42 Commando RM

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42 Commando RM

Formed in August 1943 from the disbanded 1st RM Battalion, the Commando saw service in India and Burma. 42 RM Commando took part in the Battle of Kangaw on the 31st January 1945.

Redesignated 42 Commando RM early in 1946, having been 42 RM Commando (Light) since August 1945. Postwar, the Commando operated across the Globe with combat operations in Malaya, Suez, Borneo and Brunei, Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

42 Commando Royal Marines have been based at Bickleigh Barracks just outside Plymouth, Devon, since the 16th September 1971.

BEVAN, Christopher John

Marine Christopher Bevan died in a traffic accident in Plymouth. 
[Sources: AFM ROH / naval-history.net]
1.  Date of death shown as on AFM ROH;
2. The Naval history website shows the following: 
Friday, 12 June 1981  Royal Marines, 42 Commando, road accident at Plymouth, Devon
BEVAN, Christopher J, Marine, P040432F,

CLARK, Ian Campbell

Lieut. Clark was killed during a cross border operation to Sajingan Besar * in Indonesia. He received a posthumous MiD for distinguished services in support of operations.
The operation, codenamed Lively Cricket,  was against Indonesian forces who had been mortaring the 42 Commando base at Kampung Biawak, in Sarawak, Malaysia.
Also killed in this operation
Marine Thomas Collins.

COATES, Timothy Patrick

Marine Timothy Coates, serving on attachment to the UNHCR in Sarajevo, was shot dead by personnel manning a Bosnian Government checkpoint in the city. He was off duty and wearing plain clothes at the time. 
[Sources: AFM ROH / Navy News issue May 1994, p36. / Statement in Parliament 18th April 1994 by The Secretary of State for Defence, Mr. Malcolm Rifkind,  www. publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm199394/cmhansrd/1994-04-18/Debate-1.html ]

DUNSTAN, Neil David

Mne Neil Dunstan

Mne. Dunstan successfully completed Royal Marines Commando training with 854 Troop in 2003 at the age of 27. He joined J Company 42 Commando in Plymouth. He was killed by an explosion in the Garmsir District of southern Helmand, at 1647 hrs local time, while operating as part of Task Force Helmand's Information Exploitation Group. He was taking part in a routine joint patrol with soldiers from the Afghan National Security Forces when his Jackal vehicle was struck by an explosive device [Source: MOD] 

ELMS, Liam Michael

Cpl Liam Elms 45 Commando
Cpl. Elms, 45 Commando Royal Marines, Zulu Company, was killed by an ied explosion during operations in southern Helmand. The Company was conducting a local area patrol alongside Afghan National Army troops in order to reassure the local population.

EMSLIE, Hamish Brian

Hamish Brian Emslie, a former Captain in the Royal Marines, was killed in a rocket propelled grenade attack whilst serving as a Major with the Northern Frontier Regiment of the Sultan of Oman Armed Forces.
Earlier, whilst a Lieutenant in the Royal Marines, he was awarded the Military Cross for "Distinguished Service in operations in Malaya".
[Source: London Gazette supp. 39215 published on the 27 April 1951. Page 3.]


Mne Tony Evans 42 Commando

Mne. Evans was killed during operations in Afghanistan. He and Marine Georgie Sparks, both of J Company, had been conducting a foot patrol to the north-west of Lashkar Gah in Helmand province. Marines Evans and Sparks had moved on to the roof of a compound when, at around 0900 hours, there was an attack by insurgents armed with rocket-propelled grenades and they were badly wounded. Both received immediate medical attention and were moved to a secure location before being put on a helicopter to be transferred back to Camp Bastion.


Mne. David Fairbrother 42Commando

Mne. Fairbrother, Kilo Company, was deployed as part of Combined Force Nahr-e Saraj in support of an Afghan National Army (ANA) patrol into the village of Old Khorgajat. Just under two hours into the patrol they were engaged with small arms fire from close range and Marine Fairbrother was fatally wounded. Despite the best efforts of his colleagues to administer first aid, Marine Fairbrother died of his wounds. [Source: MOD]


Mne. Gilbert was the victim of an accidental shooting when his patrol tried to stop a stolen car at a checkpoint on the New Lodge Road, Belfast.
[Source: AFM ROH / NIVets.org / Northern Ireland - An Agony Continued author Ken Wharton.]

GILL, Martin Joseph

LCpl Martin Gill 42 Commando

LCpl Gill deployed with his Multiple as part of a patrol in the area of Adensee in the Nahr-e Saraj (South) district in Helmand province. The aim of the patrol was to assess the atmospherics, meet and talk with local nationals, and disrupt insurgent activity in the area, in preparation for future operations. The Multiple was an hour into its patrol when it was engaged by small-arms re from a nearby compound. LCpl Gill was hit and fatally wounded, and, despite being administered immediate first aid, tragically died of his wounds.

GOSTICK, Dale Edward

Mne Dale Gostick ASRM

Marine Dale Gostick of the Royal Marines was serving as a Viking operator in 3rd Troop of the Armoured Support Company, Royal Marines, when he was killed in action at the Sangin crossing of the Helmand River, southern Helmand province, Afghanistan. His troop were returning to their Forward Operating Base, after providing essential support to 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (2 PARA) Battle Group, when the Viking he was driving struck a suspected mine. Sadly, despite the best efforts of the medical team on site, Marine Gostick was pronounced dead at the scene.


Mne James Holloway 42 Commando

Mne. James Holloway was found dead on board  the RFA Fort Rosalie which was moored in Dubai.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: "We can confirm that Marine James Holloway died aboard RFA Fort Rosalie. The cause of death is still under investigation, however we can confirm it was not as a result of operational activity. Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends at this sad time.”
[Sources: BBC online, Sun online newspaper, and other media outlets.]

HUTTON, Jamie R.J.

Marine Jamie Hutton was killed when a land rover overturned on a training exercise at Lulworth firing range, near  Weymouth.
Jamie Hutton joined up at the age of 20 and excelled in training, winning the Charnock Shooting Trophy and earning himself the nickname of "The Colonel". He joined K Company 42 Commando RM in May 2006 and served in Afghanistan before becoming a sniper instructor at the CTCRM.
 [Sources: AFM ROH / BBC Dorset / Plymouth Herald newspaper 19/7/2008]


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