to see ENSA Show starring "FRANCES DAY".


              Normal routine and training.  Fire broke out in scrub around camp area.


               Fire pickets detailed to watch fire - fire reported to S.O.1.

1000:    Five men per Troop attended lecture at Bde H.Q. by A.L.O. and Sq/Ldr Adams

              on for the Army.

1630:    Football Match - 42 (RM) Cdo ..... 2 - 1 Cdo ..... 0.

              Cinema parties restricted to Wednesdays and Saturdays.


              Normal routine and training.

1400:    Unit Pay Parade.

1630:    Organised games.  Football Match 1 Cdo v 42 Cdo.  Result 2-3.

               Evening party to BESA Show at Bde HQ.


0900:    Adjutant's Parade.

1000-    H.Q. Troop on Range for Shooting Competition.

1200     ALAN HUMPHRIES, Press Reporter, visited unit and interviewed chosen personnel

             of the Commando on their experiences in the recent fighting. 

             Order of the Day by Lt-Gen. CHRISTISON, Comd 15 Ind Corps, was received . 

             Copy of letter written to Comd 25 Ind Div from

             Gen. Sir Oliver W.H. LEESE, Bart., KCB, DSO, ADC,

             C-in-C Allied Land Forces, S.E.A.C. was received.


            Church Services held in unit Canteen.  No. 3 Tp as loading party

             for 15 Ind Corps HQ. 

             Rev. E. CROWLEY (R.C. Padre) was attached to this unit.



             Issue of Training Programme for week ending 3 Mar 45. 

              Kt. J.R. TURPIN rejoined this unit from U.K. 

              Guard of honour selected for visit of Lt-Gen CHRISTISON.


0900:    Swimming trials at chaung 7767 to select team for Swimming Gala.

1305:    The Comd 15 Ind Corps (Lt-Gen A.F.P. CHRISTISON, KBE, CB, MC)

              visited the Commando to thank all ranks for their part

               in the recent operations, and he gave a very interesting talk

               about the war situation in the ARAKAN.


1200:    Capt. D. NIAS together with other unit Officers of the Bde

              moved to the unit's new location.

1500-    Swimming Gala.

1630     Evening party to Cinema.





























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